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"This is interesting, this power. It sees, it thinks, it knows everything I do. If I control it, use it... Then I will use it to bring terror to those who harm the weak. The factions that war over this city, they are evil. Every single one of them. Some say they help the people, bullshit!" Kid stood up. "Everyday I was out there since before I can remember! Living of the streets! Did anyone help me? No! Infact, you are the first person to help me for nothing! You and that girl! If you hadn't been there... Argh!" He clenched his fists. "Liars, cheats, scoundrels... Murderers! Nearly every single person in this city is evil! I've never done anything wrong in my entire dammed life! People who had better lives, more privileges... They always want more! More more more!!! Well I'll give them more... More goddammed pain then they have ever known!!! They will know the burdens I and every other person who lives on the streets knows!" He clenched his teeth. "I hate this place..."

"Calm down Kid, you know that's not true. There are a bunch of other people out there like me and Myra, we there are so many people who are willing to help those in need, you just choose to see those who are evil. Maybe its that taint inside of you, maybe its your lack of trust in others, but one thing's sure, you aren't going to harm anyone that I can promise." Damien said, standing up, a trickle of blood red energy ran down Damien's arm, stopping at his hand.

Kid turned away from Damien. "Tell yourself that... Tell yourself that everyday. I did. It doesn't change a damn fucking thing! People are by nature ambitious and therefore evil. Ambition is the root of all suffering and evil. It curropts everything it touches. Those who live by ambition will burn in hell..." Kid turned back, showing the red energy glowing from his eye. "And I might just be the one to send them there... Don't stand in my way, I don't want to kill one of the few good people in this godforsaken world but if you force my hand I won't stop it. I have power now, Damien, I can take you just fine."

"Power... look at what it does to people." Damien sighed, snapping his fingers and allowing the red energy to turn dark black with faint traces of red along the edges.

"Stand down and contain that power, or I will rip it out of you Kid. You can't even begin to understand the evil that you now hold inside of you... Your power won't be contained if you keep this up, and as a Mage, I'll be forced to eradicate you."

"That I now hold inside of me? Don't you see? This power has been with me since long before we met. Dorment, waiting to be released. Now it is, and I can only get stronger. I won't back down, niether will you... I suppose I have no choice other then to fight you. I wish you could of seen it my way Damien. You can't rip this power out of me, you'd have to rip away my soul!" The energy wrapped itself down to his hands, wrapping itself around it like a glove. "No mage has the power to remove the soul from the body without killing it and the soul. Anyone knows that." Kid sighed. "T'is a shame, I wanted to share the future world of peace with you... The future I will create." He pointed his finger towards Damien. "Too bad." He charged forward and punched Damien in the stomach, the red energy around his fist making it stronger.

Kurin was walking back, and then he sees a strange red hue through the window of the tower, putting a full sample vial of a strange glowing liquid away in his coat, he sneaks past the guards and gets to the door, and silently listens as he looks at the lock and figures out which lockpicks to use if it become necessary

Damien sighed, catching Kid's fist in his palm. Damien's black energy countered the red, threatening to overpower it. Kid's red energy was strong, but Damien's was more focused, allowing him to overpower the red for the moment. Damien then ducked backwards, his feet seeming like they barely moved at all, while he conjured up more black energy in his left hand. From Damien's hand burst a snake, its eyes red like coals, but its body ethereal and almost smoke-like. It lunged forward, opening its jaws to bite down on Kid's stomach.

"Who said anything about me removing it without harming you. You either back down now, or I will rip it out of you and destroy it, even if that means I'll kill you too." Damien said, his face relaxed as if he was bored.

Inside the Magic Weavers place again, he approached the curtain where she was working behind. Just then the curtain flew off its hinges and began to spin around him. Everything went bright and he was blinded for a moment but then his vision stabilized and the curtain was no longer around him. There she was standing, smiling. "Do you like it?"

Lorel looked down and noticed he was in his new outfit. It was slightly skin tight but enough space, red long sleeves, with a gold line down the middle chest area down to the waist, white fur around his neck, and black pants with gold lines down each legging, at the end of them, fire flames on the right and blue flames on the left, same colors as the pant patches he had on before. It was comfortable and allowed him for freedom of movement.

"I like it."

She walked up to him and put her hands on his arms. "Now watch this, for when you go to somewhere hot." Suddenly as she touched his sleeves, she poured in slight magic and the sleeves moved up, without having to pull them back. Now it was as if the shirt was always short sleeved. Lorel quickly asked. "How much?"

