In soviet russia...

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We have all heard the phrase, and seen it, for you newcomers, I shall make it short, and sweet.

It's basically something in reverse, I shall show an example, and this will start the thread.

In soviet russia, keyboard types you.

In Soviet Russia, thread makes you!

In Soviet Russia, Cake Bakes You!

In Soviet Russia, this joke is funny!
I had to do it.

In soviet russia, duck hunts you!

In Soviet Russia, Zerg get rushed by you.

In soviet russia, turkey eats you!

In soviet Russia, toilet flush you!

In soviet russia, there are capatilist america jokes!

In capitalist America, bank rob you!

in soviet russia, sandvich eats heavy.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
In soviet Russia.
Poem writes YOU!!

In soviet russia, fail blog watches you!

In, Soviet Russia, Tetris Stack you

in america, you break law.
But in soviet russia, law breaks you!

In Soviet Russia, keyboard types you!

In soviet russia, you command Lelouch!

In Communist Cuba, we eliminate hunger. In Soviet Russia, hunger eliminates YOU!!

In soviet russia, you command Lelouch!

Oh by all means.

In Soviet Russia, book read you!

In soviet russia, kidney stone passes you!

In Soviet Russia, n00b pwns j001!!

In soviet russia, everyone dies in a yellow submarine!

In America, before editing this page, you read the instructions. In Soviet Russia instruction reads YOU!!!

In soviet Russia, Movie-game tie-ins think you are rubbish...

In Soviet Russia, ban mods you!

in soviet russia, computer controls you!

In Soviet Russia, browser keep tabs on YOU!!

In Soviet Russia, flag salutes you!

In Soviet Russia, starfish carves you!

In Soviet Russia, keyboard types you!

Oh God this is gonna make me have trouble sleeping at night.

OT: In Soviet Russia, curtains close you!

In soviet Russia, sickle hammers YOU!!

In Soviet Russia, iPod plays you!

In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catch you.

In Soviet Russia, Zero divides by you! (Says so on my shirt. If you're at Dreamhack and see me wearing it, say hi!)

in Soviet Russia, 4chan is cool

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