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As Burke left Nicholas stood up, he wandered over to the buffet table and grabbed a plate. He placed a few slices of baguette bread and two slices of chicken, no wanting to look greedy to his new co-workers. He took a knife and fork and returned to his seat. He quickly gave the others another glance before relaxing to eat.

Ralph Stokesby entered the room quietly, looking across the assembled recruits. The vampires were loud, manic, and so blood-hungry that they were a positive risk. The humans, on the other hand, were shy, restrained and, he assumed, afraid of the vamps, either consciously or instinctively.

Much as he'd rather see and not be seen, these were his future colleagues, and a degree of trust would be needed. Moving over to the buffet, he stood in line and took a small bowl of olives and a drink. Following the man ahead of him, he sat down and ate an olive.

Turning to his neighbour, he smiled and said, "Hello, my name's Stokesby. Pleased to meet you"

Amelia stood at the door, frozen. Not from fear... she was simply uncertain.

Why should I bother? Its just going to be a waste of time... heh... time's all I really have any more... I've got a life-time supply of useless moments, may as well find some use for them.

Amelia opened the door, and casually strode in, attempting to mask her inner turmoil.

"Sorry I'm late," she said, "Did I miss anything?"

Following behind Amelia, a tall lanky man with a briefcase strapped over his shoulder joined the crowd. His bushy head of hair is covered with a ski cap and it looks like that he is regretting only wearing a pair of jeans and a zipped up sweater.

When they told me Alaska, I figured that it would be warmer. They should've warned me that it could get this ungodly col... hey a buffet!

The man with the briefcase brushed past the woman standing in his way and walked/jogged to the table. Grabbing a plate, he pilled two of everything on his plate.

Amelia took a seat without getting anything to eat. She simply watched as everyone else ate, waiting for someone else to start talking.

She avoided looking directly at anyone whenever they took a bite... sometimes it was just easier to not remember that she had ever been human. That the monster she was now had always been.

The three helicopters have come and gone and the helipad was silent for sometime until one more helicopter appeared in the distance. Within a few minutes, the helicopter landed and Robert Burke and Juliann "Jules" , both of whom are wrapped up in winter clothing, stepped out and were greeted by Evan Burke.

"Nice of both of you to finally show up. It seems like everyone who is going to be here has arrived."

"Are you sure that it is a good idea for us to do this to them?" Robert question after the obligatory hand shakes. "I figure that they might want to kill us afterwords, if we haven't kill them first."

"Well, hopefully, they carefully read the contract they sign and they would remember that we may or may not perform a test that may or may not kill them. Plus, the boss wants to make sure that they can be prepared for anything." Evan Burke then led the Jules and Robert to the command room filled with ten high definition televisions connected to hidden camera in the lobby.

A man in a security jacket with the Angerona logo patched on the back barely acknowledge their entrence, instead said "The live fire exercise is ready, just waiting for your command, Mr., Evan, sir."

With a deep breath and a moment of silence, Evan patted the man on the shoulder.

"Start up phase one."

In the Lobby

The doors in the lobby closed shut and immediately locked, and the lights flashed off. After a moment of darkness, emergence lights turned on and a voice belonging to Evan Burke boomed through the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for sudden change of plans, but you are about to prove your worth to Angerona. As stated in the contract you signed, you gave us permission to risk your lives in unexpected training exercises. Consider this your...job interview If you aren't currently armed, please be sure to grab a weapon from the cabinet on the north wall. In there, you can find an assortment of firearms and blunt and sharp objects to defend yourselves. You have thirty second to prepare yourselves. Please don't try to escape. That would defeat the purpose of the exercise."

Shit, thought Stokesby, Why does it always have to be combat tests? I ahte this sort of thing, and if they've done their homework, they'll know that. Though that may well be the point...

Wasting no time, he crossed to the aforementioned lockers, and opened it to find a variety of weapons. He selected a Colt revolver and a heavy, vicious-looking knife. He hesitated, then thought If I'm going to fight, I might as well do this properly. After all, it's a test, so lets give them a bloody show!

He grabbed a pack of grenades, selected a second, smaller pistol with a silencer, and picked up a collapsible crossbow for good measure. He might hate fighting, but that didn't mean he could use a weapon.

