10,000 Things to do before you die.

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Post one thing that you would do before you die, it doesn't need to be realistic, it just needs to be something that isn't inappropriate (Nothing gorey, or incredibly sexual...)

1.Make a thread about 10,000 things to do before you die.
(I know it's not too witty, but this is to get the ball rolling.)

1. Resurrect 2 days after my death

3.Freeze hell over (someone has to do it...)

4. Act like Solid Snake in a grocery store

5. Crash a car into an ATM

6.Hug a creeper

7.Be a creeper for halloween

8. Tape Xbox to Ps3 and make the most powerful console of all time.........Until next generation.

9. Do the same with next generation.

10.Hollow out this mega console and put a ferret in there

11. Piss off a Frenchman.

12.Build the death star.

13. Count all the stones in Wales.

14.Make sure you don't get ninja'd by pressing Control F and entering yours.

15.Listen to the Gorillaz.

16. Throw a pie at someone's face
17. Reach 2000 posts

18.Not have my post nomd

19.Not have my nomd post nomd

20. Play a subcontrabass saxophone.

21) Make an emo laugh.

22: Make a Hitchhiker's Guide reference at item no. 42.

23: See the movie 23.

23: See the movie 23.

it was really good :D

24. Tell only the truth for a day

25: Hug a trap.

26. Meet Tim Curry

27. Fix the escapist lag

28. Kill the Escapist poll gremlin.

29. Send Bobby Kotick a love letter.

30. Start a mafia family and make it big in the underground world of organized crime.

31.Rewatch code geass, and code geass R2

32: Have a child, put him up for adoption and never see him again. Then when he is 20, approach him in a darth vader outfit and say "I am your father!"

33: Play Half Life 2: Episode 3

34: Travel around the globe. Tasting different 'cakes'.

35: Play every Bioware game ever.

36. Make a clone so I can literally fuck myself...

37: Prank call George Bush.

38. Do the same as 36, but make sure the clone is female and possibly make several.

39. Pirate everything I've ever desired ever including the internet.

40. Get some kind of superpower.

41) Solve humanity.

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