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Kurin internally frowned. There was no way to do this quietly while the kid was still powerful, and it'd be very risky. He'd have to wait for Magi to come through to do anything.

"What makes me think you won't whine to the guards and say you bought that before I came in and killed the man during your appraisal? And kid, I grew up in a neutral area, people die like flies because the factions consider it a playground. One or two bodies... no real concern so long as I didn't know them."

Kurin seemed genuinely concerned about getting framed, but his stance said he wasn't about to keep the conversation going forever, Kurin knew that the patrolling guards would come through at some point.

"I'm sorry you both feel that way but I really must be off..." he paused for a moment and began to fish in his pocket for something. he revealed a small business card baring a map and a broken stalk of wheat and threw it to Kurin. "Not all factions are like that, young man. you should come see us some time." he left the shop and checked his fobwatch, cast a pitying glance towards Kid and began to walk towards Solomon. a moment later he broke into a sprint.

".............. So, people like that are the problem, I'm clearing out. Unless you want half the thugs and guards and everyone else with a chip for your head, you better do the same and stay down for awhile. Get drunk in a tavern or something, wenches don't live off charity you know."

Kurin filtered into the crowd, not noticed by the bustle after raising his hand and having all the high-quality knives and daggers of the area fly into his coat past the kid, his had waved in the doorway lazily, seemingly an afterthought.

Marne returned to the house with a bag, "Something I want to tell you before Marco does." The house was filled with an eerie silence for the past hour. Kain worked diligently on the meal for the night, "Damn it I can barely see out of this eye so I keep bumping into something here!" Kain called out to Zavior, "Hey your soup is almost ready I hope you like chicken and eggs. Anyway Marne what is it you want to show me?" Marne came in with a vial with a strange purple crystal inside. Kain had a feeling on what this vial was but he asked anyway. Marne chuckled, "This is a formula we- I mean my men and I- cooked up. It's a painkiller and anti-depressant, We've been selling this all over the lower districts." Kain instinctively swatted the vial away, "Get that stuff out of my house! Why would you sell something as dangerous as that?" "Money! Marco found out and threw a fit but he still accepts what he thinks is the money we make. We actually just give half of it Nier for his political run." Kain gritted his teeth, "I do this for your group because you were one of my best friends but this is something I don't want to see."
Marne briskly walked out again. "I knew I would learn his views if I showed him that. Time to see Nier." Kain served Zavior his soup and Kain ate the chicken Marco brought by. "I'm sorry about Marne by the way he wasn't always like this. I think Nier might've influenced him. Looks like he's even giving Marco grief." He looked a Zavior in sudden apology, "Sorry I just wanted to vent. I'll stay quiet for now."

Kurin waits in an alley as some similarly dressed individuals walk up, numbering three. Kurin takes his small squad of a redhaired girl, a black haired man that looks like he hasn't slept in awhile, and a brown haired woman around Kurin's age. He was going to need help for this job, since Magi might not come through on his end and get whatever device he has in mind.

They large group moved to a large barren area, on a small outskirts of the District. Even though there was no snow, only small bits that had melted the day previous, the chill still shivered Lorel. Itsuka began to teach some of the students, while some wondered around. Velen and Maro were talking, but Lorel couldn't hear from where he stood.

"So, Maro, how is the situation in Upper District."

"Things have calmed down, but the Eight Nobles are still in turmoil as to who will now be the Eighth with the Ion family gone, at least gone from Upper."

Velen looked up into the sun which a cloud just passed over, shadowing the whole area. "Maro, I need to know, what is your response? Are you going to really side with them?"

"No, I don't wish to, but for now, I have no choice but to. You know how they're, always watching us, never letting us out of their sights. I was surprised they let us come on this trip. Guess they trust me enough, at least they're foolish to believe so."

Lorel wondered up to a group of students, which he knew and hanged out with various times in the past. He recognized them as Mark, Gale, and Sophia. "Hey Mark, Gale, and Sophia. Never thought I would see you guys here."

Gale nodded his head. "Likewise."

"Lorel, what are you doing here, in Gallu?" Sophia inquired.

"Hitching a ride to Amphira."

"Amphira, isn't that a battleground right now between Shadow Blades and Flame Hawks?" Mark asked.

