Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Wash that face!

Smell of fresh baked pastries!

That knight helmet will be a problem =/

Says you.

We could work this out, us not seeing each others faces...

The sex would be awkward, but I'm sure we could work through that

Oh I'm sure a knight head and a Taco head will go along just fine!

So says the man with a "normal" head.

Don't be seduced by his head!

It tells lies!

And yours doesn't? D:

Take my hand and let me show you a true sin.

Can I get $700 first?

Don't charge on the first date, it makes me look desperate >.>

Who said I was charging anyone? I just want some money.(but then who doesn't?)

Lose the Helmet and we'll tal- on second thought maybe I don't wannna see what's under there.

Errrr, Let's just be friends...

I don't think it will work out, on account of you being way too scary.

I'm afraid if we ended up doing it, it'd be statutory rape

So... no

The poster says so

Maybe, but then I'd be inclined to eat the head. But first I'd ask "Does the ground beef spoil? Since, like you know... you have to live with the head of a taco."
I then proceed to NOT eat the head.


If she relinquishes the gun. >.>

Not a date date, but otherwise maybe.

Well, I'd date you in terms of just being friends. And even if I swung towards men, I would like you to at least remove the helmet sil vous plait.

Also EMily (The name of my OC in the avatar) dismisses the photon gun.
(It's actually more of a tool, than an actual gun. It would take me a while to explain given the average length of the posts in this thread).

Sure, our matching colors are smashing!!

I don't need to date the above avatar because our relationship is currently set to 'It's complicated'.

Sure, as long as we don't try and kill each other

Because that'd be bad >.>

We could get discounts at Taco Bell!

I'm pretty sure my cats would not appreciate me bringing home another cat. Especially after having just getting rid of the last one, which neither of them liked.

I guess so

I mean, I could imagine Emma Watson under that helmet...

Yeah, sure, and I could imagine you as the Burger King.

I could watch you both from a distance.

I could watch over you...forever.

And I can watch you through my sniper scope. Your move.

Aren't knights and creatures that look like dragons mortal enemies?

I think it depends on where and when you are. Different worlds have different policies at different times regarding dragons. Right now I think it'd be illegal to even try to kill you, not that I would try because dragons are awesome.

We could make this work... somehow

I have no qualms about being in an open relationship though

Oh god no! Although the taco looks good... yeah I'll take the taco.

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