Rate the above users avatar (Reborn!)

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Troublesome Lagomorph:
In anticipation of the removal of that stutter.
Also, I chose this avatar cause it reflects me perfectly.

Updated without stutter... I hope.

It worked!
OT: 9.10

It's plain hypnotizing...

Qualitative cuteness is nominal but also average considering cuteness density among gamer congregations. Composition is rather good but the doylys near the top blend in with the stars- not sure what sort of effect is meant by it. Color selection is fair though.
Avatar content-badge dissonance...

Good prize.

8/10, would be a 9 if it weren't for the white background making it difficult to see parts of it.

*/10 because why not?

Yep, no stutter.

Cause you gotta have blue hair.

Troublesome Lagomorph:
Cause you gotta have blue hair.

You called? xD

Also 7.5/10. Why...I felt like it!

****/***** because I'm tired and loopy right now.

****/***** because I'm tired and loopy right now.

4 out of 5 stars...not bad, not bad at all...

OT: Also I give it a 100/125 since I am still deeply confused by this avatar still.

I must go on a pilgrimage to solve it!



ka-kawaii desu~

That has to be James Rolfe..

7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/77/7/7/7/7/7/7/7 I'm not quite sure why though.

200/10 Why? Because I said so.

I am very precise in my rankings!

7/10. Not sure why though.


Seems to be leaking awesomesauce

I erm.....


Makes me crack up and get a bit turned on each time I see it xD

I give you avatar a viking out of ninja.

I give you a toaster out of a robot.

Because I am used to it.

9/10 Because of the enigmatic reason the "e" surprises him, I've got no idea why but it surprises him.


Because I like to go one step beyond! AND I have no clue who that guy is...

simply awesome.

10/10 because it looks more or less like what I imagine myself looking like if I ever became a mad scientist.

Home made stuff is nice.

9/10 Recognizable.

10/10. Daft punk. Capital. That is all.

8,5/10 If that is a picture of yourself, then you are a very pretty lady :-).

10/10 It's very entertaining and I don't know why.

10/10 Helmet.

20/20 Helmets.

10/10 for being entertaining and rather hypnotic.

8/10, yes to Hanako.

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