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Kain threw the book on the ground in frustration. Why is this the only book he can't decipher? Damn those mages! Kain looked out the window and saw a courier hanging up posters on the streets. It looked like wanted posters but the face looked... familiar. Kain walked down the stairs and on to the street when he realized that the wanted poster was of him.
"WANTED: Kain ???
For the crime of: Theft 34x, Assault 5x, Assault with a deadly weapon 5x, Assault on a official,
And Resisting Arrest.
Reward: 1,000 Kiel, additional rewards may vary.
Is known to: May have a burn scar somewhere on the head. Not much more details can be given.

There was a sketch on the top. Quickly Kain tore it off and stuffed it in his coat. There 's no way he could grab them all especially if they're going all over the city but he can tear as many in this district down. Kain followed the courier and would tear down all posters that was put up. If he can keep this up he may be able to avoid discovery and be back in his room in time for a little sleep. Even so he feet were aching from the constant movement, his stomach was turning due to the recent food, and his bandage was starting to fall off.

Since he wasn't very tired, he decided to go look around, he had passed by District 35 on the way to Rell but never really gave it a good look. It was close enough that it would only take mere minutes to get to it. Crossing over the desolate bridge, he reached the border of District 35. The place though, was just as Rell was, slums and death, though Rell looked a bit better now with the added people.

Walking down the street, he noticed a man lying on the ground, and another standing, looking into an alleyway. Lorel quickly hid and leaned out and waited for the man to leave. Curiously when the man did leave, he wandered up to the person in the street only to discover a corpse. Crouching, Lorel then stood up and ran over to the alleyway to see a man. Rushing over, he checked the person's pulse, they were still alive. Using what physical strength he had, Lorel picked up the man over his shoulder. Slowly he began to head back to the Rusty Sword.

Eventually he made it, just in time for the Inn to be closing for the night. He went into the room, and the maid and Adul looked at him, the maid putting her hands on her mouth. She ran up to him. "Is he alright?"

"Seems so, I went over to District 35 to get a look about, and found a dead man in a street and him in an alleyway. But just before, there was a man, who was looking in the alleyway; I assumed it was the man who caused this."

Adul washing a plate in his hand put it down and walked over. "You got a room here?"

The maid looked at Adul. "Yup, this folk rented a room for a single night."

"Then all is fine, bring that man over this way, I got a spot he could rest for the night undisturbed."

Lorel followed Adul to a vacant room on the second floor, once in the room; he laid him on the bed. Then went over to Adul to thank him.

"It's no problem and don't worry about any fee, from your story, I could tell something bad happened. Also as the states of Districts are these days, I rather not put another burden onto these people."

Lorel then went back to his room and drifted off.

Kain was tired. His feet had lost feeling and it seems like he'll never get all of the posters. Looking up at the sky he could see that light was barely breaking the horizon. "I'll just have to take my chances now." After walking back to the Inn he walked up to his room and collapsed on his bed. As he drifted off into sleep he wondered how far the courier has gotten. If the posters are in the Lower Districts by now it shouldn't matter, the citizens there don't care who the mages want so it should be safe down there. Still it's curious to think how much longer he has before he's caught and whether he'll ever make it.

He dreamed of grassland. Grass as far as the eye could see with dozens of animals are walking about and gazing at the distant mountains. Berries were growing around the water located a few feet from where Kain stood. The sky was clear and the air was pleasant with a cool breeze and insects flying about. Kain hoped that the world he was in was a dream and that this was the reality, though he knows this not to be the case he laid back and as he gazed into the sky the scenery flashed and changed. The mountains were crumbling and the grass was burned to the ground. Animals were dead and the sun's rays were blocked by the dark smoke of war. He noticed human bodies littered throughout with the mages marching forward. They were robbing us of the land almost all have forgotten, at least maybe this was made up in Kain's head but he wanted to think it as a world he was robbed of...robbed. Ironic considering Kain's actions to the mages. Suddenly he face burned and he fell to the ground gripping at the barren ground. "Come on wake up! Wake up! I can't bear to see this even if this isn't how it happened I don't want to see this! Bring back the colors, the grass, the peace, the life! Bring back everything We couldn't see for ourselves! Everything we lost!" Tears were rolling down his face which hurt the burns even more. Kain closed his eyes and begged to wake up.

Myra turned to Daryl at Damien's abrupt departure, biting her lip. "Do you think we should follow him? That person might be laying a trap for a Mage..." Real concern lit her features, and she started to rise a moment before sitting again and hanging her attention on her remaining companion. "There are an awful lot of people who're after Mages... And their not friendly."

