You wake up next morning...

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To Castle Rock!

Huh. And to think I already enjoyed trapping people. ^_^

It's ok, you can talk, I'm not shushing you i'm just picking my nose.

I'm gonna go out and terrify the community, be back later.

Fucking plastic beach, I wanted to make a sand castle.

Hmm, *honks nose* I'm off to go ambush Heart of Darkness.

Ow... why did I have to take over as you were getting out of a recharging station?

Quit whining it's not that bad.

Now I'm off to find some bikers and call them Richard Simmons.

Man... this Murdoc guy is annoying...
is there any way I can tell him to fuck off?

now i'm a Doctor

Great... now I'm a psychotic 4-year old.

I wonder if it's worth having a mess of psychological disorders?

I wonder if I can keep that face on as long as I please? I can scare so many people with this expression. >:3

(long sneezing fit)

Damn it!
This wouldn't be a problem if I had some warning first!

Oh wow a fox. Time to stalk some 'prey'! >:D

A Doctor! I use my archaic knowledge to bring about the period of the Golden Age in Medicine!!!

Too late, Paradox. Quick, try it again now! :3

(sneezing fit)
Damn it! If this is gonna be a regular thing, then at least put some allergy medication on your dresser!

I'm off to reenact Groundhog Day.

Damn it... I really want.. to... kill... Murdoc... he's such a douchebag...
but... I... can't...

Time to see if I can take on a moving train, I think I stand a pretty good chance.

Fuck Yeah, I get to go to the Gorillaz Concert!

Hell yeah, I now have an excuse to throw pies at random people. IN A WARZONE.

Imma fox! Time for some flirtin! XD

Woah...that's a lot of knives.

Now to finish the Rhinestone Eyes video!

*Kicks Open door to EMI.
"Make the goddamn video!"

Ow! Damn it! Ow!
How the hell do I get out of this clown car?

Ugh, what hit me? Wait, this is not my body.

And the book isn't half bad either... or at least I think it is... I can't say for sure because its written in Japanese.

Man I need to shave

Awesome! I'm a pie hurling champ.

Okay, the hat is the only familiar part of this.

What am I sitting on...

A UFO, what am I passed out on?

I must now proceed to avoid all mirrors...

Okay... how did I get in this orgy?

More importantly, do I care?

(thinks for a minute)


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