"Sixty Kiel."

He was shocked at the low price, most clothes cost triple that. "Why so cheap?"
"People here already as poor as it is."

Without responding he went over to where his original clothes were and pulled out the money and handed it to her. "Thank you."

"No problem." She said.

Walking out, he held his old clothes in his arm, not wanting to get rid of it. He found a store, a small one that had various items. Including a cloth bag that he could carry around on his back. Putting the clothes in it, he headed back to the inn and to the room. To his surprise, Velen and Itsuka weren't there and so he decided to go to sleep first. He crawled into his bed and fell asleep.

Upper District - Academy - Same Time

Mista wearing her academy uniform, walked down its large halls, carrying various books from history to spells. It was late but many still roamed the halls. Reaching a garden, she walked through the stone passages until she got to the center where many students hangout. Looking around at the various students, he saw her friends, Nan, and Hina. She walked up to them as they were practicing a spell, where a light orb appeared but then quickly vanished.

Nan snapped his fingers. "Dang, I wasn't able to keep it going for very long."

Hina patted him on his shoulder. "You will get it. Oh, hey Mista." They both looked as Mista as she approached.

"Hey, Nan, and Hina. That spell is simple, why can't you get it Nan?"

He shrugged, and scratched his head. "I really don't know."

Hina face palmed and then looked back at Mista. "Want to help?"


There was a obvious caution to Asael's movements as he snatched his sword from the desk, drawing it from it's sheet prior to slipping out the bedroom door, the pitch black of the hallway greeting him as he made his towards the stairs.

The crackling of fire polluted the sounds in the air while Asael slowly descended the steps, holding his sword within the grasp of his right hand, it's blade dark as sin spare the silver designs that descended from halfway up the edges of the blade all the way down to it's pommel, directing his attention towards the faint light coming from the kitchen area.

With a readied will Asael marched into his kitchen prepared to face his intruder, but as he entered a familiar voice greeted him, "good evening Asael" greeted a man in a laid back tone as he sat at the dining table, his long blonde hair tied in a ponytail that hung over the collar of his guard uniform while his face laid unshaven to hide the scars gathered over fifteen years.

"Am' I the only one of us perplexed that you're in my house past sunset?" answered Asael non amused by his guest, laying down his blade as he noticed a pot of stew on the table, "tonight I'm on the graveyard shift, so I thought I'd stop by and visit, I hope you don't mind that I prepared a meal, not that there was much to work with" spoke James' as he directed Asael towards a bowl of stew.

James looked rather proud of himself as he moved a jug of water towards the side of table closest to Asael, "I even prepared a bowl in case you awoke" offered James with a self assured smirk, "I guess I should be thanking you, but I get the feeling there's more to this than a visit" asked Asael leaning against one of the table's four chairs while James' face turned serious.

"Well that's because there is more" said James leaning over the table with a grim look upon his face, "I heard that you might be chasing after that Kain fellow, but I have information on someone I know you're chasing" spoke James looking towards Asael with a glare of hope..

"So James, who exactly am' I chasing?" asked a curious Asael as he pushed himself away from the table, "the same man who took Brielle, the same man whose reputation as a Member of the Academy was destroyed when you intervened and laid ruin to his little operation, also the same man you gifted a nasty scar to" explained James with an air of caution for his young friend.

"Wilhelm" spoke Asael with a disgust as though the name were made of bile, "yes, and I'm well aware that you were at the Dragon's Tooth, and I'm well aware of the only real reason you concerned yourself with it " spoke James leaning back in his chair.

"Is it that obvious then?" asked Asael deep in thought of what his next move would be, "we all knew he would resurface once a valuable target peeked it's little head, even you the only one that believed chances were slim to none" spoke James before being interrupted by Asael, a glint of strong emotions deep within his hazel eyes.

"The way you phrased that, I get the sense the slim chances are a past tense" replied Asael cynically as the fireplace crackled, "yes they are, he is rebuilding and we know of a few possible targets he may be pursuing, but many of them are out of the Captains, and especially My reach" explained James' who now rested his elbow upon the wooden table.

"So this is where I come in, you expect me to go chasing him across the entire city?" replied Asael with a near sardonic tone, "I expect nothing of you, but if you're anything like you're brother, which I know you are, we both know you've made up you're mind on this subject a long time ago" explained James' with a smirk.

