The Escapist Adventure: An Open RP (Resetting Tomorrow)

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Well, since things with the original Escapist Adventure thread have gone out of whack, I decided to try creating one of my own. However, my last attempt ended when I couldn't come up with anything more to do/write.


These are very simple
1. While you can have a hand at guiding the story's events, please don't try to control the story by yourself
2. Don't control other players' characters without permission
3. No godmodding - this extends to having all-powerful characters
4. Only three characters per player MAX
5. If you have a new character, please put up a quick sheet in their first appearance.

With that, have fun

(Jedi Master) Huey Freeman, formerly known as (Samurai) Huey Freeman crossed his arms as he watched his ship descend into Earth's Atmosphere and land right in front of his house on Hillcrest. The first thing he noticed was the two limousines parked right in front and immediately sensed extra pressences within the house.

Opening the door, he found his Robert and Riley sitting down with another elderly man in a suit and oddly dressed and large breasted woman sitting across from them.

"Oh, Huey, I want you to meet..."

Before his grandfather could finish, the woman walked over to (Jedi Master)Huey and bowed, making sure to do as to let the young master see into her cleavage... Which he didn't.

"I am Jinguji Kuesu." The woman introduced. "You grandfather had told me much about you and I look forward to being your wife."

"Nice to meet you, Jinguji-san, but I..." Suddenly he paused when what she said register. His eyes immediately shot over to Robert who looked back at him half-envious and half-gleeful. Suddenly his plans to catch up with his family, retrieve some items and then leave were halted.

MEANWHILE! In the magical world of Gensokyo, Land of the Gods, Land of miracles, LAND OF AWESOME... A young chinese girl slept out in front of the gate to The Devil's mansion.
"Nnnnn~ Saaaakuya-saaaan~" She said, with a ridiculous grin on her unconscious face and drool running from her mouth. SUDDENLY she was hit in the face with a large broom and the numbers "1298" Floated out of her head, indicating damage. The Striker was an elegant looking maid with grey hair, wearing stereo-typical maid's clothing and knives strapped to her arms and legs "MEILING!" She shouted. And Meiling woke up, rubbing her head. "Owww... A-Ah! S-Sakuya-San! I... I wasn't sleeping! There was.... A bug in my eye! Yeah! And I was trying to suffocate 'im." She squinted her eyes, just to try to show her. "See?"
As a response, Sakuya threw a knife right past er cheek, cutting her cheek slightly. "You know the rules! Don't sleep on the job! You're the gatekeeper and we don't need our mistress getting attacked by the likes of that Miko!"
"Yeah yeah... Sorry..."
Sakuya's face was angry no longer. "...Gah... Just remember not to do it, okay?"
"Okay~" Meiling said.
Sakuya smiled, slightly, and walked back inside.
Meiling waited for her to go back inside and immediatly fell back asleep when te door shut. "Nnnyyyaaamm...~ Yes, Sakuyaaaa~"

"I'm not marrying you." And that was all (Jedi Master) Huey had to say Kuesu. Those in the room aside from the old man with the woman gasped.

"Ah.. I see, this must all be new to you. But rest assured, it's for the benefit of both our families." Kuesu insisted. "And besides, I can make a young man like you very happy." And as she said this, Kuesu tried to pull Huey into her massive cleavage until he slapped her hand away and walked past her, but stopped and told her

"I heard about your family; one of twelve demon-slaying clans. Yours in particular have destroyed endless Ayakashi, Youkai and other supernatural creatures."

"I'm glad the Jinguchi family's reputation..."

"You people disgust me; killing millions of innocent creatures over the pretense of slaying demons and protecting humans. You're no different from racist white cops that beat up and frame innocent black and hispanic men." (Jedi Master) Huey Freeman told her and walked away... When Robert suddenly pulled him aside

"Boy, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Robert hissed

"What's wrong with me, you're the one who set me up to marry some genocidal murderer!" (Master Jedi) Huey hissed back

"Oh come on, Huey, she's rich, well-educate and... Beautiful." Robert said and began to drool.

"You marry her then." (Jedi Master) Huey said

"Her granddad said they want one of the sons from the Freeman Family" Robert explained

"Then have Riley marry her" (Jedi Master) Huey said

"They said they wanted 'you'." Riley said. "Somethin' about your powers and all'a dat."