"Yup, I, Itsuka, and Velen plan on going there and stopping them."

"A huge goal, think you guys can do it?"

"We hope."

"Hmpf... I have a feeling I'll be seeing him again. Oh well." Kid walked out and continued to walk into a crowd of people. He looked up at the sky. Who shall I kill next? There's so much choice in this goddammed place. Sad really. He closed his eyes. I am the one who will humanity from its delusional self. He opened them and walked on, looking around for anyone who seemed to deserve his wrath.

Damien sighed, turning away from Myra and walking into his own room, closing the doors shut behind him. The rest of the building was now fully fixed, so if Myra wanted to move around she was free to do so, Damien however would be staying in his room for a while until he had figured out what just happened. Damien walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, igniting the fireplace on the other side of the room.

Damien was about to lay down when something crackled in the fireplace. Damien looked over to see a purple fox emerging from the flames. It jumped across the room in one leap, landing in the air beside Damien. In the fox's teeth was a small package, which it gently dropped into Damien's outstretched hand.

The fox let out a shriek and dispersed, the flames it had been made up of disappearing into the air. Damien nodded, and unrolled the package, a bundle falling out of it onto his lap. He threw the wrappings over into the fire and walked to his desk, sitting down the bundle on his desk and slowly unwrapping it. Underneath the bundle was a thick eye-patch, that looked more like a bandanna then an eye-patch. Were the eye would normally be hidden, was a metal plate with intricate design's worked into the metal. The rest of the bandanna seemed to be sturdy leather, and were they connected was a lock, a key already placed in it. A note fell from the bundle, and Damien eagerly picked it up.

Here's the item you requested. It's made of the finest metals in the City, and the leathers is of the highest quality. The symbol worked into the metal was created with the help of a mage, and once you put it on that kid's eye it should seal off the magic completely. The key in the back is one of a kind, and once lost it cannot be replaced so keep it with you. Once the two straps of leather are connected, the seal will close itself and lock so you don't need to worry about closing it with the key.
Thank you for the hefty sum of money you gave me, it will keep my family warm for many months.

Damien smiled, and tucked the seal back in its bundle, tucking it away inside of his desk. The key, he placed in a chest that could only be opened by Damien, so it was virtually impossible to steal anything from inside of it.

Now... to wait for tomorrow to come, and the human's lesson to begin...

Mr. Ghost took a detour down an alleyway in Sent Street, a road running the border between middle district and upper district. he navigated his way through a labrynthine series of streets, slums and dead ends before coming to a magnificent door of wood and bronze, he pushed easily open and entered a vast hall of laquered hardwood floor, tarnished copper shingles placed in decoration and ornate, brass rows of wheat circling the hall. the old man asked a nearby secretary to call him a taxi while he headed up a wondrous staircase at the end of the hall. he continued navigating the bizzare array of stairs and corridors until he reached his study, just behind the Dancing Skeleton. he sat and picked a special quill from a rack (it contained a pump that brought ink directly to the end of the quill) and began to write. desperate times call for desperate measures.

to mages guild, upper district, the city, the continent

it may interest you to know that there is a rogue mage wond'ring around the middle district. he is powerful, tainted and absolutely insane. he has a great hatred for humankind, so would you please be on guard. do not, under any circumstances, attack from in front. he is small, ragged and dirty, around ninteen though he looks far younger, his eyes are red and he holdsa sack of his most precious belongings.

ensure that Damien recieves the following.

he slid the message into the envelope and began on another sheet of paper

Damien, you are different from the other mage-scum, so please head this. do not kill him. simply take remove the taint and do it before the hunters get him. when they're through with him, he'll need more than an exorcism. enclosed is a device for removing the abilities of magical individuals. the powers will regenerate after a day or two, so nab him quickly. would you kindly deny any envolvement with the reapers and/or use of this device

he signed it with a broken wheat stalk and slid in the device with which he tortured a tyranical mage every day, his ultimate weapon against the city's monstrous rulers. it was the size and shape of a pin with fine gems and lodestones set into it. he hated the thought of giving it to a mage, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Asael kept to himself as he slowly walked through the streets of Solomon, a sigh of annoyance leaving his lips while his gaze stayed stubbornly set forward, the distance between him and Gallu still daunting.

