You wake up next morning...

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What am I holding?

Great. I have the same body type, but now I have a-...hmmm...



*tries out her new toy*


Where did this hat come from?

*is inanimate*

*snap hiss*



*tries out her new toy*

EDIT: ninja'd!

No, wait...last line still applies!


I can has 80085...<.<


*sings* The hills are alive!
...but I won't be for long due to hypothermia!

I can haz 80085...<.<
*Plays with her new toys*

Why do I HAVE N-...

Woohoo! I have a soul!


*plays with her new toy*

*Plays with her new toy...*
I like legos...<.<

AWK! My hands are so cramped...from playing with my "legos"

*plays with her new toy*

AWK! My hand is so cramped...from playing with my new toy.

*switches to other hand*

I feel empty without a soul...
*plays with new toys*

I feel empty...

*waits a few hours for new toy to refill*

Both my hands are cramped...good thing my legs are double jointed...

I'm making cryptic descriptive comments...

...double jointed legs, and soulless?

Sweet. Time to freak out that girl at the cafe who I now look like. I think I will hit on her too. First, time to play with my new boobs in the mirror.

I can do the pulp fiction dance? Awesome!

*Looks in the mirror, promptly kills self*

hmm, never have I been hot and cold simultaneously.

Awesome I fucking glow!

...Fuck, I fucking glow!

.... okay, I'm an anime character, female, and have pink hair.

Aww crap, this is gonna suck

I'm undead? When did that happen

Hell, at least it's Christmas.

AHHH! I'm falling!


What happened to my arms?

Why do I keep making the same joke?

Where did I get this hood?
And this hat?
Why the hell am I wearing a hood AND a hat?

Is there anything I should know about this vaguely "female" body?

Ok, I am a burn victim with dreadlocks. There has to be a way to spin this for the ladies at the bar.

Sweet! I'm a Super Genius! With a young and beautiful body!

*puppets pop up* Washu, you're the greatest!

Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Just call me Little Washu!

Why am I still in timeout?! D=

I will never be just a wet dream memory.

I am now a red-headed girl, time to help my equal rights arguments >:D!

Finally, an occupation in which I can find true success! ^_^

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