"It seems I have, now tell me where I can find him, and also why the Market guards have so many bleeding informants" curiously replied Asael a purposeful tone to his voice as he awaited an answer, "we have word that recently a Noble family was executed and their only son banished, that son happens to be a Mage, Lorel Ion, on our end it seems that Lorel is his main target" answered James.

"Wonderful, now do you know where he is or is that for me to find out?" asked the Sarcastic Swordsman, "he was last seen heading towards Gallu in the northeast from there it's all you, and to answer you're other question the old man feels the City is changing, and he wants to be somewhat ready when it all comes crashing down" explained James grimly.

"Seems I'm not the only one thinking cynical thoughts" replied a nonchalant Asael, "you're not, in fact the Captain told me not to share this information with you, he feared you'd lose yourself in it, but we both know it's a bit too late to fear that, I figured this might help you find something" replied James in a sullen tone.

"I guess we just have to hope there's still something left to find don't we?" replied Asael with a smirk and his usual distant demeanor as James pulled a satchel onto the table, "I don't doub it, also here is a little gift from the Market Guards after all you're doing us a favor, and maybe you might want to visit you're Brother's grave and maybe Captain before you go" suggested James' who was now preparing to take his leave.

"I don't think it would do either of them any good if I faced them now" replied Asael as he plotted his course of action that he would follow for the next few days, "well, I can't tell the Captain I didn't try, good luck Asael" bid James before being stopped halfway out the kitchen

"What about the Kid from the Dragon's Tooth, is he one of Wilhelm's targets?" asked Asael with a tad of concern, "yes he is, but word has it he's made his way into the Academy, so he should be safe for the moment" explained James, "very well then" spoke Asael as James disappeared from the house.

Asael now all alone swiftly took to preparing for his journey, to find Lorel Ion, and in turn he hoped to locate a snake called Wilhelm.

The red energy blocked the snake instinctively. "But this an unfair fight. You're fighting two at once, the energy and me." He looked above Damien. "You are the one in trouble, you are the one who will die if you don't give up. I don't even believe you have the guts to kill me, even if you could." He raised his hand to point above Damien then opened his palm. There was an explosion of red energy in a circle in the roof above Damien, causing the roof to fall ontop of him. "I won't kill you Damien. Goodbye." He raised his other palm behind him and opened it, causing the wall behind him to explode in red energy. He ran out of the hole it made and jumped down, gabbing onto the side and sliding down running off when he reached the bottom.

Damien had but a second to protect himself, conjuring a cone of dark energy to surround himself, blocking the roof from crashing down on him. Damien quickly pushed the rubble off of him, and walked to the edge of his room, the energy on his arms dying out as Damien watched Kid run off into the city. He sighed, snapping his fingers as a bright emerald flame rose up into life. From that flame grew a wolf, its bright eyes glaring at Damien as it seemed to float in the air.

"Go to the Head of Mages, and tell relay to her this message, 'There is a rogue mage running rampant in the city. He is a class B priority, and is skilled in the use of Minor magics. It would be best if he was captured quickly.'" Damien said ushering the wolf away, who disappeared in a puff of bright green flames. Damien then turned around, waving his arm to which the ceiling and the rest of the room mended itself to the way it was before.

Kurin has been furiously lockpicking and gets through, after he heard the explosions, and opens the door "... I suppose I came too late to help, but would you like help with the person that did this? Even with only a little magical ability, I'm pretty good at targets becoming... less future trouble." Kurin appraised the damage and threw down some money, maybe enough to cover a fourth of the damage and getting a better lock "I just emptied my pockets and I have some other things to offer, just so you know I will not be owing you for these lessons. Last time I owed a magi like yourself, she killed half my business friends and tried to put me under too."

"You give me an offer I would be stupid to refuse... take him out, make it quick, and make it silent. I want nobody else to hear about this little incident besides the head of my order. You can take your money back too, if you manage to pull this off then I think we'll be squared off for your lessons." Damien said, grabbing the Kier and throwing them back to Kurin.

"Now, we'll need a rather large space when I give you lessons, so if you find a place like that then your lessons will start immediately."

Kurin catches the Kier and pockets it "Excellent, I'll get to it tomorrow. Better to let him tire himself out, simmer. He'll either get arrogant or overwork and collapse somewhere. Any relevant information on the target?" Kurin seems to be happy that the lessons are already squared, perhaps he had something Damien might have wanted to know about, but Kurin's expression is still very neutral, and the tone change was very slight so you might have imagined it. "And I know of a little mountain ruined courtyard that should serve, we can negotiate locations later." Kurin pockets his thieves tools back in his coat where his hand pats something, seemingly to assure it's still there.