'This is going to be a rather long walk' thought Asael before catching a glimpse of a carriage parked alongside the frost bitten streets, 'or possibly not' thought a now smirking Asael who approached the carriage and the tavern it was parked beside, intent on discovering this particular transports destination.

Kurin and a small group are in the Upper District mansion they use, and Kurin sent the following letter to Damien with a messenger

*after a complex lock system based on an obscure riddle on the envelope*

Magi, Matthews Damien, Teacher

I ran into the Kid in a Blacksmith shoppe, and managed to fool him into thinking that I'm unimportant, but he's got the wits of a gambler, if he weren't so evil he'd probably have ended up under the tutelage of my group. Those kinds of instincts makes him dangerous.
Fate, right?
The Kid is getting really powerhappy, killed a pretty skilled blacksmith and armed himself to the teeth, he's got armor too, but that's okay, I have a response to that. I really need that device you mentioned, I'm pulling all of my Guild members in this area together, but we can't do anything as long as the kid is a whirlpool of power, he'd send fireballs and all sorts of hellish things at us, and it wouldn't be very subtle for half the district to go up in flames, yeah?
Someone else was there too, someone I've seen around a bar named the Dancing Skeleton, it's a pretty obscure place, even though it looks like it might have been it's own noble's house at some point. Or a king's, even, it's got more decorative metal than that Blacksmith's entire shop. The place has a weird emblem, a broken wheat stalk? Recognize that at all? I'm going to assign one of my units on investigation.

Eagerly awaiting your item, Kurin Stevans

"So, Lorel, what's your opinion on Upper District now?" asked Sophia.

He took the question by surprise but realized it's not surprising that people like them would ask something like that. "Disappointed."

"How so? Besides the obvious reason."

"I was raised to believe that Upper District was the pinnacle of The City, and while it is true to extent, it's at the cost of the other Districts. I remember a long time ago, a mage named, Seeker, I believe told me this: "The City is fragile, and what makes it fragile, is the course in which Upper is taking it..." Back then, I barely knew what he meant, I was too young, but now I understand it. Upper District is causing pain and suffering to all other districts, keeping food, and resources to themselves. I am not saying they have to give out all of their food and resources, but at least some."

"Hm... That is something. Actually to be frank this is my first time out of Upper." Sophia said.

"Yeah, same for us." Mark and Gale said at the same time.

"So maybe our opinion will change." They all nodded their heads.

"Though I do hope we make it back in time for the school tournament."

"School Tournament?"

Gale filled him in. "Yeah, they just announced it last week. Pretty surprising, apparently the best of the best will fight. Including Amelia, since even though she is the ruler, she does still attend the academy, to an extent."

Amelia, his mind raced in anger, the friend, and also the betrayer. His began to wish he could fight her in the arena as payback. Looking away from the group, he noticed Velen gone, must have gone to see about the boat, he thought.

"Amelia, huh..." he spoke in a stern voice.

They could tell by his expression he wasn't very pleased with her, not that many where. Ever since her role as Leader, she has become an annoyance in her show of power above the rest. "I guess you want to fight her."

"Hell yeah."

The lightly populated street outside the Tavern was mostly silent spare the conversation of a peculiar pair, a pair Asael listened in on with an attentive ear, his approach silent, "I guess I should be glad you took the time out of you're work to pay you're debts Eli" said the taller more imposing figure, his grizzled feature described a man not to be crossed.

"Well, I guess I should be glad you didn't break my neck on sight, though I know you wouldn't do such a thing" spoke the more feable of the two, Asael slipping around the closest ally corner, knowing that this Eli must be the driver.

"So where exactly are you taking this beauty?" asked the Tall Man, Asael peeking around to get a better look at the only partially snow covered Carriage, his studied eye noticing it's sturdy yet appealing design "Gallu" spoke Eli nervously.

"Gallu, are you picking up a rich Sailor or something?" asked the Imposing One, "no, just dropping off a box for my........ Boss" Answered Eli with a bit of hesitation, "why not just use a wagon?" came yet another question from the Imposing one as Asael came up with a plan to hitch a ride.

