Seventh Sanctum name generator!

Well, recently I went on /v/ (It's interesting there, lots of console wars and some walkthrough/advice stuff, kinda peaceful) and I saw a thread about final attack name generating.
I followed along and got Unthinkable Torture of the Purgatories, so I ask of you all the same thing, but it's a different one:
Evil Rituals!
Incantation of the Hateful Ghost of Runes was mine (sounds seriously painful).
Now, follow this link (, generate one, and throw it up here.
Cookies for the most absurd one that gets posted here!

Deadly Sacrament of the Aeons of Damnation
Conjuration of the True Grave
Dark Saint's Evocation of the False Age
Hateful Prince's Transfiguration of False Pits
Terrifying Rite of the Wards of Falsehood
Unfeeling Lord's Summoning of the Sinful Vision

Oh dear... it's time that I start my own cult. :D

I got...

Accursed Communion of False Pits (A meeting in a demon's fake armpits?)
Black Rite of Doom (A bit straightforward)
Communion of the Infinite Low Souls of Hell (How can they be "Infinite Low"?)
Outer Spirit's Ritual of Flesh (Sounds like an Outer Limits episode)
Sleeping Arch-angels' Summoning of the Days of Desolation (So its not a demon, but an angel that fucks everything up for us? Ha!)

All in all pretty weird... let's see what else I get...

Consuming Summoning of the Snares of Torture (How can one Consume a Summmoning ritual?)
Gray Rite of Thirty Silent Kings (Sounds pretty boring.)
Incantation of Unknown Tombs (How can one have an incantation for Unknown Tombs? Don't incantations require that one KNOW about the subject of the incantation?)
Supreme Sacrament of Dreadful Tombs (Sounds like a Supreme Court kinda deal.)
Transfiguration of the Bane of Storms (So... this turns the Bane of Storms into what? Bugs Bunny?)


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