You wake up next morning...

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Why are my lips so chapped?

What am I reading exactly?
Its in Japanese... but some of the pictures are a little... odd.

Well this is getting pretty normal I suppose.


Now to finish the Rhinestone Eyes video!

*Kicks Open door to EMI.
"Make the goddamn video!"

I actually just found out about that today, it made me sad. I just can't win this week. :P

Define "normal".

Ordinary, it happens frequently enough to not be surprising.

So I'm in Plastic Beach right?

*watches as comrade runs up to someone, and throws pie at his face.*
What the heck...


*wakes up*

Well well, looks like it's my morning.

*draws energy sword*

who stole my triple kill?

Why do I feel the sudden urge to eat puppies?

(mutters a spell, a pie made of puppies appears)

Here you go, you need to keep your strength up.

Yes! now i can people's minds so perverted that they run in fear!

That's a mental thing, not a body thing...
sorry you can't do that.

And good luck seducing anybody in my body.

*grins at attractive women nearby, who drop what they're doing and start following me*

I'll be having some fun.

I'm going to control what other people think for once. I think I'll start with my neighbors.

How do I use these weapons and... mmmphhh!!!
*can't talk as the mouth-gun turned itself on*

*Gets shot by out of control cyborg above*
Hmm, that wasn't so bad, I don't see what you're always complaining about.

Play the guitar with a shotgun shell as a pick

Why... can't...I...stop...smiling?!?!?!?!

Why can I not stop scowling?

I get a santa hat. Honestly can't complain.

Fucking spongebob! *opens his door, walks over to the pineapple, opens the door then leaps on spongebob, strangling him, after a minute of writhing spongebob lies still, dead, finally putting an end to that little bastard*

*Shoots himself.

Great... I'm a ubiquitous anime villain.

*Tries out some magic, blows up house*

*Has no idea what this thread is actually about*

It's about waking up as the above posters avatar.

As such this one would probably go like...

*Drunken kangaroo noise*

*Emo little girl whinging*

Sweet Jesus...

Crikey! Wagger!

*spends a whole hour on obligatory, stereotypical Australian catchphrases*

*spends a whole hour on obligatory, stereotypical Australian catchphrases that nobody even uses anymore*


*eats Spoon's children*

I guess I would spend my days doing kangaroo things, such as punching stupid tourists who try to have boxing matches with me.

I would celebrate Christmas! With a evil smile on my face. :)

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