Truth or False?

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False. Did watch almost all of Bleach though. =.=

The next person cannot stand anything long running.

True (SpongeBob needs to end)

This video is a heart-warming story of homosexuality

It is what every TF2 player aspires to become.

The person below me plays TF2.

True-ish. I haven't played recently, though.

The person below me likes to be a Heavy.

If the team needs it, true.

The person below me prefers stealthy classes/characters in games.

False. Almost always a mage, or a mage/warrior hybrid.

The person below me prefers to play defensively rather than offensively.

The best offense is a good defense as they say.

The person below plays Civ 5.


The next person likes all things 90s

False. Lots of 90's things sucked.

The person below me likes 90's cartoons.


The person below me likes trad. pop.


The person below me likes music from anime.

Evangelion has hands down the best score of anything. Sagisu is a genius.

The person below me appreciates hip-hop music.

Some of it

The next person has eaten different types of bread

True, they're all awesome. =-)

The next person is preparing for exams.

Nope, all done school! Also, even if I was in school I didn't study anyways.

The next person loves their current job.

Handing in my two weeks notice today so.... Yeah.

It's time to go?

What are you saying?

The next person wants a flying motorcycle

Only if it comes with Hagrid.

The person below me is a Harry Potter fan.
I personally don't fancy the movies, but dem books...

True, until I dare to re-read and re-watch them.

The person below me admires Emma Stone.

False. Who?

The person below me is somewhat partial to Emma Watson.

True. And I may or may not have gotten my names confused >.>.

The person below me easily gets names confused.

True, especially when I'm excited.

The person below me finds it easy to remember names.

For the most part false. I only really make an effort if I know I will see the person freqeuently. I am horrible, I know.

The person below would like to punch a dolphin in the face.


The next person likes Lasagne

False. My body can't tolerate cheese. ._.

The person below is a fan of The Midnight Beast.

False, never heard of them.

The person below me likes singing in the rain.

True! Though I always feel a bit grossed out if I catch rain in my mouth. O.o

The person below me likes going to the cinema.

False. I don't like movies and there's too many people.

The person below me has seen a 3d movie and does not want to repeat the experience.

False. The right 3D film can provide a wonderful cinematic experience.

The person below me has done questionable things in public >.>.


The person below me is seldom in public anyway.
3D is horrible if you're short sighted. You can't see what's going on if you take off your glasses, but you get mindfucked if you take the 3d glasses off. So you have to wear both at the same time, and trust me, its REALLY painful. Especially during a long movie like The Hobbit.


As a short-sighted person with reasonably thick-glasses, I actually don't mind double-glassing. Do you have pics of the glasses you wear by any chance?

The person below me wears glasses.

True. They're relatively thick rimmed. Its not a problem with looking through two sets of lenses, but its a problem with the bands. I'm very sensitive behind my ears, so when the band is pressed against the sides of my head, my head becomes very painful very fast.

The person below me is as durable as rice paper.


The next person has flammables sneezes

False. That'd be horrifyingly awesome.

The person below me has erogenous ears.

I've never been told such, so I'll say false for now.

The person below has played Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

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