"I don't have time for this, I'm just here to get something and then I'm going to leave." (Jedi Master) Huey just before he walked upstairs. And as he did, he could feel something dark approaching...

John Marston stared down his adversary. Above them, the clock ticked down, second by second, to noon.

The drunken man opposite John didn't bother waiting for the bell. He drew a sawn-off from his hip and fired twice. Needless to say, the six shots of bourbon in him and poor choice of weaponry for a duel caused him to miss Marston completely.

Marston cracked a wicked grin and drew his LeMat. The New-Orleans made revolver was his personal favorite choice of revolver- it carried nine shots in the cylinder and had a barrel underneath for firing shotgun shells. He clicked the hammer back and lined up the shot.


The bullet connected with the man's skull with a thud. It burrowed through his head, spraying gore across the street behind him. The man's body fell to the dirt, mixing blood with sand.

Marston raised the gun barrel to his face and blew on it to dissipate the smoke. He holstered the weapon, and without a second thought, walked back into the saloon.

"Shot of whiskey," he demanded of the bartender.

The bartender nodded, knowing that the man in front of him just took out one of the biggest bandits in Armadillo, Texas. He handed John the drink, and John downed it immediately.

"Sons of bitches never learn," Marston muttered.

As Meiling was sleeping, another youkai floted in, coming out of a rift in the Time-Space continuum. It was Yakumo Yukari. "My~ She's asleep AGAIN?~" She mused before she chuckled. "Let's play a little prank on her~ I'll bet she'd like to see the outside world again~" She chuckled, her plan formulating in her head. She thought for a minute and scrolled through the places she could send her. "Oh~ There's a nice place~" She said. "Yes, I'll send you there~" And with that, Yukari snapped her fingers and the sleeping guard fell right into a Gap and directly onto Jedi Master Huey. It didn't so much as make her shuffle in her sleep. "Mmmm~ Sakuya-San~ I can't eat anymore~"

MEANWHILE Deadpool his city. Next to T-Ray, just talking with him. "Soooooo....Kill any babies this week, T-Ray?"

"Only ugly ones." T-Ray responded.

"Ah....Nice....." Deadpool said lost at words for the coolness. He leaned back on a tree, and spun his gun around his figure, "Wow. Nothings been happening at all today. Not a damn thing. I mean, I would stand for the Chicken guy writer! At least I could get a good laugh." Deadpool stood there, before he said something else. He leaned towards the camera and whispered to everyone, "Pssssst....T-ray a'int gonna come along with me in these upcoming magical adventures of awesomeness. Just thought I'd let ya know that." He leaned away, "Also, why the $%@* am I wearing this Santa hat? It's the middle of god damn July! And I love Santa! Curse you, writers, CURSE YOU!"

"Dude, why don't you just GO! Do something with your life man! This city a'int worth your time and money anymore! You are much too awesome!"

"Who said that? Was that you, T-Ray?"

"No! It was me! From Heaven! I am your....MOTHER!"

"NOOOO! THAT'S NOT TRUE! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Deadpool overreacted to the situation before straightening himself out a bit, "Anyway. Cool! My mother! And she technically made a your mom joke! but there's not time for that! So, where should I go?"

"...I dunno, anywhere I guess.

"Alright mother! Makes sense! By!!!"

"WAIT!!!" Deadpool's mother shouted from the heavens, "You'll need...DUCT TAPE!" And then, a box of duct tape fell from the sky next to Deadpool.

"Mom, you are the best mom EVER!!!" He yelled, picking it up, and putting just don't wanna know, it soils the awesome, "Heheh...You said soil." Stop being easily distracted and go! "FINE! Mother!"

"Hey! I'm your mother!"

"Sorry mom." And then Deadpool set off. He chopped off some heads, and left that damn city to begin anew, "OH! I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE! OH! I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE! OH!" He sang as he made his merry way.

John stood up, stretched, and walked out the door of the saloon. In the distance, a man was cleaning up the mess the man's corpse had made.

