Rate the above users avatar (Reborn!)

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I search bar'd it and could not find it, its dead guys, but I brought it back.


It's nice and all but the hat overpowers the gold...Kidding


I approve of the general Christmassy theme, but I'm not well enough versed in animé to recognise the character, sadly... No, wait - that's Bridget, right? Then yet more approval is gained.


We're both doing the Santa Hat, it I wasn't doing it, it'd look like this:

7/7 for you (For the person above Joe3bot)


Been liking the Bobafett since I got here. The christmas theme is traditional 10/10

It's Empoleon, but with a Christmas hat, what's not to like?

9/10 you have awesome eyes and a pretty dress...<.<

I already told sacman I LOVE the avatar... and it's an added background and snow?
10/10 if you made it
10/10 if someone else made it

I made it mahself and mah photoshop skills...

9/10 it's a trap and I don't care...<.<

But it's a trap, and christmasy Made by Nimblejack3
10/10 again...although it seems complicated to make to inexperienced eyes

It wasn't that hard but it took a long time because I had to do it frame by frame...<.<
9/10 I'll just pretend that you have no manly bits...<.<

Pretending is useless! Also-I've never used photoshop so it seems hard to me still
5/10 because they need to be critized...or however you spell that

6/10 Cool Christmas thing going on, but
and we all saw this one coming

Thinking of all of Booster's avatars... I'd give this one a
8/10 for the christmas crap...but I liked the green on the black background better

0/10 for being a ninja...<.<

1/10 multiplied by 9 and then add 1 and subtract 4 then divide by 2 and add 6

7/10 For looking the same as before except with a hat and some hard to see snow effects.

9/10 it's familiar...<.<

3/10 because I would've given them better but they haven't changed for the holidays...

0/10 for being a ninja...

8/10 you need a better snow animation...<.<

7/10...plus I didn't make the snow animation it's the one from the avatar group thingy and I don't care...I still like it

8/10 I've done you a bunch now...<.<

5/10 Lain looks weird being that tall...

She's not that tall it's just your perspective...<.<

8/10 there is too much build up... and she doesn't fall...<.<

@Sacman Are you calling me short?

4/10 It froze while I was looking at it.

7/10 for ninjas, I respect them

10/10 Great concept art :D

@Dango I made sure everything is inline it's probably your computer... besides I wasn't calling you short...<.<

7/10 we need new people in this thread...<.<

7/10 I agree for the new people so I'll stop posting

1/10 Hey I'm here why aren't you acknowledging me?

9/10 It makes me smile after seeing the full GIF on his profile page.

9/10 he made it himself...<.<


OT: Loving the new Av, Sac. Is it the same character? I can't tell.



Pretty cool image, but I think it would be better without the text

7/10 I've always liked it but I've never known its origins.

9/10 he made it himself...<.<

Not really but the guy who did make it doesn't make avatars anymore so I won't mention his name lest he get angered. I don't want him taking back my precious avy :O


Me lieks :D

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