You wake up next morning...

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I am now a seemingly bisexual Christmas themed assassin... seems legit.

Why do I have this desire to make tea?

Gah!! I'm hideous! Get that sepia off of me!

i am....Nameless....faceless... i is.... air!!!!

Okay that's it!

*lunges at the speech bubble with the hidden blades*

Did I get it?

*Mindfucks everyone into thinking they are a bunch of chickens*

Can I still play guitar?

(She's the lead guitarist of a famous band so I'd hope so)

OT: I think I'll go read a book.

Hmm... how do I get out the recharge station?

The Entity, it is gone. Freedom.

Entity? Wait!!?!?!? No one told me about this thing!!!!
What is it?!?!?!?!?!?!

No idea, I'd find out for you but I'm too busy having no significant reprecussions.

Is there anyway to get this mouthy pervert to shut the fuck up?

Why does your face feel like leather bound book.

*signs WTF?*

Time to start the Black Plague!

Here rats....

Tell me you have a headache eh? We'll see who ends up with a brain freeze.

Time to go sell some bad food and generally be creepy.

Oh joy... I get to listen to some jackass narrating two inches from my ear.

Where am I? Why do I smell like zombie?

*Brain asplodes*

*Tiny kangaroo brain asplodes*

Wh-why are my eyes diffrent colors and why am I holding what apears to be a watering can?

What is this, I dont even-

There are a lot more surprises in store for you.

OT: Why am I a skull that appears to be wearing a helmet of sorts?

Where's my bloody beer?!!!


Hmm, I seem to have a beer on me at all times...and yet I'm not much of a drinker. The irony is palpable.

Where am I? Why do I smell like zombie?

I don't smell like zombie. That would be part of an identity. I don't smell like anything.

Is there any way I can just IGNORE Murdoc's commands?


I feel warrior-ish.

OffT: Tell Murdoch to vaffanculo.

Hmm... looks like I've taken over at the point where Ezio decided not to kill Rodrigo Borgia... well fuck that. *kills Rodrigo Borgia*

Man, I have got to use a better dandruff shampoo.


This is how I greet people.

I feel the urge to end lesser creatures.

EDIT: Why do I don't I have heartbeat anymore?

What the fuck happened?

What the fuck am I?

I have legs!


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