Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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I hope you're into loli than...<.<

I hope you love kitties!

I don't think this will work. >.>

Depends... is this the android one?

It's always the android one.

Maybe... as long as the octopus doesn;t come along... or the guns...<.<


Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Ew, snot bubble.

Sure, it'll be the best New Year's Day party ever!

I suppose, you look delicious!

Yeah, cats were once worshiped

Good luck!

I will try to get a seat close to the toilets...



Where does thou desire to go? To a Gorrilaz concert?

No animals.

No whatever the hell that is.

Get rid of the mask, then we'll talk.

Are you a poker chip? I hope you don't mind if I gamble with you.

No *smacks* too scary!

I have to warn you, 99.99999999% of those who hug me explode five minutes later.

I'll pass then.

I won't hurt you're squigglyspooch, I promise~
capcha: no means no
Are you telling me not to play with the alien, capcha?

The power of Christ compels you!

I like the "dark and mysterious" vibe!

Are you some sort of bunny thing?

Perhaps, are you a dark knight or a knight in shining armour?

Kind of in between.

Take the helmet off first.


Do it! :C

Gah!? *slaps* Stay away from me!

Wait come back... I like cats!

I love peppermints!

Cats are nice, therefore they should be fine lovers

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