Truth or False?

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This is true. They were all good, but I liked the Pichu introduction.

The next person preferred Digimon over Pokemon.

I haven't seen Digimon, so I can't tell, but I do like Pokemon when I look at it with my nostalgia goggles.

The next person is feeling a bit down right now.


The next person possess some useless knowledge that they feel proud of

True. I know for a fact that your avatar is of the Vagineer.

The person below me disapproves of genital symbolism.

False. I'm a bad person sometimes...

The next person is considering taking a non action competitive sport, like chess.

Is yoga a sport >.>?

The person below me can touch their toes, standing up, without bending their knees.


The person below me is extremely out of shape.


The next person wants extra butter on their toast


The person below me hates toast.

True, mostly because my family likes their toast burnt but still...

The person below has posted on this already.

If you mean this thread then true

The next person likes instant Ramen


The next person loves riding roller coasters.


The person below has no roller coasters in his region. :(

True, I guess. Closest is 3 hours away by car.

Person below has a hankering for a peanut butter and banana sandwich.


The person below me has a mime fetish.

Um, no.

The next person has certain fetishes that would creep the Internet out.

Maybe, maybe not (1 hour later I'm seen loading suspicious crates onto my private shuttle)

The next person is imagining what I'm hiding

Oh definitely true :3.

The person below me knows what he's hiding.

Um, false... dunno who he is... dunno what he is... dunno why he is... sorry, chief! =_=

The next user is posting from an AFV.

False. I dont know what that is, so it doesn't exist.

Game of Thrones is an accurate portrayal of modern family dynamics.

.... Maybe. Never seen it!

The next person is very bad around technology.

True, how do I Internet?

The next person needs to throw out some old clothes

True, I've got a shirt still from when I was twelve.

The next person is getting clothes tomorrow.


The person below me likes instrumental music.


The next person is not picky in their choice of music.


This is my avatar. <.<


False. The end is not yet here.

The person below me has seen Wreck It Ralph & enjoyed it as well.

True. Very true.

The next person has an essay to write, and not a lot of time to write it in.


The person below me is not in school.

Well, I'm not in school but yeah I do go.

The person below me has graduated from something.

True, I have graduated from several things actually.

The next person wishes they could be a stand-up comic.


The person below me wishes they could illustrate an awesome graphic novel.

False. Write, not illustrate.

The person below me can play a musical instrument. Percussion included.

Trueish. I used to play bass, but now I'm so out of practice that I couldn't play anything for you...

The person below me wanted to learn guitar, but their friends got them to learn bass, which they were not that interested in...

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