Next port of call, finding somewhere dark and comfortable to hide... On second thoughts, no one knew what kind of test this would be, so maybe it was better to stick with the crowd. even so, silence was probably wise. While the others went for the weaponry, he retreated to a dark corner of the room, and waited for the 'test'

Before Nicholas could respond to the new comer the lights flicked off. A man relayed a message and then there was silence. Fan-fucking-tastic he thought to himself. He got up and walked over to the cabinet. He ignored the weapons contained in it, he went straight for ammunition. It was common sense to come prepared, he reached into his coat and took out a silenced mac 10 and m1911, he placed the spare clips in his belt. He took a breath to steady himself and waited.

Amelia quietly moved towards a dark corner in the room and turned over a few tables to set up some cover for herself. She drew Occultic and waited patiently to see what would happen next.

This should be interesting...

Amelia risked a look at the others in the room, taking note of their movements.

30 seconds? This has to be the longest 30 seconds of my life.

30 seconds later, the vending machine, next to the blood dispenser, opened up to reveal a whole new room that one could describe as the arena from the hundred year old movie, "The Man With the Golden Room", only lacking wax models of early 20th century criminals.

The familiar voice, with a tinge of a superiority oozing within his words, of Evan boomed threw the speakers.
"Maybe I should've told you thirty seconds ago, but in that room, you will find ten feral running around in that 1600 square meter room. We need you lot to go and find and kill them. Also, you might want to leave that room very soon. I hate for you to find out what will happen if you stick around there."


"Jesus Christ, what are we, Bond villains?"

With a face palm, Evan letted out a louder than necessary sigh. "Jules, why can't you let me enjoy the moment? Rob, this woman is getting on my nerves. Why did you decide to bring her along?"

"I don't think that now will be a good time to discuss that."

Well, at least he didn't have us fight each other... damn I've jinxed it now.

Amelia snuck into the other room after the others. Her gun drawn; what passed for her heart was beating rapidly as she snuck around. She held Occultic in front of her, checking her corners as she wandered through the room.

"Ah, crap, shoulda expected something like this," Charlie muttered under his breath as he drew the silenced pistol he had taken from the cabinet. "They always say nothing in this world is free."

Charlie followed the woman who had just entered the rooml. Been years since I had to fight, and now all I've got is this pea-shooter and a knife. Gonna be a fucking bloodbath. Unless...

"Hey," Charlie hissed at the woman in front of him. "You seem prepared for this, what do you say we cover each other's flanks, huh?"

Amelia turned around to face the man.

"Sure," she said, "Name's Lenaius, what's yours?"

"It's, ah, Charlie Coyne," he replied somewhat nervously. This woman, Lenaius, had the air of a cop about her, something about her poise, her whole demeanor, it seemed forced to him. It seemed as if she knew exactly the kind of trouble he was involved in and was just looking for an opportunity to take him in, or worse kill him. Please tell me this is just another hallucination. I'm royally screwed if this chick really has it out for me. "It's a pleasure to, ah, meet you. Glad to see that the people are here are willing to work together," Charlie said through a forced, crooked grin.

Amelia was used to people panicking around her because of her training as a cop.

"Look," she said to him, "I can see that you're nervous around me, this isn't going to work if you keep that up. So, first off, yes I was a cop. I was a cop until I died." Amelia flashed her fangs at Charlie, "Secondly, yes, I'm a ParaHuman, and no, I'm not thirsty right now. I need you to focus on the task at hand here, can you do that? And please don't ask about the tattoo right now."

"I, ah, right," Charlie chuckled, still wracked with panic. "Guess I don't have that good a poker face. And about the whole feeding thing, that's not why I'm worried," he quickly revealed his fangs, still stained with the blood form the dispenser. "But you're right, I should have, ah, figured you'd have more pressing matters at ha- LOOK OUT," Charlie yelled, seeing the pale spindly figure of a feral rushing toward Lenaius. He quickly raised his pistol and shot at it, only grazing the beast, causing it to tumble forward.

Amelia deftly spun around, and fired a few rounds out of Occultic at the feral, crippling one of its legs. She crouched down to get out of Charlie's line of fire.

"You want to finish that one off?" she asked as she turned back to face Charlie while still crouched, "I'll watch your back, you watch mine."

