Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Well I just it's a waiting game.

Mind if i join in


*huggles* :3

Well hello there!

@Trez: it finally hit me that your avatar is a snow fox... on the snow. :P

@Pyra: Someday out of the blue~

*still contemplating* there's a fish flying in the sand over there... just thought I'd let you know...

I think he got into my personal supply.

you have a personal supply of sand?
that's not very useful...

Sands of Time on the other hand.. now that's fun. :D

not if you're allergic to time-travel it isnt...

Good point. Which is why.. we have created the TIN! Time Insulating Napkin!

does it come in can-form?

Of course!


yes we tin-can!

In Can, we believe.

CAN betrayed my trust, so I'm not voting for him!

How about NOPE? She seems like a great candidate. :3

na, I dont like her assistant...
chuck just feels... off...

I'd like to solve his crime.

D: I don't get anyone...

Au contraire~

Let's go out! The weather is lovely~

Eh, not particularly. Maybe hang out, but not a date.

The voices in my head are telling me...yes...


...No as I have said before. Pet yes. Date no. that clear!?


Creepy Nova is creepy. One of my favorite Youtubers. Only if I could invade that house. *sigh*

Once he stops resisting what his heart yearns for (me) Yes, we shall date.

Eh... we can still be friends...<.<


I'd enjoy pulling shenanigans with him

But sorry, no date

Shenanigans you say? How about a play date?

I'm all for that!

I'll bring the gasoline if you bring the matches!

I'll be right here. Water at the ready. >.>

*Listens to voices in head* They say you are the perfect match! No taming in this relationship!

Makes sense! *hugs tight*

If I was gay or a woman, then sure.

Alas, I fit neither of those prerequisites.

Alas. We all can't be according to others wishes. ;=;

Of course *hides COMP* Where will we go dear? Mwahahahaha

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