You wake up next morning...

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As the above avatar! Whats the first thing you'd say/do?

Crap, when did I dye my hair? And is this ketchup on my forehead...

Oh god.

I... Just bacame... A... A...

Edit: I'm a ninja?! My mortal enemies!!! Nooooooooooo...

Again? I thought I promised not to eat ketchup yesterday...

sweat i'm hot now

*wipes stupid smirk off of face*
there now I look normal

gypsy ninja pirate zombie king:
sweat i'm hot now

You do know it's a guy right?
OT: Oooh I've always wanted pointy teeth.
Edit: Why must you torment me so world?

Fu- I hate green hair. And what's that on my forehead??

@FallenAngel Bridget is still hot...even if it is a guy

Ugh...why am I so scantidly clad? *looks to side* oh ya

Well, I can already out trap the best, so I swap my pink dress for a blue one. No biggie.

i'm going to check if i'm really a guy

Ugh, I need to fix my hair

Ugh, I need to fix my anatomy.

Oh pretty dress... Desu...<.<

Why is it snowing in my bedroom? Or am I sleeping outside?

Where the fuck did my arms go?

I am immortal...

everyone comments on the arms but they are laid over the feet as you can clearly see!

I can't believe I woke up dancing...


I'm human?

How was I sleeping when I don't think I'm even alive...ohh wait I'm an anime character...huh?

Please don't have a penis...Please don't have a penis...

AHHH!! Why are all these black things watching me sleep!

yay I have a nun outfit now...<.<

Imma dance in this snow.

Umm.... why am I 4-year old?

And why... can't... I... look... down...

Awesome! I'm the Nameless One!

I may be ugly as all get out, but awesome powers more than make up for it!

... crap I'm a christmas-themed chick!

Check again...

Oh crap... I'm a shitty Ghost Rider wannabe.

I miss the times when I was a couple hundred years old.

*sings dontcha by the pussycat dolls*

Who keeps stealing my arms?

Am I a... Smurf?


The snow never ends!!

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