Marjolaine inserted a canister of artificial blood into the IBD on her wrist with a satisfying click, and instantly felt an exquisite rush of vitality and calmness. When Phase 2 began and the vending machine flipped open, the nun unshouldered her crossbow and cocked one of her special silver bolts.

Inside the arena Marjolaine moved to cover her teammate's flank; the stench of ferals was unmistakable-- that and the psychic discomfort their presence caused to pulse in the nun's temples due to her advanced Type 1 mutations. She could not communicate or even sense their location in the way that ferals do with one another when hunting, but the noise of their ravenous hunger seemed to whisper to her like a demon on her shoulder.

She looked up and saw one of the gangly creatures scuttling across the ceiling like a spider-- the thing bent its neck backwards and hissed, baring its considerable fangs at Marjolaine in apparent distaste. The nun raised her weapon with practiced swiftness and took quick aim. The bolt hit its mark with a stiff thud, burying deep in the soft space between the collar bone and neck, and the feral lost its hold. It crashed to the ground in a writhing mass, furious at the pain of pure silver that now screamed from deep within its wound, but nevertheless scrambled to all fours and poised to pounce.

Calmly, Marjolaine loaded another cross-tipped bolt. As the feral's clawed feet left the ground she fired; at this short range there was no question where her attack would fall. The arrowhead tore through the creature's nasal cavity and did not stop until it severed its brain stem, and the creature in mid-leap simply hit the floor like a sack of brittle bones.

She offered a glance back towards her allies as she reloaded to ensure they had things under control-- but she wasn't really worried. After spending so many years hunting wilderness ferals, this arena was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Nicholas drew his pistol and walked slowly into the arena, hugging the wall as he went. He heard the thumping footsteps around a corner to his left and stopped. He crouched and slowly leaned,brandishing his M1911. Standing at the across him, staring at a wall, was a feral. Nicholas took aim, his sights firmly on the back of it's skull. Suddenly it whipped around and lunged, it's eyes burning with primal hunger. Nicholas fired 3 shots, each hitting it in the chest. It fell to the floor with a growl. Nicholas reacted quickly and stepped over to it, finishing it off with two shots to the forehead.

"one down...." he said with a sigh as he walked off.

Amelia shot down two more ferals that came at her with cold efficiency, aiming for the weakest points on their bodies: their arms and legs. When she ran out of bullets she put Occultic away and quickly drew two of her knives. She threw one in a feral's left eye, and then charged at it while it was distracted. It may have been stronger than her, but Amelia had timed her attack well, and she managed to knock the beast to the ground. Once she was on top of it, she removed her other knife from its eye and started stabbing and slashing at the feral's chest, digging her way to its heart. Once she saw the heart exposed, she thrust both of her knives into the beast's heart, its blood covered her face, chest, and arms. It was dead. She stepped off of it and ran to rejoin her partner.

"That's three I've taken down," she said, "How many more do you think are left?"

George Torro, freaking the hell out, stuffed his jacket pocket with handfuls of finger sandwiches and immediately followed the lady who looked like a nun, thinking that the feral would attack an easier target before him. Yet, when the ferals did attack, he was pleasantly surprised about her fighting abilities.

"In case you need someone to hack into anything, be sure to let me know. I didn't think that they would have me do anything like this."

"You!" Amelia called out to George, "I'll let you borrow one of my knives if you need it. Here, catch."

Amelia tossed one of her knives over to George, it hit the floor before it reached him, but it slid along the ground until it brushed up against George's foot.

George bent down to pick the knife, but grabbed the sharp edge, cutting himself.

"Sweet lord, that hurt. Just give me a computer and I can tell you anything about anyone."

Back in the control room, watching the group stumble around, Rob was pacing back and forth while Jules, Evan and the unnamed security personal watched.

"Don't you think that we should tell them about phase 3?"

Swiveling his chair around, Evan gave him a look as if Rob had just took his favorite toy away.

"You need to relax and be glad that you aren't in there. I have a method to my madness. Once they are finished warming up with the last five, the real test can begin. Now, just stand there in your corner and shut up."

Amelia noticed a break in the fighting, the ferals were turning away, trying to hide further into the room. Amelia recognized this tactic, she knew she had to warn the others.