Daryl looked at Myra closely, faint amusement flitting over his features.
"By the look of that sword he has there I don't think he'd get into much trouble myself, besides if someone attacked a Mage we'd hear a ruckuss!" Daryl said sipping his tea. "So Myra, while our learned friend is outside conducting Mages business, because I'm sure that's all it is, what is a girl like you doing working as a maid, you certainly seem capable of accomplishing more!"

In the short time before Myra answered Daryl Started thinking of places he could look for work.

Zavior woke to pain.

There was another man in his room who indroduced himself as Adul. He said Zavior was found by Lorel and brought to The Rusty Dagger. Zavior tried to get out of bed.

"Whoa, let's take it easy. You've got a messed up shoulder, a few cracked ribs, and two mostly broken legs. You're lucky you weren't killed from that fall." Adul said.

Zavior sat up and asked where Lorel was. Adul told him which room it was, thankfully on the same floor. Zavior limped over to Lorel's room, using furniture as crutches.

He knocked on the door.

Kid stood still for a second, confused. Then he shrugged and went over to Damien, tilting his head for a second. "Hmmm, you seem familiar... Ah well." He looked up at the sky. "I heard that certain dreams... They tell you things that you didn't know about yourself. I had a dream, it was one of those dreams I'm sure! But, the message... I didn't understand it... Mages know stuffs right? So I thought that a Mage would help make sense of it. So I went looking for a Mage and I found you! Do you know what it means to um... Have 'blue-blood'...?"

"You were foolish to go looking for a mage, if it were anyone but me you would already be in deep trouble with our faction... Blue-blood you say? I seem to recall crossing over that term once or twice in my readings, but I can't tell you what it means off the top of my head. If you would like, I could ask my faction leader if she knew what it meant?" Damien asked, shaking his head at the other mans foolishness, "I mean, blue-blood could mean a number of things, but if you wanted to know what it meant for you I will need time."

"Please please please! That would be great! My parents died when I was young so if its anything about them it would be great! People say that Mages are mean, you proved them wrong! I'm homeless though... I don't live in a certain place an it'd be hard to find me... Why don't I become a sort of helper to you for a while till you find out? Its the least I can do for you helping me! Its the only thing I can do... Please, I don't like to take things for nothing. It doesn't feel right..."

"I don't need a follower, but I will try to help you out a little. I will send for you when I need you, mages have other ways of finding people." Damien smiled, pulling out 30 kier and handing it over to other man and then walking back towards the pub.

"Look for a red wolf in the next few days, that is how I will send for you." Damien said, waving to the man as he walked back into the inn. He walked back over to his table and sat down at his chair, grabbing his ale and taking another drink, "Sorry for that, they just needed help with something that had been troubling them. Where were we?"

Kid looked at the kier. I... can't take this can I...? But he gave it to me... I guess it couldn't hurt... People are really wrong about Mages, this one at least. He's so nice... He put the kier in his bag. What to do now though, I'm not tired... I shouldn't use this kier all up already on food... Hmm... He looked at the moon. Night... The moon... It always seems so mysterious... He closed his eyes. Mother... Father... Whoever you were... I will find out... No matter what! If I know who I am, I will know where I should go.

Hearing a knock at the door, Lorel got out of bed and yawned. Scratching his back he walked up to the door and opened it. It was the man from earlier, who he had helped. He looked like he was still in pain and Lorel begun to wonder why he was up.

As he let him in he spoke. "Hey shouldn't you be in bed right now? Also do I know you? You seem very familiar."

"I'll be fine in a few days... Maybe..." Zavior sat down in a chair in the room. "And no, you don't know me. I saw you here last night, that's probably why I'm familiar. But I was also there a few months ago when you were banished from Upper District. Are you trying to get back there?" Zavior asked, wanting to know more about his rescuer.

Lorel began to scratch his head, thinking about the question, and then began to pace around. Eventually he stopped and looked at the man. "I honestly don't know... I see this world, and I see what suffering they have caused. I see my parents reasons for treason... But I just don't know what to do..."

"My parents were killed by the Red Stain, probably because they wouldn't cooperate with the Steel Hearts. I'm trying to find the Red Stain and destroy them after I find out who paid them to kill my parents." Zavior's fists tightened. "I am also disgusted by the corruption and apathy of the rulers of The City, if you can even call them that." Zavior looked at Lorel. "If we overthrow the current leadership, we can establish a new, just government and secure peace and prosperity for humanity."

Zavior leaned back and drew a deep breath.

"Huh. Lofty goals, huh? I'm not even sure where to begin... I owe you big for saving my life, so if you can think of some where to start or want to do something to get back in the Upper District, I'll follow your lead."

