You wake up next morning...

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Well that's your concern, being in my body afterall.

Huh... I kinda like these new goggles.

The power! Flowing in my body!


Damn it....

who put all this make-up on me while I slept?

Boundless power.

*Looks down*

No class.

*Looks in mirror.*

Dam I'm cool.

*Disco breaks out*

Boundless power.

*Looks down*

No class.

Enjoying the view?

Why do I have the urge to play poker?

I don't know the florescent blue kind of starts searing the eyes after a bit.

Just focus on your skin-tone and think of a darker color.

Your skin will shift to that color.

Now... what do these goggles do?

I'm pretty sure they're just sunglasses.

Which I'll be needing if I'm going to keep inhabiting this body.

Hmmm, who to stare at blankly today...

Why do I suddenly want to juggle skulls?

...Time to go for a jog and shock some people!

Why am I in a teenage girl's room?

It's a guy.

...*Explodes from lack of knowledge about controlling power*

Why is everything so red in here?

*Is childishly levitating things and giggling to self*

What can I do in this form?

Not nearly as much as I can do now.

*starts playing the guitar and trying out Noodle's singing voice*

Why do I have this sudden urge to convert everyone into a Gorrillaz fan?

Comes with the territory, why have I become completely nihilistic?

Because you can see the past and future simultaneously. Because you can see the atomic structures to everything.


Why did I tape these goggles to my face?

So they stay on during the cool explosions. Duh.

What's in my mouth? Where am I?

Umm... where did my suit go?

Wasn't I on Mars a second ago?

Its not so bad...where are my pants?!

Hnnnuh Fppt Mmmph!

AARGH! I'm a Smurf! How am I supposed to operate deadly machinery now?

I'm a bigger, clumsier death machine.

MAN my face hurts, I could really go for a smoke.

I have sunglasses. I think I win this game.

Why do I suddenly want to take over the world?

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