Do You Wanna Date the Above Avatar?

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Well I do love Miracle of Sound, and I'm sure I could learn to love tacos


Helmet off, now!

Umm... I don't think so. They look scary. :(

It might help if you showed up in the forum games more often.

Give me that helmet

Sure, that dress is a turn on!

Just don't go around talking to anyone else.(unless you like being a government science experiment)

Oh don't be like that! Give me a hug!

Fine, but when your spin snaps don't blame me.

Oh go nope yourself.


I'm lonely, I'd like some company ;__;

your head :3

Go NOPE yourself.


Well... I'd certainly drive them to the hospital and push them onto the front lawn, if that counts...<.<

I only see their face, but I don't see why not >.>

Sure, we can look at porn movies together!

Oh Tizzy, I'm so sorry but your a cat and I'm human[1] it's just not going to work out, we can still be friends though...

[1] Kinda, sorta, not really.

I think that's illegal.

I'm afraid to say no...or yes...HELP!

As long as they promise not to eat me, that would be great

Okay, but can we have Mexican food for dinner. I love tacos!

Well then *takes up offer* Let us date!

I'm pretty sure that is also illegal =/

I'm pretty sure I don't care. :D


Sure, but I have to sort things out with this rapscallion

*Axe to the head*

I'm... not really sure what I'm looking at.

Ah, an old flame. Well one of many anyway. :P

Do I know you?

I asked how you would eat through that helmet before.

Sure, but I would wonder who I'm going on this date with...

Only if I can eat you afterwards.

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