You wake up next morning...

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Well the hat's still the same at least.

Of what hat, do thy speaketh of?

I am confused. Who am I waking up as? The purple pink or the black grey?

The black and grey one being me, that leaves you as the girly boy.



*takes out chainsaw* Mind re-phrasing that? *revs chainsaw*


That uh, leaves you as the sweet, adorable, cute? Pink purple one?

Who I'm going to make a nice cup of morning coffee

[Please don't kill me]

I don't drink coffee in the morning. Try again?

Wow... I'm getting some "Remains of Day" flashbacks here.

Sheesh, remind me that the good looking ones are the picky ones someone?

I don't know what you want?!

Round 2 maybe?

Umm... I'm going to have some fun with that purple one.

Keep your filthy human hands away from my avatar you!

Too late, the purple one wants to stay with me now.

Smart move Doc. *thumbs up*

T~T I want my candyfloss friend back.

Sorry, but she says she got tired of your bullshit.

Erm. It's... a he doc. A girly he.

Erm. It's... a he doc. A girly he.

Not according to science!

Actually science would prove my theory correct. Biologicaly, The fur is pink due to a pigment obtained from eating a diet of berries. Yes, pink is a female colour mostly however! If you examine closely, He has all the reproductive organs of a male, and a distinct lack of breasts.

You sir, Have a fetish for pink furred, effeminate, Fox-boys.

How do you plead?

Not guilty!

From that photo, what the hell was I supposed to think?

After being stuck with a Six in my head for so bloody long, I think my standards for real contact have lowered significantly.

Girly-Boys will do that too you everytime. One minute you sure of your own morality and sexuality and next thing, BAM, Peenus right in the face before you sing ''Dude, looks like a lady''.

I like to Imagine that Twilight never existed, And if it must penetrate my personal bubble of reality, then I like to think that the actor's in that film died horrible deaths.

Horrible deaths with plastic sporks involved.....Yeah.

Can this intercontinental realationship get any better? I like to think my slightly pedophilic vampire character kills the cullens with his ten-year-old girl physker friend/roomate/that-chick-he-lives-with's-duaghter


I feel...crazier.

I feel more lunatic.

*jumps on broom, flies around throwing fireballs at villagers, cackling madly.*

Who's this lady running around being all annoying.

Someone with a fetish for pink girly-boy furries apparently.

I'm...I don't know what I am.

Hmm... how do I suppress these new homicidal urges?

Just take them out on the nearest thing that deserves it.

But... from my view... that's Murdock... and his damn programming...

Why do you think she tried to kill a cop?

You mean Bruce Willis?

Yeah... her storm-trooper level aiming really helped there...

No she was fried when he showed up, before that she shot at a cop.

But she still missed right?

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