Truth or False?

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Never watched it. :-/

The next person procrastinates a lot.

False (I have watched and enjoyed The Thing, 1982 and 2011 versions)

The next person needs a sentry right here!

True! Mind erectin' a sentry for me pal?

The next person owns a cat as a pet.

False, nor do I want one.

The next person is currently listening to some sweet music on YouTube.


The next person likes The Wire.


The person below me is a Type Moon fan.

False. Don't know it.

The next person dislikes Cheeto's and similar stuff.

False. I think they are all right

The next person reads Homestuck


The next person knows who to call when there's something strange in their neighbourhood

True, although I don't know if Bill Murray is up for the task anymore.

The next person has a somewhat strange philosophy in life.

True I guess.

The next person is naked right now.


The next person likes sleeping naked.


The person below me likes to sing in the shower.

Oh yes, oh yes indeed. True.

The next person has eaten a cow's tongue.


The next person finds some dialects easy to masturbate to

Well if this was a fish called Wanda I would be all over Russian.

The person below me knows not of a fish called Wanda.

True, I have never heard of this Fish called Wanda until right now.

The person below me hand in irrational hate for crusts on the sides of bread while growing up.

False they never bothered me.

The person below me has a love for an obscure sport.


The next person just wants to have fun

Very true! ...But only as long as said "Fun" is in a neat and ordered manor! >=(

The person below me is coo-coo for coco puffs.

True. The Croc just wanted some cereal!

The next person wants to experiment with different ships (the fandom kind!)


The person below me prefers actual ships, as in seafaring (or maybe spacefaring!) vessels.


The next person has been undefeated in a tournament before.

False. Never been in a tournament to begin with.

The person below me has won a tournament before.

This is true. Both physically demanding tournaments and err...not so physically demanding ones.

The person below me prefers pie to cake.

For the pies I like, definately true. I'll take pumpkin pie over just about anything actually...

The next person owns/owned a Gameboy Color.

True. It still works.

The person below me wants a 3DS.

False. I already have one, and it's awesome :)

The next person dislikes coconut.

In general yes. But on time of Queen Elizabeth cake it is delicious!

Person below has a favourite season, which is Summer.

True/false. I have a favourite season and it is most definitely NOT summer.

The next person is looking forward to a fun day of work tomorrow.


The next person can tell their inner child to can it

True. Until the beer kicks in.

The person below me is a happy drunk.

True, I think

The next person fears ponies and their powers of friendship


The next person is somewhat insane.

True, if eccentricity is socially unacceptable.

The next person can fart their ABCs

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