"He is powerful, that much is true... but I think I know of a way to seal off his magic for a short time. It will take a day or so for the item I need to come in, but when it does I will send it to you. He has only recently become aware of his power, which will make him vulnerable and clumsy when it comes to using it. He is cocky, and overconfident in his new-found abilities, which will work to your advantage." Damien said looking around the now repaired room, his magics had done wonders to fix the place up, sighing and walking over to his window and gazing out over the city through it.

"Your first lesson will simply be teaching you the basic control over your magical powers, they normally express themselves through a certain color... but we will speak more of this during our first lesson. For now, I need to sleep, I've been up for an entire day straight and it is now time to get some rest..."

(Middle District)

The snow fell with a gentle descent onto Asael, his jacket catching the winter breeze while his blade and sheath hung on his left side from his belt covered slightly by the jackets edge, his right hand grasping the straps of the satchel he slung over his shoulder.

It plotting mind that he traversed the near deserted streets of the night, his mind set on reaching the district of Solomon before heading eastward towards Gallu, putting the earlier glimpse of magic that came from the Academy out of mind as he pressed on with what resembled a purpose, and felt like a lone piece to a fractured puzzle.

Upper District - Academy

"Nan, all you need to do is just think of the light orb and then form magic into its shape and its type."

"Easier said than done."

Sitting, for thirty minutes they worked, and still no success. Hina was starting to get tired, just as with Mista. Nan was restless though to get the spell working, he began to pace around. He tried again and again and he couldn't get the spell to work. Odd enough, he is able to conjure up many other spells but light energy isn't his specialty but he needed to get it for his class the next day.

He plopped down on the stone bench and began to try again. This time he met with a bit more success. The whole idea would be that he would be able to have it on for awhile and make it moveable. "You know, I remember, someone who was very good at this kind of stuff."
Hina barely awake asked. "Who would that be?"


Both Hina and Mista raised their heads. Mista remember Lorel, they actually all fondly remember him. He was their friend during middle academy and for the short time he was in upper academy. Middle being for younger and upper for older. "Oh yeah, I remember Lorel... Haven't seen him since his family was banished. Well he was the rest were killed."

Mista began to wonder where he was. "I wonder where he is now, probably somewhere in middle district, wishing to return."

"I wish he could return, I need some help. He was better help then you two." Nan said.

"Hey!" Hina hit him gently over the head.

Mista continued to wonder where he was, as the two argued.

Kurin chuckled "I miss sleeping, those were better times. I have control easily over my telekinesis, it's my electrical powers that give me trouble. I have to practically meditate on the spot to get fine control of them, and I don't know any spells or anything to use them in, all I can do is improvise on the spot. Anyway, send that item to me, I have a front account at the Upper District bank under Sefan Quill, or if you want to be more direct put that name on a package and send it to this address-" Kurin pulls out a pencil and some spare paper and scribbles down the address of a relatively small mansion in the housing of Upper District "-And my colleagues will track it all the way there to ensure it hasn't been tampered with. Goodnight, Magi." Kurin walks out and closes the door quietly, you here the lock going even though Kurin is on the other side.

"God damn people sneaking in my room..." Damien whispered, snapping his fingers at the door. A bright flash of green light resonated from the door, and then disappeared so the door appeared normal. What Damien had just done, was placing a protection spell on his door, so that even if the lock was picked, the door wouldn't open without Damien's permission.

He then turned to look at Myra who had been silent during this entire process, "Your rather quiet... what do you have to say about what just happened?"

Kurin audibly chuckled when the green light whent off, and then ten minutes later a guard said "Sir, we think someone might have snuck past us onto the premisis, please remain in your chambers!"

Meanwhile Kurin is standing out in the Upper district looking at Damien's tower and the path he saw the strange kid taking to escape, calculating the direction in his mind, he begins walking and smirks. He certaintly won't be bored for awhile now.

He should go get the others, this fight might take a little cheating to win cleanly.

Middle District

Kid looked at the shop infront of him, reading the sign. Knowledge... I can read too! It read 'Arms and Armour'. A weapons shop, perfect for a first target. Wouldn't harm to gear up either... He walked in and looked around him, seeing several weapons and armour of all types. There was only the shop owner as well, which was also good news for Kid. Kid walked up to a wall and inspected a sword, it was well-crafted and decorated with gold plating at the hilt. "You touch you buy." The shop owner said. Kid looked at him. "I see..." He grabbed the sword at inspected it more. "I suspect that you'll change your mind about..." He threw the sword at the shop owner, stabbing him in the neck and pinning him to the wall, dead. Kid looked around some more, before bringing his eyes upon some brown leather amour. "Perfect..." He put the armour on and inspected himself by looking through a mirror then walked up to the dead man pinned to the wall. "I'll be taking this." He pulled the sword from his neck, letting the body fall to the floor, then walked back over to where he got it and picked up the gaurd and attaching it to his back. He put the sword in it and inspected the shop some more. "Hmmm..."