"They said this would be more fitting to transport my cargo safely, and i really should be going, it has to be there by the morrow" again replied Eli, Asael letting out a sigh with the realization that trying to hang off the back of the carriage while awe inpspiring, would be idiotic at best, "whatever, just make sure they pay you so I can wipe you clean at the dice table" replied the Imposing man before walking off.

Asael then peeked around the corner waiting for the moment that this Elie chap would take his seat upon the carriage, and it was with a steady step that Asael put his plan into action, pick up a wad of snow while making his approaching the carriage's right flank, letting fly the snowball as soon as he caught glimpse of the lead horse, the projectile making contact with precision.

"Bloody hell?" asked Eli as he peeked over to his right to see nothing but a few uninterested bystanders, bystanders who like Eli did not notice the insignificant squeak of the carriage door opening, as Asael slid under the carriage and with silent speed pulled himself back up to his feet and slipped throught the carriage's left door with a light step, a smirk of sccomplishment was with a sense of relief that the door was left unlocked.

Asael took a second to settle in, finding he was sharing the compartment with a rather large wooden box, an engraving that resembled a broken wheat stalk, "aren't we a unique emblem?" whispered Asael, pondering the origin of the symbol, relieved in the fact that the carriage began to move, and his travel time to Gallu was nearly cut in half.


"Roight, end a' the line fella" the gruff taximan openned the door and took the elderly gentleman's money. he overcharged, of course. the taxi sped off with a load "Yah!" from the driver while Mr. ghost waited for his contact. A man with dark skin dressed all in white stood across the street beckoning to him "maybe you could have gone for something a little less... conspicuous. they'll see you from a mile away."
the man saluted "Sorry, sir." he said loudly, causing many nearby to stare.
"Quieten down, will you?! The whole bloody district'l be on to us soon." he snarled and showed the gentleman in white his fobwatch, engraved with the symbol of the reapers "shall I inquire as to the state of the merchandise?"
The smuggler avoided his master's gaze. "We had to move it to Gallu, sir..." Mr. ghost palmed his face "We've arranged transport, sir." the dark man in white inchimed quickly "and we couldn't really let the constables catch wind of it could we?"
"how did you get it to Gallu anyway? if memory serves you had the bloody things here yesterday, safely hidden. don't look at me like that! in that box was the most advanced piece of machinery I've ever seen." it was from outside the cit, Mr. Ghost had paid through the nose to find an alchemist, technician and rogue sorcerer mad enough to don fire suits and brave the island (a close landmass that could be survived on for a week or two) and collect this marvel of technomancy that could turn the tide against the despots.
the man in white saw his boss'es frustration and knew it would be best to end this conversation quickly. "we added it to the Gallu shipment, sir".

Ghost almost feinted. this man would never find the door again, that's for sure.

Velen returned soon after and Itsuka took a break to talk to talk to Velen. Lorel also ran over to talk to them. "So Velen, how's about that boat?"

"Bleh. They told me that the boats won't go to Amphira."

"What!? So what are we going to do?" Itsuka expressed in anger.

"Well, I was told that we can still get a ride to Qe'na, the district right next to Amphira."

"That seems fine." Lorel spoke. "When do we leave?"


"Tomorrow, so another day we have to wait? I mean it will already take a day and a half by boat, depending on the weather."

"I know, I know, that District for all we know could be in ruins right now, but we can't do anything about that. But don't worry, when we get there, we will try all we can to stop the two factions."

Lorel didn't speak. Itsuka and Velen patted him on the shoulder and Itsuka left to teach the class again, as they were getting anxious. She couldn't show them her Red Magic but all of her other magic. The kids would occasionally ask about her eyes but she couldn't respond as she honestly didn't know what to say.

Deciding it was boring to stay, he decided to head out into the town again and see what their was see. Snow began to fall again and cold chills all over his body. It was hard to move, as he was in a mess of people going to and from work. He saw a tavern, The Port's Gold, interesting name but he didn't bother to think too much into it. Walking in, no one noticed him and so he walked up to the bar.

Damien received the letters in quick succession, opening one after the other and reading each of them thoroughly, before setting down his own paper to write back to them. The package in one of the letters Damein didn't even bother to open, instead he would be sending it back to its owner:

Mr. Ghost,
The mage you found is a rogue, who is infected with a very powerful kind of dark magic. I am already on top of the matter though, and I will be sending your item back to you with this letter. You can forget about that little event happening, unless you would like to aid in our efforts to contain him. If so, send me another letter and we will meet sometime.

