Truth or False?

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True. I just want to be loved!

The person below me knows of Pavlov's dog.

False, I do not.

The following person has strange pets. E.g. an Ostrich.

False, unless you count strange behaviour as opposed to a strange species.

The person below me wants some kind of exotic pet (e.g. Bengal cat).

False. I'm good by myself.

The next person has an exotic pet.

False. But I wish I had a Racoon and a Blue Jay

The next person wishes they could turn into a helicopter and fly into the moon

True, that would be pretty neat. But would it be possible?

The next person has caught the travel bug.

Edit: Sorry, thought it was a common term. Just means that you like to travel to other countries and such.

Huh? I'll say no.

The next person is very picky when it comes to everything.

True (Why must I choose?)

The next person is now aware that it has been snowing recently in England

False. I chose to drunkingly ignore your post.

I am drunk and you can tell.

True. Quite obvious, really.

The next poster has made Forum Games their home.


The next person prefers bright white sneakers

False. Sneakers, yes. White, no. (I prefer darker shoes.)

The next person has changed their avatar within the past month.

True. Twice.

The person below me likes Flogging Molly.

Never heard any of their music, in this case I will go with false.

The person below me used to (or still does) have a Myspace account.


The person below me isn't a fan of social networking.

True. So very true.

The person below me has a backlog of at least five games.


The next person trims their nails regularly

False. I'm erratic. Need to fix that.

The next person is a very frugal person.

True-ish. When it comes to gaming, fuck no. Everything else, I tend to re-use and save as much as I can.

The next person enjoys sorting and organizing their possessions.

Kinda. If it's something that I like, then yes. Otherwise, no.

The next person is ready for a long break.


The next person needs a MEDIC!


The next person called for a medic but didn't get one because the team they were in sucked >:(.

False, rarely do I call for a Medic

The next person is a dinkum Aussie

False. I don't know what that is, but I'm not Australian.

The next person is ready to work.


The next person likes things that smell a bit like fish


You got me; I absolutely LOVE going to Red Lobster.

The next person's favorite generation of Pokemon is the second (Johto).

This is true. They were all good, but I liked the Pichu introduction.

The next person preferred Digimon over Pokemon.

I haven't seen Digimon, so I can't tell, but I do like Pokemon when I look at it with my nostalgia goggles.

The next person is feeling a bit down right now.


The next person possess some useless knowledge that they feel proud of

True. I know for a fact that your avatar is of the Vagineer.

The person below me disapproves of genital symbolism.

False. I'm a bad person sometimes...

The next person is considering taking a non action competitive sport, like chess.

Is yoga a sport >.>?

The person below me can touch their toes, standing up, without bending their knees.


The person below me is extremely out of shape.


The next person wants extra butter on their toast


The person below me hates toast.

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