As he was walking westward, Jack felt a tingling sensation growing at the back of his skull. He ducked quickly into a nearby ally so he could have his psychotic fit in peace. Jack slumped to his knees and placed his armored hands over his mask, in a futile attempt to relieve his growing headache. He cried out a bit in pain as the fit started in earnest, but instead of the usual hallucinations, voices and various other sense illusions, a map began to draw itself in front of him.

The map showed him a route from his current location to an abandoned coastal district, no more than a day's walk from where he was. A small circle drew itself around a lighthouse, which he guessed was the location of the other Jacks. The headache receded, leaving an imprint of the map in his memories. Jack struggled, groggily, to his feet. He would have to research a more effective, and less painful, method of long-distance information transfer.

He set off down the ally and back onto the main roads. He would try to cover as much distance as he could before sunrise.

"Hm... Well I somewhat see your hatred for Red Stain for that, but it was only a couple of members that did the killing I assume. It would be like to hate a whole district because a few of them beat you up, only a few were involved, the rest are innocent."

He took a breath and then continued.

"As for overthrowing the government... I don't think we would be able to do that for a long time. I think for the moment, we should try to help the citizens. Build up a reputation."

"I see your point. We should try to help the people in The City reach a better quality of life. We need the Upper Distric's wealth. Come to think of it, I don't know where my family's wealth went after they were killed. I know I didn't get it, but maybe I can get their trade network and wealth back and use it to justly help the people."

Zavior thought for a moment.

"That's what I'll do. I still need to rest for a few days or a week because of my injuries, but then I will try to get back in the Upper District to get my family's wealth back. Then I will use it to help the poor of The City through you. Does that sound like a good plan?"

A cold breeze flew past Asael as the young man walked down the dark and unpopulated street, his glances at the surrounding architecture were with pretentious eyes as he scanned the Upper District.

'What a fantastic night, first I lose all of my funds bribing pratts who fancy themselves guards' thought Asael as he let out a sigh, his hands hidden within his grey jacket as he kept a somber beat to his step, even if each beat was left muffled by the snow.

'Then my Employer didn't even have the decency to show up and pay me after I trekked all the way from Rell to meet him, it's all just fan-bleeding-tastic' sarcastically thought Asael to himself, his face that of an inconvenienced young man.

"I just need to find someplace to get out of this damn snow and think, I'm too far from home to head back, and it's too late to bother traveling" said the inconvenienced Asael as he spotted an Inn down the street, 'thats looks a good a place as any, the Dragon's Tooth?' pondered the Young Man.

"Pretentious aren't we" was Asael's only comment as he confirmed the name of the Inn raising a brow for but a second before pacing towards the establishment's main entrance.

Kain woke up knowing that he had barely slept. Even so Kain lifted himself out of bed and grabbed his coat for he was required by the Inn to leave soon. Kain struggled to walk but fell into a steady rhythm as he lifted each foot down the snowy road towards North. It would not be the smartest idea to visit his parent's house in Solomon but he has to know they're okay. Unfortunately Solomon is many miles up north not as far as say Rell but far.

Kain was surprised to find how close to the exit of Amara he was; he was still in danger but he was finally out. It felt amazing to have eluded the mages for this long but then he ran into the problem of the Upper Class usually faces, Steel Hearts. Kain did not mind them normally but recently all he has seen are rookies who just can't wait to get into a fight with their new power. As Kain got out of Amara and into the northern Middle Class District Rathen, he was stopped by three rookie Steel Hearts. The biggest one, a young, cocky, arrogant kid fresh off the streets started the talking, "Hey 'big nobleman' I don't think you know where you are." The kid noticed Kain's shortsword and immediately made an ignorant judgement, "Oh you must be like Red Stain or Mage or something because we know you're not with us big guy." They started laughing as if they were enjoying being part of a faction. Kain signed and asserted to the talker, "Listen kid last I checked the Steel Hearts was about taking over the city for the people, it's not some gang that allows you to swing your sword that you just got at whoever. You're just some street trash that enjoys power no matter what your cause should be, how the hell did you get into the Steel Hearts in the first place because you should know the difference between a mage and a citizen." The Steel Hearts Rookies were getting angrier having completely ignored everything Kain said except for the comments about just them. "Who do you think you're talking to mister? Y-You don't mess with us!" Kain could see no reasoning through words could be done as he inconspicuously reached his hand down into his bag full of sand and threw some at the leader.