Jason nodded, looking down at his writing before placing the bundle back in the letter and sending it off with one of his green wolves. He then grabbed a new sheet of paper, and wrote back to Kurin.

So, Kid murdered someone did he? I have the time you need to stop him, and I will be bringing it to you personally, I need you to meet me at The Dragon's Tooth sometime today or tomorrow morning, that is were I will give you the item. I appreciate you devoting your forces to this as well.

Damien nodded, and sent that letter off with an emerald wolf as well, leaning back in his chair as the wolf took off in a burst of flames. Now all he could do was sit and wait for responses.

Kurin chuckled, but it was hollow, and his posture in the dark alley surrounded by his subordinates made him look somehow older, he actually looked somewhat as dangerously skilled as he was, and he nodded to the wolf, as he held out the responding letter:

He pinned a man to a wall through the neck with a broadsword, so yes, I'd say it was murder. As for having the item, Magi, if I've learned anything from my life, it's that noone has any time at all, never once in their lives. It's all just rolling our chances, and seeing what we can do to rig the game for our corner of the table. Which is why I'd prefer sooner rather than later. I'll meet you at the Dragon's Tooth tonight, you will be one of the few to actually meet more than two members of the Guild in your life and still be alive afterwards if I can persuade my subordinates you aren't going to try to arrest them and experiment on them at the soonest opportunity. We've not had loving interactions with mages in the past. Me and mine are happy to help you stop this, Magi. Just because we don't want to be involved in the conflict of the city's factions, does not mean we can tolerate a highly destructive rogue mage in a metropolis, we are professionals not demons.

-Kurin, Guild Leader of the Alliance of Neutral Entities.

Kurin and his group start chatting in a obscure language that sounds vaguely like a mix between something entirely foriegn and the city's language, as they all head to the Dragon's Tooth

ilislavit, half way to Gallu in a speeding carriage.

Mr. Ghost awoke with a jolt. the driver of the luxury carriage informed him that there had been a bump on the road.

he lay back and stared out of the skylight, seeing the notorious Red Moon of the dead suburb (the high amount of magic in the air colours the moon), he was hit with a sudden insight. the tainted land of ilislavit was haunted by tainted magical monstrosities, and ruled over by a ghoulish, vampiric thing from the mists of time, his sires roamed the streets with eyes of red and auras of blood. Kid's magic was much like that of the monsters that ruled these streets.

Mr. Ghost urged the driver to hurry on. he needed to secure the weapon, this child was more than just a powerful mage.

He ordered a simple drink of Milk and that was it. It was a usual request as all the other people in the bar were in their late twenties to thirties are was ordering beer. Lorel found himself too young and didn't want to get drunk while technically heading to a job. Scanning over the room, he noticed people from all other cultures and noticed they were all getting along. A rare sight but one that warmed the heart. He continued to sip his drink.

(In A Speeding Carriage, En Route To Gallu)

Asael sat comfortably with his feet propped up upon the mysterious box, eating a bittersweet apple which he pulled from his satchel, upon finishing the fruit he silently inched the door open and flung it out before shutting the door and turning his attention to a black foreboding book he pulled from his pack.

He grasped the book from the seat beside him, studying the familiar red Runic symbol drawn in what always appeared to be fresh blood, it's lock donned a mechanism macabre in look and function as a small prick spung from it's metal casing as Asael's hand drew closer.

"You're bloody pain to read you know that?" remarked Asael as he pushed down his thumb upon the small needle, a small droplet of blood was all it took for the book to fly open with a red hue, the first few written word always caught Asael's attention, no matter how many times he read this forbidden piece of literature.

'I'am Branislan Selvrink, and this is the crown of our families research into the Dark Arts, I, and my Wife after years of researching on behalf of the Academy, have rediscovered the art of Blood Magic' read the opening of his Father's prized Research journal pulled straight from the Selvrink's long forgotten study, 'and you also disovered a way to get banished' thought Asael somberly as he continued to read.

Hoping to kill the time til he reached his destination.

