Rate the above users avatar (Reborn!)

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2/10 It's confusing...


OT: Loving the new Av, Sac. Is it the same character? I can't tell.

Yes it's the same character it's just a different version...<.<

OT: 8/10 He's Dango...<.<

@Dango: What's confuzling about the Dragon Knight Freya Crescent?

8/10 for Wibbly Wobblies

Thank god you didn't put an Xmas avatar up prematurely. If you did I'd have to subtract points.
8/10 I like it.
Double Ninja Edit: Fuck your premature Xmas, besides it's not even dimensionally optimal. 2/10

1/10 Predictable.

8/10 this is like the 5th time I've rated it...<.<


Good bit of flash style too it

^ Ninja Fest 2010

OT: 8/10 for double ninjas

Snow? Ugh, -1 for early december.

Sacman how could you?

3/10 Green and red is a terrible color scheme.

Nom'd post

NOTE TO WHOEVER IS ABOVE ME: Fuck you, ninja. Seriously this is getting out of hand so here is a list of things that will take 1 point from a perfect 10 score:

Anime of any kind.
Premature Xmas theme, it's still November all over the world assfuck.
Poor dimensional optimisation. (ergo, not 75x75/100x100)
Poorly looped animation. but if it loops without skipping like a record it's fine.

And remember, it's not likely that you'll get a perfect 10 before these criteria are taken into account either.

6/10 for rage

0/10 for ninjaing :D

6/10 for the Xmas theme

0/10 for I really just have no idea what's going on here and now I'm confused.

0/10 for being ninja...<.<

8/10 For being very cool and homemade. :)

10/10 because something like that would happen to those three

8/10 Cute but I don't know the character.

I would like to see it happen to them too :)

@Sliver 9/10? BECAUSE Freya is awesome but you'll change avatars in a few minutes any way

OT: 8/10 Redlin alway classically awesome

10/10 That avatar has always held a special place in my heart.

8/10 Wibbly Wobblies :D

@Redlin: Freya Crescent from FFIX... she's a badass

7/10 Ohhhhh I see it now.

9/10 It's noticeable and entertaining.

And I thought your last one was creepy, but boy oh boy


That avatar and all its variations make me grin :D

9/10 I always end up watching it loop for like a minute.

8/10 for using the same hat as me


Why would an emperor penguin wear a Santa hat?

10/10 Cause I have its Yuki and she's wearing a Santa Hat

The maniacal-laugh expression, plus the festive look make it somewhat priceless. Plus, it's Chell! 9/10

9/10 He looks like he's up to something mischievous.

9/10 Gorillaz kick ass...<.<


It's cute

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