He swaggered over to the hitching post and hopped onto his horse. He had found it one day, straggling behind its herd, and he thought it seemed like a good horse. So, he broke it in, and the rest was history.

He sat for a moment, wondering what he would do that day. He'd already cleared up a bounty, and earned the ten dollars he was paid in advance. He had some booze in his system. He figuerd he might as well take a ride.

He steered his horse out onto the open dirt path. The sun beat down on his head as he rode out into the desert.

About a half hour in, he noticed an oddly-dressed man singing some kind of song walking down the path. He slowed his horse down and stopped next to Deadpool.

"Excuse me, friend, but you seem interesting, and I need some company. What're you doing in New Austin?"

The next thing (Jedi Master) Huey Freeman knew, a portal opened over his head and a girl fell on top of him.

"Daaaayum." Riley cried out.

"Would you look at that, it's another cutey-pie." Robert stammered, staring at her breasts.

(Jedi Master) Huey sighed, knowing his family wasn't going to help him and simply lifted the sleeping woman and placed her on the bed. Not a moment too soon did Kuesu barge in.

"What the?! Who is that?!" Kuesu demanded

"I'unno" The Freemans shrugged.

Deadpool stared at John for a bit, "...You say what now?" he replied. He looked around. There was nothing but a dry wasteland, "....DAMN! I move fast! I must be in, like, Texas! How long has it been since I departured from that city of mine?" He checked a watch which was conveniently on his wrist. "...30 minutes!? That sets a whole new record for walking! I must be a champ or something!"

He stopped his random bickering to talk to John and give him a direct answer which is formal in everyway possible, "HELLZ YEAH BUDY! I'll be your company, cause wherever I go, I'm a god damn party! And I left my boring old city where nothing was happening."



*Back at the importance!*

"So I left from there, and now i'm here! In New Austin! Did I tell you my mother talked to me and encouraged me to leave? From heaven? Yeah, I probably told you that." He blabbered on before he finished talking, "Anyway! My names Deadpool! What's your name, huh?!"

John raised an eyebrow. Poor son of a gun's crazier than Seth and Irish combined.

"Well, Mr. Deadpool, I'm John. John Marston." He shook Deadpool's hand and spotted the weapons on Deadpool's person. They seemed advanced, compared to Marston's hunting knife, LeMat, and Sharps buffalo rifle. "Interesting weapons," he noted. "Where'd you get them?"

Lelouch yawned, walking through the city, with a backpack, and a book in hand.
Great... I'm being manipulated by some story writer... I hope he is good.
Don't worry, I don't intend on hurting you or anything, just go along with the fun, plus, you can't die, and you have the power to control people an unlimited number of times, except for the other characters.
How can they make a story go on if no one is controlling it? It seems like a mesh of writing that will somehow become good.
By the way, you did bring in another worthy ally, someone strong, maybe suzaku?
No... I brang along your girlfriend.
Girlfriend? Shirley? No... Do you dare do such a thi-
"Hello Demon, it has been a long time since we met, remember? We had just finished that fantasy stor-"
Lelouch shivered, and shook his head
"Dear god... Don't remind me C2... Anyways, what are we going to do now?"
Probalby run into deadpool, or some other guy... It is inevetable in these stories
"Did you prepare the weapons, and such? Also, you better give me another power, or else i'm screwed..."
Don't worry! I gave you rolo's geass as well, but it was cut down a bit on the time because of removing the heart issue, otherwise, it won't harm you.
"Excellent... Now could you please get us out of this insane asylum room, i'm not that insane, but feel free to keep C2 here."
"I have a baseball bat you know...."
She said, slowly raising a bat, but both of them then getting warped to the city.

"Oh, these things?" His took out his pistols and spun both around his two index fingers, "I just bought from a store. Nah, actually, I got them from Weapon X! Those guys were cool....until the entire place blew up, and they all died. And then the Hulk jumped on me and squashed me. I still survived though!"

He quickly spun both pistols into his holsters, and pulled out his katana's, "And these are my babies! I love these guys! So sharp, able to cut just bout anything in half! Except a lightsaber. Then it becomes opposite of what I said." He put them back in their sheathes, "Anyway, so, what comic are you from? Or Video game? Or television show?"