Kurin was walking along the same path, having sent out his Thieves to find the kid, he figures he still might as well follow the direction the kid ran from the tower. He hears a loud thunk in a weapon's shop, deciding that someone who's practicing at this time is probably a pretty decent source of the adventurer gossip and such, he walks in

"Shopkeep? I need to ask you some questions"

Kid looked at Kurin. Damn...Wait... Maybe I can trick him into thinking I'm the shop- He looked at the blood on the wall where he stabbed the shopkeep through the neck. SHIT! He jumped to it with his back against the wall so Kurin couldn't see him. "Oh hi! You startled me there! Hehe! What do you want?"

Kurin frowns and sniffs the air

"Just to ask some questions about the current events... is that blood I smell?"

Kurin is internally gritting his teeth, this sounds exactly like the kid he's chasing, and the smell of blood, but he can't do anything on that... yet.

Kid grinned madly, like a cat. "Yes." He grabbed a dagger a threw it at Kurin. He then grabbed 4 daggers by the blade inbetween his fingers and threw them spinning towards Kurin. He jumped onto the desk. "It does leave quite a smell doesn't it?" The red energy appeared in his left eye and he pulled his sword out, letting the red energy wrap around the blade making it stronger.

Kurin frowns and uses his telekinesis to push all the blades back "I'm not after you currently, Kid. Buuuut... if you're not using those daggers...."

Kurin lied smoothly, even moreso than to Damien, and then looked at the daggers around the shop

"I'd be interested in salvaging me some equipment."

By the time Velen and Itsuka returned, it was much later and Lorel was in a deep slumber. They had been out, and left soon after he did. Together they looked around the city, and talked, he further explained his situation with Lorel and his relationship with his family, sometimes he didn't tell Lorel. Velen and Itsuka went to their own beds and fell asleep and the night continued.

Eventually morning rose and light flew into the room. Lorel got up to see Velen and Itsuka already up and about. They all greeted each other "good morning" and then they noticed his new outfit. Velen was the first to question. "Hey, I didn't notice you got a new outfit."

"Got it last night with the money you gave me. Personally made, sort of. I just asked this Magic Weaver girl named Julia."

Itsuka clapped her hands. "Well it looks great on you."

"Thanks. Well I guess we should get going."

Lorel got up off his bed, and stretched and then they all headed out the door.

Hours had past since Asael began his trek to the district of Solomon and it was not long before the encroaching warmth of the sun kissed the land, the sunlight however revealed a bitter vision.

The stable framed buildings Asael walked past in the dark hours of the morning gave way to battered houses and establishments, the fresh scars on the architecture only gave off foreboding signs that Asael was well aware of but chose to press on if only to spite it.

The signs of battle became more evident the further down the battered street Asael traveled, grasping his satchel tight as it not only held his meager supplies but a family heirloom only he could unlock, keeping his eye keen to every unimpressive stranger that cowered in their ruined homes, or those who would forego all fear to drag a dead loved one out of the snow.

It was not long before Asael found the source of the destruction, the laughter of many men in armor came from the center of the street he now approached, their manner was one of a celebration that sent many fleeing from the scene, and it was not long before they found the arrogance of Asael approaching.

"HEY!" screamed the burly voice of a man who stood tall against the rest of the party, getting up leaving the crate he sat upon to inspect their visitor, his heavy steel armor was covered in the white fur of an animal long since forgotten, "what are you doing passing through Steel Heart's territory?" asked the hulking Commander.

"So you're the ones who laid waste to this district, and I could only presume that included the guards as well?" asked Asael with a spiteful tone as he halted his approach a few feet away from the group, a confident smirk masking any intention they hoped to see, "I prefer to say we liberated this place from oppression, not that it was easy" replied the Man Asael now certain this person was a captain of some sort observing the way every Steel Heart present looked at him for approval.