It was over quick. The leader, blinded, attempted to slash Kain but missed his footing and fell face first on the ground while Kain slashed at his back. His two friends knew nothing about swordplay and slashed wildly at the air. Kain block one's attack and kicked his exposed chest and turned to deal with the other one. The last Steel Heart Rookie handled a sword much bigger then he could hold as he attempted to swing. Kain side stepped and kicked at the hand supporting the sword as it came down. The screams that followed confirmed that Kain broke the wrist. The kid that Kain kicked down had gotten back up and again attempted to swing. Holding nothing back Kain quickly stepped forward and stabbed the kid in the shoulder. The kid fell and began yelling while at his attacker's feet. Kain threw 60 Kiel at the ground and said to them all, "If you hurry you can find a doctor before some of you bleed out. I better not see any of you out here again." Sheathing his sword as the kids ran off with money, Kain ventured on North quickly as the streets began bustling with people and words were traded.

It was with a subtle step that Asael found himself within the Dragon's Tooth Inn, acting as nonchalant as humanly possible while he made his way to an empty table.

Asael did not take long to find one near the door, scanning the seemingly cozy interior of the Dragon's Tooth as he took his seat, noticing a rather interesting group at another table while he got settled, and now with a slight sense of comfort he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his last Kiel.

"Great" sighed Asael in a sarcastic tone as he placed the singular kiel upon the table, trying keeping a low profile so as to delay a tavern girl attempting to take his order, such an event would most likely result in him being asked to leave.

So with the time left to him Asael placed his index finger upon the kiel, making sure that his bare skin not the touch crafted wood of the table, his eyes turning to those possessed by a man in plotting.

Damien noticed the new man walk into the inn and take a seat a few tables away, but he didn't do anything that would cause suspicion. Damien sighed and took another drink of ale, his eyes never leaving the new man who had entered. For some reason, Damien seemed to think that this man was up to something, but he couldn't be sure and he wasn't about to start something over a suspicion.

Damien leaned back in his chair again, ignoring everything around him and trying to sort through what Kid had told him outside.

Blue-Blood, I know I've heard the reference but I can't remember were it was from. I know it means something is going to happen in your future, and it isn't good I know that, but I can't remember exactly whats going to happen...

Daryl leant back on his chair and stretched. 'Ah hello again my friendly mage!' Daryl said with a wink.
'That yung'un didn't cause you to much trouble I hope?'
Daryl took another sip of tea.
'I did just ask if you knew of any work for me!' Daryl asked again with a smile, I really should find something to send back down the road with me!' Daryl scratched the side of his head, revealing one of the circular scars, almost like a burn, but slightly different at his temple.
'Of course if either of you two lovely young people need something delivered or received I think I'm in a good enough mood to give you a discount!'
Leaning in close to Myra Daryl whispered 'And I usually charge a Mage a little extra you know' grinning Daryl looked about the inn, it was much dimmer now that the sun had set.

"No, I don't have any work for you I'm a afraid... if a mage needs something sent he simply sends it using magic. He just needed help with a problem that I now need to research..." Damien said, finishing the last of his ale and sighing, he really needed to be going back to the tower for research, but he wasn't going to leave without helping everyone here first.

Kid clutched his left eye with one hand. "Gaaaah!!!" A strange red energy, looking as solid as water but acting as a gas, was bursting from the gaps in his hand. "What is this?! Gah!!!" He screamed at the top of his voice. "My eye!!! It feels like it's on fire!!!" He turned his head to the sky and removed his hand, showing the red energy pouring from his eye down his body slowly dissappearing as it touched the floor. "Somebody! Please!" He clutched his left eye with both his hands. "Help!!!" His hands began shaking and he fell against the wall screaming. Somebody... Please... It hurts so much... The energy looked definetely magical, even Kid new that. What... But I... "Lance!!!" The word broke out off Kid's mouth without him thinking about it. Lance? Got to get help... He turned to the Dragon's Tooth and began dragging himself there with his right hand leaving his left on his eye.

Asael stayed deep in thought for a good minute or so before pulling the kier of the table and placing back in his pocket with a sigh, his plotting obviously not bearing fruit to a satisfactory plan.

'Nothing, so I guess I'll just hope to get lucky within the next few minutes' Asael pessimisticly thought to himself before noticing the man watching him from across the room, Asael attempted to pay him no mind as he leaned back in his chair.

But it was just as Asael had resigned himself to spending the disappointing night walking home in the dark, he heard what could've been a faint scream come from somewhere outside the Inn, "this could be interesting" Asael whispered as he turned his eye to the door, his interest piqed.