John shrugged. "I'm afraid I don't about these video games or comics, stranger. But movies, I know them. Kinda nongermane, in my opinion. Are you sure you're okay? You sound like you need some water or rest, or something along those lines." Or a straitjacket.

He took a canteen off of his waist and handed it to Deadpool.

Deadpool took the canteen, and took a drink, "Woo! Thanks man, I was getting pretty tired. Nah, that's all I needed man. So, where are you headed, hm?" Deadpool asked.

Meiling woke up a few minutes after someone stared at her breasts and her dreams change dinto something... else. She sat up and yawned, rubbed her eyes of the sleep, and looked around, still tired. It took her a good ten seconds to Realize she wasn't in Gensokyo and she woke up with a gasp. "WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! WHERE IS THE GATE?! WHERE IS THE MANSION?!... WHERE IS SAKUYA-SAN?!?!" She screamed.

"Get away from my fiance!" Kuesu screamed and produced her spellbook, summoned a group of purple fireballs and cast them at Meiling... Only, nothing happened. "What the...?!"

"I suppressed your powers." (Jedi Master) Huey told her then looked at Meiling. "There's no gate, mansion or Sakuya here. Who are you?"

"Looks like some Chinese ho." Riley snapped and sniggered to himself... Only to be slapped upside the head

"I don't really know yet," John said, taking the canteen and drinking from it himself. "I'm just going for a ride. But..."

He remembered an old mansion to the west. He pondered for a moment.

"Y'know, there's an old, abandoned mansion a few miles out. Probably has something worthwile in it. Feel like a treasure hunt, friend?"

"Ooooh, you bet Mr. Marston! I love doing stuff like that! Usually, it's uh, me stealing from other people." He paused for a bit, "While they're sleeping. But hey! They never know! And what they don't know, won't hurt them!"

"So you're a bandit?" John asked, placing the canteen back on his belt. "Well, at least you seem nice enough." He turned his horse around and set off for the mansion at a slow trot, with Deadpool in tow. "I once worked with a drunken gunsmith, went by the name of Irish. He was nice an' all, but he was the most dishonest man I'd ever met. I just hope I can trust you."

"Me? Pee-shaw! You can trust me! I'm the good guy! The hero of my comic! If you can't trust me, then i'm not doing my job!"

After Deadpool said that, he drew out his pistols, "So, when do we start killing some du- evil guys! The guys we're supposed to kill." He stopped talking, then resumed, "Yeeeah, I'm a bit psychotic. But don't worry, I can control my psychosis easy!"

"Well, good," John said. "On the subject of killing, there might be a gang hideout or somthing nearby. But I'm not exactly keen on taking lives at the moment. Besides, if this treasure's the real deal, we won't need to kill. We'll be richer than President Taft!"

He looked over to the left and saw a pack of wild horses. "Hey, you need a ride? I'm good at breakin' horses, if you need one."

Meiling was just about to punch Riley in the face so hard, that his face would cave in, until he got slapped in the back of the head. She stood up and looked around at everyone, twice, before smiling. "I'm Hong Meiling! Expert Gatekeeper and Gardener of the Scarlet Devil Manor... Aaaaannnnd.... Who are you people? None of you are Youkai... You're all human." She thought, briefly, about devouring them, but decided not to.

Out of nowhere, some roaring noises came from the bushes. John spun to look at them.

"Cougars!" John shouted, the five big cats slowly prowling towards them. He drew his revolver. "Mr. Deadpool, I suggest you use those weapons you've got."

He fired at one of the animals and missed.

Suddenly Kuesu's expression turned into a sadist grin. "And what is a filthy creature such as yourself doing here?" She asked and prepared a spell to blow her away... Only nothing happened. "Nani..?!" She gasped in Japanese

"Your powers are suppressed." (Jedi Master)Huey reminded her.

"Are you really going to let this thing stay here unharmed?" Old man Jinguchi gasped.

"I'm a Jedi and Jedi have respect for all living things... Unlike you." (Jedi Master) Huey. "But this is pointless, something hateful is coming this way and we need evacuate the house.

And just as (Jedi Master) Huey said this, a flying guillotine crashed through the window and landed on Kuesu's head and chopped it off.

