Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

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Granted, they are now simplified so much that anyone can get into office and make horrendously bad choices for the country.

I wish for my dental appointment to be quick.

Granted, but its gonna be 10 times as painful

I wish to learn everything

Granted, you are left with nothing you ever cared about.

I wish for a comfier bed!

Granted, you sink into the fluffiness and suffocate.

I wish for less hurricanes.

Granted, you get seven times the tornadoes across the entire continent instead.

I wish to have home internet again.

Granted, it's 10kbs dial up with a faulty modem and a 10mb download cap.

I wish my phone worked.

Granted, you're immediately flooded with spam texts and calls.

I wish my old laptop died.

Granted, but you can't have a new one.

I wish for the wish of the person two posts after me to not get ruined by the person posting after me or after them.

Granted, it will get ruined anyway.

I wish for an old car that doesn't run and needs a lot of work.

Granted. It is also a portal to another realm that brings in giant flesheating cheeseburgers.

I wish for my nose to be unclogged.

Granted, but it also disappears, and you never see it again.

I wish for a red panda!

Granted, it bodyslams you immediately.

I wish for better CoD trailers.

Granted, they are so good you spend all your money on them, becoming broke and have it repossessed.

I wish my headphones wouldn't cut out at random.

Granted, they cut out permanently.

I wish The Spoony Experiment would update more!

Granted, the next update makes you want to never touch it again.

I wish for more trees.

Granted, however they are all dead.

I wish I was a magical dragon.

Granted, it seeks to destroy humanity and is more than capable of doing so!

I wish to make a good wish.

Granted, everyone else but you benefits from it.

I wish for more coffee.

Granted but it is frozen.

I wish for a hologram.

Granted, it is of yourself doing bad things to yourself.

I wish for a pub club membership!

Granted, but you're instantly permabanned

I wish to meet the Doctor

Granted. Doctor Destiny will see you now.


I wish for more Justice League to watch.

Granted, it is horrendously shit.

I wish for ice cream.

Granted, but it's melted.

I wish for

Granted you get nothing and like it.

I wish for more beer.

Granted, it is awful imported beer.

I wish for a scone.

Granted, there rock hard and break your teeth.

I wish I wasn't so tired.

Granted, you are fully awake, but there is absolutly nothing to do!

I wish I could find this item in the game I am playing.

Granted, but your save corrupts.

I wish for an infinite supply of cookies!!

Granted, you are buried underneath them.

I wish for nothing.

Granted. No more oxygen for you!

I wish for affordable space travel.

Granted, your strapped to the front of a space shuttle.

I wish I had a block of chocolate.

Granted, however the chocolate was thrown into a lava pit to make it warm for you.

I wish for world peace.

Granted, aliens blow our planet up since we weren't prepared.

I wish for more Persona.

Granted, now everyday really is great at your Junes. Persona 5: Junes.

I was for all the Magic cards in the world.

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