"But we have a certain problem with people like you, coming around here all suspicious like, asking questions when you should be handing us answers" spat the man placing a hand on the hilt of his sword, his brown beard being equally as loud in comparison to his curly hair, "you seem Shady, and us Steel Hearts aren't pleased when Shady types walking on our streets" spoke the Captain in a smug tone his men smiling in agreement.

"I can only imagine the displeasure you'd find if took a glance in a mirror at this very moment" commented Asael with a nonchalant venom to his every word, "how dare you insult Me, do you know who I'am? I'am Marcus Grovan, and I have shred men of power far greater then your's in my sleep" spat Marcus with fury as his men slowly surrounded Asael.

"But you can always barter for my forgiveness, leave you're possessions on the floor and I'll consider letting you live" bargained Marcus while Asael catching wise to the fact that he was surrounded, "sure, or I could just walk right on through, I really prefer the latter don't you?" spoke Asael his sarcasm ripe with his grin.

"So you can't agree to my terms then, well I guess I'll just kill you" spoke Marcus drawing his blade, it's weight and style suiting a man of his stature, taking his battle stance as his men watched with a confidence, Asael sighed as he drew his blade, his expression a serious as he held his sword in his right hand with a deceivingly relaxed stature, letting the sword's tip skim the top of the snow covering the street.

A loud roar signaled the beginning of the battle, Marcus charged forward with a strong step, slashing diagonally aiming for his opponents throat, trusting the momentum of his great sword would be to much for his opponent.

But it was with shock to his senses that a swift Asael calmly back stepped and by the hair on his chin dodged the blade, Marcus now open to a strike was shocked to see Asael's focused face develop a devilish grin as he patiently waited for the next strike while Marcus reeled back.

Marcus quickly gathered himself and then prepared to bring the weight of his blade straight down on Asael, his every ounce of strength being poured into his strike as he raised it above his head then dropping it down with all his might upon his prat of an opponent.

However Asal had other ideas, and put them into action when he parried the strike into the snow drenched ground, sidestepping to the left as Marcus looked on in terror at the sight of Asael's strike, the Cynic sliding his blade across the top of Marcus' sword, the sparks coming off the clashing metal drew ever closer to Marcus as the battles end approached.

A gasp of disbelief left the collected lips of the Steel Heart troops as Asael, with one swift upwards swing let fly a bloody mess from his Opponent's neck, Marcus' head falling to the blood drenched snow he once stood so proudly over, the Steel Hearts stood in fear of Asael as he proverbially looked down upon them.

"No encore then?" commented Asael noticing not one of them had the will to challenge him, "you'll pay for this, you will rue the day you crossed the Steel Hearts" half heartedly threatened one of the Men, "I'm trembling" sarcastically replied Asael wiping the blood off his blade on the white fur covering the late Marcus' armor before taking his leave by walking through their faltering lines, they're threats for the moment resembling empty vessels.

Leaving the small, middle class district called Darius, Asael knew he was only a few more hours away from Solomon, and once there he could concentrate on Gallu, and his target.

Outside, Anurai was deserted, a heavy fog over the district, and nothing stirred. The ones they did see walked, with their heads down. They walked down the streets, which went upwards towards the next district. Anurai was beneath sea level. Reaching the gate which was way above sea level, the guards opened it up and they walked through. Crossing over a large bridge, they soon reached the other side, the District of Gallu. Bustling with life, people from all around gathered, merchants to mercenaries to ship crewmen.

Even from the entrance they could see the sea, the sun shining upon it. Gallu whole port was on a large hill, so as they got near the dock they descended down. Large ships were in port, some transporting people to the Northern City or Southern City, or transported cargo. They needed to find a ship to bring them to Amphira.

Shiba panted as he blocked another shot, and sent another wide attack with his left hand. He had grown to be able to use them both effectively, each arm being as strong as the other one. The blade smashed against something, and due to the pressure against his blade from his masters still, and his general position in the room, it needed to be his master.
"Argh!" he yelled out as the pressure lifted from his weapon. A few seconds later the fire was reignited, the light piercing the darkness as well as his eyes.
"Argh!" Shiba yelled out as he covered his eyes from the light.

He blinked his eyes a little, and saw that his master had a large red mark across his face. "You got me... You actually got me..." he muttered to himself as he shook his head, "Okay, training is over... Go get us some food for tonight... Run... Carrying weights in each hand." his master started at him, he sighed, walked over and put his kendo blades down, then sheathed his actual two blades. He grabbed some nearby weights, they weren't too bad to pick up, but holding them for a while hurts, and running makes it worse.

