You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I can give people bad luck!
And adourn walls!



The Crown of Thorns...
Am I here to save the world...
Must I destroy humanity...
Use me as you will...
I will save you...
You don't have to fight...
There are the others here...
Use their lives and memories to survive...
While I tear your soul apart...

smoke me :)

"It's Pikachu."

Your mind is now my playground.
Hope you like electricity, 'cause you are all gonna get a lot of it.

I am now the definition of Awesomeness.

I shall go an spread peace and love to the world through the power of Epic Sax and sunglasses :)

Keep the crown on and not be so half-arsed in 'dealing' with my younger sibling. Hell, I'll just stab him the moment he comes through the door.

I'm Riddick in the game world that is Oblivion. I can make this work.

Ha ha HA ha HA HA ha HA ha!

Now excuse me, I have tasks to attend to.

Epic Teleport!

That would be really cool actually. Where do I sign up?

David Tennant isn't a bad actor. I'd say i lucked out on this one.



So I'm the first successful Big Daddy, and I can use plasmids. YES.


(I totally wanted this.)

Fatman loading, aiming, goodbye

Jawa Jedi, not bad at all :D

Someone pass the Zombrex. Now for lunch, I'll have a raw steak and a gallon of coffee creamer.

Dang, I'm a Weasel. ..And I look confused

I uhh... Fuck.



Hell yes! I'm Ryuichi from Gravitation which means I'm a badass singer with an amazing voice and I still get to keep my childlike world in my thirties... And I'm hot. And slightly gay. And I want you to kiss me. Sounds perfect!!

I've been turned into my avatar? Oh shi...

I am an achievement... Also a reference to one of my all time favorite movies, take a guess! and at the same time someone get 10k worth of melee damage please, it's lonely not being unlocked...


Konata with evil powers?

Now I'm happy.


Well i'm sure being the reaper of souls wouldn't be too bad.

Hahaha, never before has five periods said so much.



AWESOME!!! now let's go kill some brass players!
Fear the almighty weaponized 'cello!


I love user avatar threads such as these! If I became my avatar... heh... assuming I keep my mind, it's gonna be a doozy...

I'm a 8 and a half foot tall alien that can flip cars, withstand a direct rocket hit, and has awesome, if somewhat gaudy, gold armor? Well, things could be worse.

I get to be the most bad-ass lady in (fictional) existence? Hell yeah!
My first act as Leela is to teach the Doctor to shut the fuck up about how 'primitive', 'stupid' and 'savage' I am. Seriously, why is he such a total dick to Leela? For where she came from she's remarkably intelligent, not to mention having saved his life on multiple occasions.


Some say that when he sees a pretty lady, one of his legs grows. Others say that he only accepts premeim gas. All we know is, hes called the Stig!
OT: Could be worse, here i have sandvich, boolits, and Sasha. Back in the motherland all i had was goats.

[1] Moderator edit: Refrain from low content posts such as this in the future, they do not contribute to the discussion (Yes, Stig doesn't speak, but that's not an excuse against low content)

On the up side I taste deliciuos.

On the other side i might have som slight problems doing... stuff and whatnot.

I could star in every porno ever.


So I'm a historical landmark in India now? Well that's gonna be boring, at least I'm nice to look at and people visit me often

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