You wake up next morning...

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You got something agianst Morrigan?

The look on his face pisses me off for some reason.

It's a her.

My point stands.

Well well. Who is your avatar?

Mami Tomoe.


She fights witches.

... Hi. I'm a giant spider, not a witch.

I start to wonder why I'm wearing a sock on my arm.

It's a glove.

Either way it's awesome.

Oh, dear.

Can't...stop...shooting everything...

I'm small.



I am now robotic. Quite a far cry from being a ghost.

... I'm dead? But not gone... why must they torture me like this!

When did I get these?!

I see you like my breasts.... I guess.

I like your katana's.

Uh, yeah, those are a lot sharper than you think they are. At least you wouldn't be confused.

What about me and confusion?

Whatever I'll just turn into a spider.

*wakes up groggily*

Hey! Who wrote all over my face?

I did!

and now I'm the Bitch of the Wilds...
weird... I don't remember devouring her soul.

Well lets remove that 'friendly' from the title.

Let's replace that title with "hypocrite."

What do you mean?

You haven't exactly been that friendly either.

.... That was the point. It was me being unfriendly.

Ah well then...
perhaps we should call a truce?

No. You hurt my feelings.

I guess I'll go be monotone.

Yes. Monotone.

Triceratops! AAARGH!

I have a cute appearance...

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