Lorel decided to do some small talk with the bar tender. "Is there anything going on in this city?"

The male bar tender gave him a suspicious look. "Why do you need to know?"

"Oh, nothing, I am just in the District for the day and was just wondering before tomorrow when I leave."

"Hm, well there hasn't been much; there was a little skirmish between a mage and a couple of bandits, but nothing much."


After he finished, he paid and left and went back to the others which he was surprised to see everyone still here. Lorel went over and asked why.

"Because the waves have gotten bad, and it's really cold, a blizzard seems to be on its way."
He had noticed the increased amount of snow fall. Though it was still only mid-day so they stayed outside and practiced mage. Maro began to help him train.

"Lorel, your magic is getting a bit sluggish."

"Well it's not like I can go to an academy and use them on a daily bases, but I am wondering, why is it that you're still friendly with me, aren't you a higher mage of Upper?"

Maro got into a deeper and more serious tone. "You're a friend, and let's just say, I am not totally happy with how Upper District is."

Tell me about it he thought and then they continued.


'Thanks for the ride, from Asael' were the words Asael carved into the wooden box he had shared the carriage cabin with, slipping out as he noticed it's pace slowing, and the smell of the sea air surrounding him, Asael knew that he must be in Gallu, or at least close.

Slipping out wasn't as subtle as gaining passage upon the carriage creaking the door open before jumping out when the carriage came to a sensible speed, the thud of his feet meeting the ground caught Eli's attention, the Driver looking back in shock mixed in with terror at the open door and the mysterious man that went through it.

Eli knew he was in trouble if the cargo had been tampered with, but his cowardess forced him forward, and away from the unwelcome passenger, hoping he could just imagine it all away, or possibly lie his way out.

Asael looked back at the horrified driver with a smirk, walking off with an air of purpose, the late afternoon sky beared down upon him, he had to find Lorel, for Asel knew that once he located the Banished Mage, there would be a chance to stop Wilhelm, and a chance at some sense of redemption.

After practice, Lorel once more decided to into the town but this time, he climbed up onto a building and so he could see the whole district and all of its beaming lights. Though the high chill made it freezing, luckily no one cared, most people who noticed him, looked for two seconds before returning back to their other duties.

He then laid back, into the snow, and put a small fire ring around him that heats him. Thoughts of the past and how things came to be flowed around in his head, causing stress. His life wasn't perfect before, but it was much better. Maybe the ignorance that Upper District had given him wasn't so bad, since the truth isn't anything but nice.

The cold breeze of the sea was a near constant throughout the District of Gallu, Asael tucking his hands within the confines of his jacket, walking through the darkened streets in search of some sign of a young Mage, disappointed that he didn't bother to get a discription of Lorel from James.

Asael let out a sigh as he remembered the Carriage and it's strange box, why someone would transport such a thing within a luxury carriage, or why He Himself was plagued by the curse of morality and did not dare to pry it open.

But it was as these thoughts bore down on him, Asael caught glimpse of a strange sight, a young man resing upon the top of a building, "that's not peculiar at all" remarked Asael in a nonchalant tone, making his way through bystanders towards what he deemed a strange sight.

Lorel continued to lay, another memory flashing. It was of him just leaving the acamdey and then attacked by the guards and then instantly throw out of the District. Outside he demanded to know what happend and thats when they told him that his parents were caught helping rebels and were killed. The memory made him sad and he tried to think of a happier memory, he found some but they made him sadder since they were before the event...

Mr. Ghost's luxury carriage pulled up beside the weapons cart just in time to see a pale man in a black coat jump out and pull into the crowd. Ghost opened the door and lept from the carriage, moving at a sprint towards the uninvited passenger. pushing his way through the crowd, he managed to grasp Asael's shoulder. "pardon me, young man, but could please tell me why you were hiding in my coach."

Asael was thrown for a loop for but a second before quickly collecting himself, or as collected considering that having the owner of a carriage he just stowed away in confront him, was not his idea of a grand situation, "theres quite a few reasons, but convenience seems the most obvious" replied Asael in a calm manner, turning his gaze towards the stranger.

Being wary to toss the odd glances back towards the roof bound Teen.

