Rate the above users avatar (Reborn!)

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8/10 it goes along with the name I do suppose...<.<

A bit simple but okay a guess


Pokemon are alright but penguins are awesome. 9/10

The cunning smile and the Santa hat juxtapose so brilliantly. 9/10

It is a nice hold to the theme while adding in a Santa hat.


Pixilated, thin, not very memorable. A somewhat poorly made avatar.

But I will give it points for being Nagato and the fact that you have Christmased your avatar.


...it's cute. And Christmassy. 7/10

It's creepy. And Christmassy, like all the others. 6/10. I find the creepiness...interesting, in the most screwed up of ways, and the Christmass hat is overdone. Sorry.

I'm going to be honest I can't tell what it is. But hey its colorful. 5.5/10

I like the picture and I like the christmasyness, although, the hat does look a little out of place. But cool anways.


Nice, I don't watch lucky star, but I like the fact you're in a christmas mood.

8 outta 10
wish i could see more of the image

I can't see anything in that picture apart from scribbles.


It's awesome.

10/10 I like it and I swear I saw it on a poster somewhere but can't remember what it's from.

The hat looks kinda out of place.
Hmm... my avy doesn't fit properly...

9/10 Lovely, but it needs more holiday.

In the words of X-play, 3 out of 5. Seeing kid warriors reminds me a lot of the video games I grew up with.

2/10 a guy wearing sunglasses in a dark room.


I'm drunk and crazy chill is just what I need to see XD

Ah yes... Zapdos, 9/10 Just because you didn't include team rocket's explosion...

7/10 I dunno it looks sort of erotic...<.<

Ah yes... Zapdos, 9/10 Just because you didn't include team rocket's explosion...

Not my fault. Blame the Escapist for having a limit on avatar size >_>

OT: 10/10 Its homemade and looks great. Deserves the marks :D

Yeah it has 62 frames and I had to take each one into photoshop separately and add the background and snow every single frame, not to mention how hard it was to keep everything in line and on time... she's still sort of off when she spins... not to mention the background itself that was originally green with red lights...<.<

OT: 9/10 hooray for familiarity...<.<


An artist is his own worst critic.


I don't see it. Mind you I'm drunk so you might want a second opinion.

9/10 drunk opinions are as good as any...<.<

10/10 If you think so...

But your avatar is still cool.

Pretty good.

Although, I hate Meowth with a passion.


100 outta 10
that is the cutest damn pic ever

9/10 It may not make much sense, but it's psychadelic as hell!

NOW it is December. 7/10, never really liked starfox.


Mr. Anon is just like the rest of your avatars, and yet the Christmas theme really suits him. The snow is also a nice effect, and rather original compared to some of the other snow layers I have seen on some other avatars.

Well done.

Renamon! <3 10/10


Its a good, continuous loop that doesn't glitch up at all or anything.



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