"Ojou-sama!!" Old man Jinguchi gasped before killing himself

"OH SHIT!" Robert and Riley exclaimed.

"Get out here, Rober Freeman we know yo' punk ass is in there!" A familiar voice shouted.

"Oh shit it's the hate-ocracy!" Riley cried. "We all gonna die!"

"Not this time." said (Jedi Master)Huey said as he hopped out the window

Deadpool pulled an M-16 out of his ass....literally, when John wasn't looking, and started firing, "WOOHOO! TAKE THIS YOU DIRTY ANIMALS! Oh, ya don't like this gun? You don't? You think it's unfair? TOO DAMN BAD! AHAHAHA!!

"What the devil?" Marston exclaimed at Deadpool's machine gun. He raised his pistol and fired at a cougar, hitting it square in the neck. He thumbed back the hammer and fired at another cougar, snapping its right front leg.

He took a moment to look over to Deadpool's gun. Some kind of minature gatling gun?

Suddenly a beam of light shot down from the sky, and a man in a red shirt appeared. He had about a mili-second to hear the first shot before his body began absorbing the bullets meant for Marston. The redshirt shook with lead and collapsed in a red pool.

"WHAT?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Meiling shouted, dodging flying projectiles. She quickly leapt out the window and followed all of them. "What was that?!"

"Hey, be careful, Deadpool!" Marston shouted over the gunfire. "That poor man, wherever the devil he came from-" He paused to shoot a cougar in the jaw- "just died for me! What did I get myself into?"


A young woman, about 21, swung in on a rope. Similar to Kuesu before her, she was considerably well-endowed, and wore what was essentially a bikini top, hotpants, stockings, and boots. She was carrying an enormous sniper rifle that was taller than herself. She landed next to Jedi Master Huey.

"Name's Yoko Littner!" she shouted, closing one eye and giving an exaggerated thumbs-up. "I heard danger, and I'm here to help!" She raised her sniper rifle. "Just tell me where to shoot!"

"AH! GOD IS SHOOTING AT US!" Deadpool shouted, as he kept shooting at the cougars. He chucked an Uzi to John, "TAKE IT! SHOOT AT THE HEAVENS!" Deadpool shot up with his M16 with one hand, and held an Uzi in the other shooting at the Cougars.

John looked down at the odd gun in his hand. He aimed it at the last cougar and fired. He, having never used a handheld automatic weapon, was surprised by the rate of fire and the recoil. He looked down at it, then back up to the cougar, wich now had its brains on the floor.

"Holy mother of the Lord."

Another beam of light fell upon the earth, and another man in a redshirt emerged. He talked into a communicater during the fight with the cougars. "Yes Enterprise, I have found the body of" A stray bullet from John's wild unloading struck him in the head "AHHHH!!" he fell ontop of the last dead cougar, a bullet in his head.

"What the?" shouted John. "Where do these greenhorns keep coming from?"


Yoko remained in her action pose, waiting for the next move.

Robert would have grinned hugely and went right after Yoko hadn't he been scared for his life.

"Ah great, more hos." Riley sighed.

(Jedi Master) Huey regarded Yoko from the side of his gaze with a cocked eye then told her. "You should leave."

"Oh, I've been waiting on this" Shouted Rufus Crabmiser.

"Yeah, we busted outta jail to come see you!" Added George Pistofferson

"Oh what, you think bringin' some China bitches' gon' save yo punk ass?!" Snapped Esmerelda Gripenasty. "Bet yo lil' short ass still hurtin' from the last ass-whoopin! Ain't no Bushido Brown to save yo' ass now!"

"I don't need him." (Jedi Master) Huey said and after he did, Rufus launched his flying guillotine at him. (Jedi Master) Huey simply extended his palm, using the force to catch the guillotine then send it away with the flick of his wrist, sending it flying into Thugnificant's blinged car... Which exploded.

"Ah damn, not my car ni**a!" Thugnificant cried from the distance.

"Oh, you think you fly with ya' little Jedi mind tricks 'n ya Matrix coat don'tcha boy?!" Esmerelda snapped.

"If you're going to help me, then act quick; they're dangerous." (Jedi Master) Huey told Yoko

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