Ghost hesitated. If this man was a threat, he would likey have come up in the reports before this. it seemed likely that he was just a run of the mill hitch-hiker, but he couldn't be sure. He had to keep an eye on him...
"well," he said, chamging tact "as long as you're here, I'd love to give you a ride back to middle district. how long are you planning of staying here in ...Gallu..." he paused, noticing the young man on the roof. while most people in the crowd wondered why he was up there, mr.Ghost aked what he was trying to pull.

"I appreciate the offer, but I'am not certain how long my stay will be, see presently I'm searching for an old acquaintance, who occupies a 'special' place within my thoughts" replied Asael in a nonchalant tone, seeking to hide the true intent of this journey from the stranger, however Asael rose a brow when he noticed the Stranger's eyes catch wind of the Teenager who was upon the roof.

"Strange isn't it? Mr, Something Or Other?" asked Asael prying for a name from the Elder Gentleman, Asael's instincts told him this man was one of intellectual power, and that it was more than likely he was trying to get a read on any, if not all of Asael's intentions.

Kurin walks into The Dragon's Tooth, and his group is already there, chuckling, he sits at their table and orders some mead. Might as well ignore his eventual task. He starts collecting verbal reports from his people, and makes sure the investigation he ordered is occuring, before laying back and resting with his people, talking to a young girl who seemed new to the group in the same language mesh he was using before.


Two people, one a young girl maybe in her early twenties and the other a man in his late twenties are starting to catch up to Mr. Ghost's carriage, and doing an excellent job of using the crowds as cover to spy on the older man's transportation, before he runs out towards something they didn't see, and the older man orders the girl to stay and not lose the carriage, while he follows the owner, staying behind him and making sure there is a crowd concealing his presence.

Lorel hadn't noticed but he had drawn a crowd, the ring of fire, as small as it was, seemed to be quite noticeable. He put out the fire and jumped over to another bulidng which was close by, eventually gettting a bit away from the original spot. In his new spot on a brick building with roof had chest high walls but no way to get up here.

He once more sat down and put on the fire around, though this time, no one could see.


Marco came here to Gallu on a tip from an Auroran not long after his meeting with Kain. It was becoming known that Lorel was here and that many factions were actually here after him. Marco decided not to inform Nier and go out here himself to investigate the rumor. It wasn't hard too find him at all actually due word going around quickly about a kid with fire. It wasn't that which caught his attention though, it was a young man sneaking off a carriage and being confronted by the owner who did not look much older then Marco himself. The intriguing thing is how familiar they looked. It came to Marco suddenly on the who the older gentleman was, a man known as Mr. Ghost who Marco has had his eye on for years in fact. Try as he might Marco could never get much information on Ghost except for his description and that was it. The other man was a stranger to him. Marco wondered whether he should talk to them but he decided against it.

After Lorel jumped the building to a nearby one Marco looked for a way up; there was none. The only way to get Lorel down would be to lure him down. Marco got to the side of the building he guess Lorel was on and threw his coat to the roof, "I think that might attract a little less attention then a fire kid! Would it be okay if I spoke with you?"

He noticed a jacket on the side of the building and then a voice: "Would it be okay if I spoke with you?" Lorel couldn't recognize the man's voice and so he got up and leaned over the edge where the jacket was. Noticing the man, Lorel prepared for anything but complied with the man's request. Lorel jumped down and used a bit of fire to levitate himself down to the man, which his jacket in arm.

Once down he handed the man the jacket. "So, who are you?"


"Marco Peloski is my name Lorel, I'm one of the leaders of a government funded faction called Aurora. I've been looking for you for quite some time now and I must say you've done a good job of being hidden...until now. Lorel almost person within miles around knows you or your exploits. A significant one, Mr. Ghost, saw your little display of fire there." Marco focused his gaze on Lorel, "Let it be known that I am supposed to recruit/ kill you but luckily I hate my superiors. Let's get out of this alley do you have a place where we can talk comfortably? I just want to know what's going on and if there's any way I can help."

"Wait wait wait. Aurora? Mr. Ghost? Exploits? What are you spouting? Also about me trying to stay hidden, I surely wasn't." He moved slightly away from Marco.

"Also if you're part of Government, meaning Upper, then I want no part with you." Lorel ran out of the alleyway and away from the man.

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