Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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I think it depends on where and when you are. Different worlds have different policies at different times regarding dragons. Right now I think it'd be illegal to even try to kill you, not that I would try because dragons are awesome.

We could make this work... somehow

I have no qualms about being in an open relationship though

Oh god no! Although the taco looks good... yeah I'll take the taco.

My hitting on a young man would be kinda creepy, not to mention out of my sexuality. Still, he's not ugly or anything.

It's kinda cute

You'd have a better shot if you were in your dress, it would seem...<.<


Definitely not...<.<

I can't see the rest of the face...

Plus, being all staticy could kind of be awkward, but I'll try it anyway!

Sure, let's eat some 16 bit chicken! We can just...walk through it!

We can go get some 8-bit cat food, if you feel like...

And yes, this is me asking you on a date >.>

Do I get a gun too?

Only if he takes the helmet off.

Well certainly... as long as he has his dress on...<.<

Stop glitching!

Where did the Kitty go? D:

*hugs* LOVE ME!!!

No particularly.

Why wouldn't I? It's a hand and it does great things.

If you know what I mean

If I swung that way, perhaps.

I don't see why not.

Sure, things can't get any crazier than they are already!

Sure, we could get you taco fries (you so want to try them)

I am a fan of cats, but...

Sure, why not?

Shiny bald head!




I like a girl with hair almost to her feet...




Uh... Put the guns down please.

*give inhaler* Will this help?

So long as you don't pee on the floor your fine.

What majestic hands you have!

Cats are okay.


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