Truth or False?

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False.Out of the big 4 I only like Megadeth. Not really many other bands either.

The person below dislikes growling.

False, Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus have excellent growling.

The next person likes the above mentioned bands

(Yes, I like Megadeth. I try to expand my tastes when I can, I enjoy various music genres)

False, I've never heard of them.

The person below likes J-Pop


The person below me has a secret shame.

Probably true, but I ain't telling!

The below person has ruined someone's day today.


!resnepsiD 'ham 'nippas si nosrep txen ehT

I don't think that I am.. FALSE!

The next person is about to make a sandwich or would like to make a sandwich, the likes of which have never been seen or tasted by mankind!

False and True.

The next poster gets seasick.

True, unfortunately.

The next poster hates sports games.


The next poster plays chess.

True. Competitively as well. :-D

The next person has a passion that borders SERIOUS BUSINESS for them.

True, Lego.

The next poster has never been on holiday.


The next poster cannot navigate for the life of them.


The person below me has not posted much lately!

I post very regularly

The next person is a knucklehead


True. In someones eyes anyway.

I did my best, I have no regrets.

False. You are full of regrets!

Does the next person have any idea who they're dealing with?


The person below me doesn't even

False. I do.

The person below, however, feebleminded that they are, don't.

I don't even.

The person below me would go to a electronic gig.

True. Daft Punk here I coooomee!!!

The person below me is anticipating Daft Punk's 4th album.

False. I didn't even know that they were making another one. And I don't really listen to them anyway...

The only electronica the person below me listens to is She every once in a long time.

False. I listen to quite a lot of electronica, thanks to a certain Youtube channel...

The person below me uses spotify.


The next person is refusing to GET OVER HERE!


The next person is a good soldier who does as he is told.


The person below me doesn't do things they find stupid or pointless.

False. I post in forum games. :P

The person below me hates babies.

False, I think they taste delicious.

The person below me pronounced "below" as "blow".


The person below can't sleep.

False, I choose to stay up

They person below me also eschews sleep.

True, partly due to insomnia.

The person below loves sleep.

When I'm tired yes

The next person can play some sweet bass lines

True-ish; I do play the bass.

The next person can play an instrument of some kind.

True-ish. I quit years ago, but I used to be able to play bass.

The person below me has quit many things.

Yes. At a certain point of my life I basically quit pretty much everything I was interested in.

The person below still has many interests.

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