Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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While I agree that evil knights should stick together, try anything] funny while I'm asleep/not looking and you will be short one head. And one left arm. And one right leg if I'm felling particularly destructive that day.

But the penis will be fine? Or was that the head you were speaking of :|


Not working fanpop image is not working.

Fanpop is a silly place.

It's where all the fanboys and fangirls go to socialize. o.o

Oh who I'm kidding, they're nocturnal. o.o

No, no I do not.

My, what a sexy dragon you are! Count me in!

Who wants to play skull kickball?!

*raises hand* Best way to practice!

Alright, now we just need to get Tizzy to stay still for two minutes.

We'd have to stop the T-1OOO, but after that I could hook him up with Sarah Connor at any age he wants!

If your pointing a gun at me I guess I don't have a lot of options right?

Looks more like that thing wants to have me for dinner, not take me to it.

Of course, we can have a date by the beach at sunset!

But only if I get to grill the salmon~

*Starts grinding*

Why not?

We're all consenting all adults here

If you say so. >.>


*asks for grilled salmon like old times*

*grills up salmon for old times sake*

No... just no.

Not sure.

Oh look! New blood!

Female Hawke it is indeed.

Indeed it is indeedly dee.

Yes! Their cooking is divine!

I guess i could get you a saucer of wine?
we'd meow in the incandescent moonlight.

...which one?

Okay, no, we've been over this, emp, you're above bestiality.

And pedophilia, I guess.

How do you date an insignia?
I mean you're pretty and all but how does it work?

What are you so happy about? Oh, and I think you use the insignia to bludgeon people.


That's a vampire insignia after all.

It is to be expected. >.>

Unless you can go back in time and stop my badement from flooding, I kindly ask you to fuck off.

Sure, but I need to see under that mask!!

You now what I'm going to say =/

*glares at for a while*

Fine, but you have to pay for everything I want...

I think you may want to change your facial expression when we go out.

Are you really going out with that smudge on you face?

Clean those claws!

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