The City RP (Fantasy) {Open, Started} PM me your Character Sheets.

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The sun was bright in his eyes, so Thatch pulled his goggles over his eyes. He wiped the coal dust away with his hand and continued down the street. He was almost to the place where he hid it. Thatch made a right into a small alleyway that ended in a brick wall. The wall was a greyish red and extended twenty feet into the air. But this was no ordinary wall. Thatch's father built it before he left. The inside of the wall used a system of pulleys that were turned by a crank hidden in a crate. Thatch heaved the brown wooden box off of the side of the alley, and pulled the crank towards him. He turned the crank and he could hear the squeak of ropes on the inside. It was getting old. Only a week before, one rope had snapped, and Thatch didn't know how to replace it. Once he heard the end of the rope thud against the spool, he pushed the box back. He stood and marveled at his fathers invention. It was a masterpiece. The bricks had come out of the wall in a staircase pattern, leading vertically up the side. Thatch took the staircase one step at a time, to make sure he didn't fall. He came to the spot where the rope had snapped, and he had to jump. He leaped off of his small platform, barely planting his feet on the next set of steps. He was close to the top. Thatch grabbed the top of the wall and hoisted himself over. He stepped on a wooden platform and began to descend. The pulleys on the platform would reset the wall behind him as he descended, the squeak and hiss of turning ropes soothed him as he neared the bottom.

Thatch stepped off onto the grass, listening to the rustle of the grass in the wind around him as he walked through the plain. Only a few feet in front of him, there it stood. Thatch tipped it over onto it's side and sat down. It was a bicycle. There were only a few in The City, and most of them were made, or at least designed, by his father. They were a way for Redford Thatch to experiment with gears, before he fell into his crazy haze. Thaddeus placed his feet on the peddles and pushed forward. He had to ride all morning to get to his potential client.

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