He started his run, heading west down the street to the nearest shop that stayed open this late. He ran down the street, the weights sending burning pain up and down him as he ran. Everyone got out of his way as he ran down the road, the few people who were out avoiding the crazed man carrying large objects.

He finally made it to the shop, then realised something, 'How can I carry food and the weights at the same time? Let alone run with it too...' as he thought this, he heard whispers and the clanking of chains coming past. He turned around to see 2 men in a cloak, chains from their hidden hands holding a row of weak looking people, some young, some old.

He called them out, "What do you think you're doing?" he yelled at them, dropping the weights in his arms. They flinched heavily, and looked at his direction, it was hard to tell with the hoods draped over.
"What is it to you?" One of them asked in a surprisingly light voice, it was almost comical for a man.
Shiba drew out his two blades, sending some energy into the fire sword, lighting up the street more, "I asked what you were doing?"

Both men moved backwards, the people chained up smiled, they all looked happy, and looked like they could cheer, one tied, nothing came out.
"We... We are on Official duty. Taking these slaves and thieves to the leaders" one answered, holding tightly to the chain.
Shiba stepped forward, "This is just wrong..." he said shaking his head as he continued moving towards the men, "Don't ya think?" he asked, he was getting close to them now.

One of the dropped the chain and pointed his arms at him "We are armed too. We have been trained to handle punks like you." he said as wind began to form around his hands.

Shiba frowned as the wind rushed at him, he raised the ice blade across his face. It blocked the wind that was heading for him, it pushed him back a few feet, but he went on the counter attack. He dropped the flames on his weapon, and used the darkness to hide his strike. He dashed forward, digging the blade deep through his stomach, "Unfortunately, I'm no punk" he whispered to him as he pulled the blade out of his opponent. He felt regret killing them, but he felt intense rage over what would happen to most of these people. People like him would have to murder them in cold blood, the others would be treated horribly and inhuman.

He glanced at the other one, the rage showing ion his eyes. He also dropped his chain, and jumped back, snapping his fingers to ignite and fireball, then sent it flying at the swordsman. Shiba slashed out, freezing the ball of fire with a slash, splitting it in half and freezing each side, they fell to the ground harmlessly.

He dasher forward again, scraping the fire blade across the ground, sparks flew from the blade hitting the ground, the sparks igniting around the blade, causing the Crimson part to be completely covered in flames. The hooded man tried to douse the flames and freeze the weapon, but as the water formed around it, Shiba pushed himself to go faster, out of the water and ice.

Once he was in striking distance, he slammed his right foot down, and brought up the fire sword. The flames engulfed he man, setting his hood alight. The momentum of the blade pushed him back, causing him to fall on his back. Shiba used the moment to his advantage and brought down the blue blade, bringing it down straight into to pierce his chest. As it went through, it froze the fire, keeping him surrounded by a cocoon of it.

He began panting, though it ended quickly, that was a dangerous fight. He took a deep breath, and wrenched his sword free from the man's chest, grimacing as he did. He walked over to the other hooded man and cleaned his swords along the clean non blood splattered parts of his cloak.

The slaves behind him, tried to speak, only a few could, most of them said things like "Thank you!" and "Please finish saving us!" he walked over to the first one in line, a teenage girl, who looked like she was just hitting her teens. A deep voice resounded from behind him, "Nicely done".

Shiba spun around, having one blade outstretched and the other guarding closer. A third man in a hood walked out of the shadows, followed by three other black wearing hooded fellows, "You saved us some trouble."
"Who are you?" Shiba commanded.
"Now don't go and do the same thing you did to them to us" the leader joked, "My name is Ulthar. I run the Faction in the Upper District called Grand Unity. We are like the Steel Hearts, except desire a mostly peaceful resolution." a small piece of paper appeared in his hands, a small ripple of air sent it over towards Shiba, "Come and join us, we could use more people like you" he said deeply before disappearing into the shadows.

Shiba looked at the card, then put it in his pocket. He smashed open the slaves shackles and they all ran away, thanking him some more. He walked back over to the shop and opened the door, buying food, the man somehow being oblivious to what happened. He balanced his food and weights then set off on a jog again, leaving the two corpses behind him, he set off home again.

Mr. Ghost fired a shot at the floor in front of Kid. "It would not be a great idea to kill any more citizens, beast" he said as he walked to a rack of blades behind the counter "especially not those who supply my collection." he picked a rapier off the rack and examined it before turning back to Kurin and Kid "you look like rather nice, if misguided, young people, so I'll let know something. the middle district, it's not a place for fighting each other. not when there are perfectly good upper district tossers to be attacking."
he left some money on the counter and made for the door. he had an appointment to keep in Solomon.