"Everyone" she called out to the others, "The five remaining ferals are planning to sneak up behind us now. We all need to get together and form a circle to prevent them from catching us with our pants down. Try not to fixate on a mental image of me."

Amelia groaned in disgust, realizing that she'd just put that image in everyone's head.

Simon reached in to his pack, he pulled a folded compund bow out and began unfolding it. When the bow was assembled he slung his quiver over his shoulder nestling it at an angle along his spine. He got up and walked over to the armament cupboard, he filled his quiver and then grabbed a silver coated rapier and sheath, which he secured to his left hip a holster was added to his right leg and a small compact crossbow pistol was slotted in and a handfull of silver bolts with it. he secured his pack in position and stalked through into the room where the ferals were.

Simon had just gone with the flow, not thinking but doing, he didn't want to think about what he was doing he had little experience fighting save with swords, he had hunted though with the bow, his parahuman abilities would add to his ability to damage the ferals. A woman was ordering them into a circle, Simon joined recognising the authoority of the woman, "Hi, I'm Simon, hope you guys don't mind freshness in fighting" He said as he too a place in the circle, his back to the others. He pulled the hood of his cloak down revelaing his face.

Notching an arrow, he drew the string taught, barely noticing the tension that pulled back against him. I'm going to need upgrade this he thought at how much tension he was holding. A flicker of movement caught his eye and he released the string. The arrow let a faint high pitched whistle as flew through the air, with a heavy thump and a shriek to follow it, the arrow found it's target. Simon was astonished by how fast he had fired the bow, before he realised he had notched and drawn the second arrow. He grinned to himself. He was liking being Parahuman even more. A faint cramping in his stomach told Simon was hungry. He grimaced and forced the hunger for blood down. He didn't want to think about it.

Nicholas heard a female voice call out, he turned and headed towards it. He found several of the other recruits forming a circle and jogged over to join it. He nodded as he reached them and holstered his pistol, it wouldn't be effective if they got rushed. He drew his Mac 10, pulled back the hammer and waited, his eyes scanning for any movement.

"Okay quick tactical check," Amelia said to everyone in the circle, "Who is using guns, who has knives, and does anyone have any ammo I can use?"

Amelia could just barely pick up a low growling sound.

"Anyone else hear that?" she asked.

Nicholas looked at her pistol, a colt.

"Yeah I do" He said with a smile. He pulled two of his clips from his belt and handed them to Amelia.

A growl broke the silence and Nicholas tightened his grip on his sub machine gun.

"Thanks," Amelia said quickly as she reloaded Occultic, "Here they come."

From the shadows, Stokesby watched the circle form, and looked on as the vampires closed in. If the ferals all charged at once, they would not be able to hold them all off. Support, it seemed, was necessary; much as he hated using weapons, he hated more to let people down.

Drawing back the string of his crossbow, he reached into his pocket and drew something small and round out. Gripping the pin with his teeth, he pulled it out and threw into the path of the vampires

"Grenade" he shouted, warning the circle. It was far enough from, them to pose no threat, but warning never did any harm.

As the grenade went off, he hefted the crossbow and waited for the surviving vamps

"Scramble," Amelia shouted, "Backs against a wall."

Amelia dove for the nearest section of wall at a safe distance from the grenade blast.

After the blast, Amelia counted two ferals still standing, dazed.

Amelia fired at the two ferals, targeting their arms and legs.

Nicholas leapt from the grenade and slammed into a wall, winded. He gasped for breath as he pulled himself up the wall. He turned and saw two ferals stumbling. He brought up his SMG and fired 3 quick bursts, the gun spat the bullets towards the ferals, hurtling towards their chests.

Amelia rushed at the two ferals once they were down. She jumped on top of one and dug her way into its heart, stabbed it as she had before. She repeated this process with the other feral. By the time she was finished, it almost looked as though she had been bathing in blood. She looked up at a nearby camera.

"Satisfied?" she yelled at it.

Another feral charged out the shadows, driven mad by the woman covered in blood. Ralph sighed, and shot it through the lower back with the crossbow. Switching to the colt he put three shots through it's head, not moving from his well guarded corner.

To Amelia, he said, "Showy, but inelegant. Despite the first impressions, I doubt the watchers have an interest in blood sports. Maybe you ought to work more on looking like an agent than a gladiator"

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