You wake up next morning...

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A non-dying dude? With blue skin? :)

How do these hidden blades work again?

The mechanism works via your thumb.

OT: I am half-inclined to join the blue-men convention.

Okay... now what about this hidden gun...
how do I fire it... and what is preventing it from giving me third-degree burns?

Another day, another opportunity to find out how to die.

At least I kept my santa hat on

Waking up as a trap has started to become a regularity.

Well this is odd...


Crap, why do I keep waking up genderbent! Its getting bloody annoying!

watch a 3-D movie

OW! Right! Who's the asshole that removed most of my teeth?

Who the fuck braided my hair while I was sleeping?, someone is about to get mind fucked.

I wouldn't recommend doing that just yet... it takes a lot of practice to get it right.
Even more practice to predict the results.

Why... can't I move my right eye?

Dermatological problems aside, this could work out well for me. The hair's kinda nice too.

(after a long sneezing fit)

Damn it!

Why, oh why, do I have so much hair?

Skating on this UFO is awesome!!!!

Huh. I am pissed. Probably cause I look like a thousand fucking years old.

TO THE PERSON BELOW ME: It's Richard Nixon, if you can't tell.


Woah hangover, Christmas parties ROC- *Vomits*

Oh great... I'm Travis Touchdown now...
why did I have to wake up and become this douchebag?

..... Yay immortality?

Little help here, I think I just shot myself in the foot, and I can't figure out why.

*looks at mechanism* Bad spring.. might wanna repair that.

OT: Bwahahaha! I is a immortal dude! >:D

(adjusts the spring, tries again... nothing happens)

Umm... the problem is that I never learned how to use this thing in the first place...


*flees into the bathroom*

(after a long sneezing fit)


*inspects hand* Hmmm.... i see. Kindly see Leo.

How do I use this gun?
You've never shown me how!
And your buddies are expecting me to kill someone with it!

Adjust your gun correctly.. aim it at the target steadily.. then shoot.

(successfully fires the gun at the intended target)
Now... how do I climb buildings...
'Cause I really need to get away now...

Try to focus all of your energy in the intention to climb the building. Remember first have the intention and then will you succeed.

(after clambering to the top of the roof, marvels at how easy it was)

I didn't know it was that easy!
Why can't everyone do this!
(an arrow whizzes past my ear)
Oh right... that's why..
(runs like hell)

Remember to correctly judge distances... otherwise... well... let's not ponder over that shall we?

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