Looking around the port, it was hard to stick together. Constantly they were being shoved and knocked out of the way. Lorel got split up from the group and somehow ended up on the docks. He sat down at the edge of the stone dock and put his legs over and began to watch the water. The water was clear enough to see all the way down and see the fish swimming about. For a couple of minutes he just sat there until he heard some rambling about nearby on the docks.

He brought himself up off the side and stood up, and looked over in the direction of the noise. A bunch of people in hoods were being harassed by men in leather armor, knifes on their belts. One of the taller hooded people looked to be trying to stop them, meeting with little success. Lorel saw this as an opportunity to once more, help the common folk, so he rushed over to the group.

"Hey what are you people doing to these folks?"

The leather armored men turned around to face him. "Mind your own business!" He then turned back to the group of hooded people. "Now, you going to give us your valuables? " Hearing this, now confirmed what Lorel needed to do.

Igniting his arm on fire he bashed it into the skull of the man. The others quickly reacted by pulling their knifes out.

"Really, I'm supposed to believe that? You have a good poker face, I'll admit, but it's unbelievable that would let me go after I just killed a shopkeeper. You'd at least try." He pulled out his sword. "Step from the doorway, and move over there. I'm going to walk out. If what you say is the truth then I'll walk out and you can have whatever is left. If its a lie well..." He gave Kurin a slasher smile. "You can guess."


Asael had reached what he felt was the halfway point of his little journey, walking through the slightly filled streets Asael turned his direction eastward with no intention of stopping.

However as he walked his eye caught glimpses of the many people that lived in the district, there were many smiles most fake, some genuine, the glimpses of the few in sorrow under the snow brought back memories of a mourning Asael never gave in to, and a burden that Asael never owned, one that he still evades.

Just as they turned, Lorel sent flames at them, sending two of them flying into the water below. The others ran at him. With knifes in their hands, Lorel easily dodged them. He flipped backwards and then jumped away, while sending ice at their feet, freezing them in place. All three, next to each other now were unable to move and all at the edge of the dock. Lorel ran up to them and spun kicked them all over the edge at the same time.

The fight was over and he stood there for a moment and grinned in victory. Rushing over to the ledge, he saw them all swimming away. "Teaches you for trying to steal!"

Realizing he left the hooded group hanging he walked over to them. "Those guys won't be bothering you folk anymore. So I guess I shall be on my way." He turned around to walk away when he felt a strong tug on his shoulder.

"Hey what's the deal-?"

The person pulled down their hood to reveal an older man, with short blazing red hair and white lines all over. Their eyes bright and blue, and skin tan. Lorel recognized him as his old Academy Teacher, Maro. "Master Maro!"

"Nice to see you Lorel Ion."

"What are you doing here?"

Maro pointed to the people still hooded, there was about ten of them, who seemed to be murmuring something. "My class, we're on a trip to the Northern City district of Je'okal to meet and practice with the mage, Yal. We stopped in Gallu just to refill." All of the students pulled down their hoods, some Lorel recognized. In the academy, he had many friends and enemies, luckily no enemies within the group.

"So Lorel, how are you handling banishment?"

"Actually not too bad, helped save a district, almost died a couple of times, one time by an Upper District Hired Assassin-"

Maro was in shock, an assassin? "An Assassin? I thought they would let you live in peace."

"I guess not, they sent a mage assassin after me, luckily I was saved by Velen."

"Velen? Is he here? I haven't seen him in a while."

Lorel turned and looked into the crowds at the edge of city were it met the docks. No one was fazed by his little fight, only worrying about what they're doing. He noticed Velen and Itsuka and called over to them and they ran over, on the way Velen noticed Maro which as he arrived shook his hand. "Maro my old friend! How have you been?"

"Pleasant. I was just talking to Lorel here, and who is this fine lady?" He leaned his head towards Itsuka.

"I am Itsuka Maen."

"I am Master Maro from Upper District Academy, but wait are you the Itsuka Maen? Red Itsuka?"

"The very same."

Maro brought out his arms in joy and then brought them back to his sides. "It's great to meet someone such as yourself, and at such a time! I have my students here, if you wouldn't mind showing them some of your techniques."

"Not at all, I would be honored in fact as you're from Upper District." That last part slightly made Lorel clench his hand into a fist.

"Alright, well then, let's find a spot where we all won't be disturbed."

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