The door blasted open with an explosion of red energy, then it moved around the Dragon's tooth as if it were alive. Moving. Slithering. Then faint laughter could be heard from it, it was the laughter that could only come from an insane man. Kid crawled through the door, showing the source of the energy as his left eye. "Help me..." The words echoed across the room, coming from the red energy only with a mocking tone. "Help me help me, it's burning it's burning. Hahahahahahaha..."

Damien jumped out of his chair, which fell back with a loud clattering noise, and immediately conjured up a bright green barrier that contained the dark energy and Damien, leaving everyone else outside of the barrier. He walked slowly over to Kid, leaning down beside him, the dark energy began to snake towards Damien, but he simply blasted it away with a wave of his hand.

"What happened Kid?" Damien hissed, a bright blue glow forming over Damien's left hand which hovered over Kid's eye, slowly trying to force the energy back into his eye.

"I...I was just thinking... About who I was, before my parents died... Then suddenly my eye... I see you... Not you... But you..." The energy began slowly returning to his eye, saying something... It was impossible to make out. "I see your soul..." The red in his left eye disappeared slowly, it looked wrong. Like something inhuman. "I don't know what it is... But it hates... Everything." Kid looked into space.

"That is not what I was expecting" spoke Asael in a curious tone, standing up from his table as the Man who had been keeping an eye on him formed a barrier and jumped to the Stranger's aid.

Asael pulled a chair from his table and leaned on it as he watched the events unfold with studied eye, blocking out the panic of others within the Dragon's Tooth as he concentrated on the incident of the hour, an incident that peculiarly enough involved Mages.

"That was a rather cheeky sort of abomination he had flowing from him wasn't it?" commented Asael in a nonchalant tone, directing his question towards the group the Mage whom had formed the barrier departed from, fishing for an explanation.

When the red magic erupted around them, Myra had started to summon a wind barrier, but Damien was faster, and she choked off the flow of power before it could be released, the effort to do so pulsing a moment painfully in her nerves. Then she was on her feet and into the kitchen, snatching a large cast-iron tureen that at her command sucked the water from the dense kitchen air to fill it's contents, the staff too busy panicking to notice the unusual method of filling.

She was back in the main room in a flash, as if the weight of the water were nothing, and hovered outside the barrier, ready to offer the water to the Mage or step in if things got worse. "Damien, if it's fire or taint, water magic could help. Purify it." It was what she used her water magic for most: healing and purifying. Something the lower districts had need for by the thousands.

"I would ask how you know so much about magic, but now's not the time." Damien said, looking at Myra with interest. He opened a small hole in his barrier through which Myra could put the water through.

"I warn you, I'm not very good at water magic, or healing magic, so this may only contain this taint, not get rid of it completely." Damien said, waving his hands and watching some of the water in the bowl flow out of the bowl and hover over to him.

The water swirled around his hands as he placed it over the mans eye, the magic trying to pull out the taint that was inside Kid.

Asael let out a sigh of annoyance his question seemingly being ignored for the moment, 'then again what could I expect given the situation, guess it's best to just wait' thought Asael resigned to watching the events at hand play out.

'But is it just me or is it suspicious how fast that girl was with that water and tureen' Asael raised a brow, a slight feeling of cynical relief that his inconvenient day at least stayed somewhat consistent with a disturbing night.

As soon as the strange boy crawled into the Inn He took over instantly, his features slackened and became cold, analysing. Absorbing all what he was seeing, the strange flutter of air around Myra, how the boy described the power as another being. It was all being catalogued into His mind, where Daryl wasn't even aware.

"That was a rather cheeky sort of abomination he had flowing from him wasn't it?"

He looked at this newcomer, but said nothing. He never said anything and turned back to the commotion as Myra came running to Damien with a pail of water.

"Damien, if it's fire or taint, water magic could help. Purify it."

He was convinced now that this girl, Myra, was a Mage. Though why she hid the fact He was unable to fathom. He stood and walked closer to the barrier Damien had raised and looked in interest, his amulet cold against his chest. This boy was important, he may need to know how to find him in the future, as well as the girl Myra.

"I think my stay here is over, Daryl, Myra, come back to my tower if you wish to continue our conversation,"

Daryl wavered where he stood, uncertain of how he got to his feet, but soon forgetting that uncertainty, and completely unaware of all the discoveries He had just made. 'To your tower eh? I don't think we can pass up an opportunity like that!' He said with a wink to Myra.
'Do you need help with the boy?' Daryl asked as he came closer to Damien.

It was with light feet that Asael attempted to slip past the formation near the door unnoticed, his curiousity still lusting for answers but he was irrefutably weary from the day, and less he wished to sleep in a alley he needed to make his way home.

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