You have been transformed into your avatar.

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Work, work.

I can live with that.

*snaps his fingers, bathing the room in flame*

...I could get used to this.

Oh sweet! I'm now House as Gordon Freeman!

So now I'm a happy girl wearing cat ears?

Fuck no, I don't want to become the stalking victim of a bunch of creepy losers.

It's time to duel!

Fine...I get space ships then

.............well shit.

I turned into...myself...yeah...

EDIT: Ignore this, I have epic failed

Hell yeah. Gunslinging hottie.

Yes I am a giant city destroying Pterodactyl that shoots a heat beam. Prepare to feel my wrath cast of Jersey Shore.


Shit shit shit. I'm exploding! Someone call the fire department! The bomb squad! The X-Men!

So yeah, I would be turned into Peter Petrelli in the process of exploding.

I am a teenager who can't come to grips with his sexuality.

but I still love ya Kanji!

I would be having way too much fun

Wait, really?

I can safely sat that this is pretty damn amazing.

Being a complete social reject at best, hunted down as a "Monster" and murdered at worst aside, it would be the best thing ever.

*lies around. ... Dramatically*


One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer~...!

Awesome, I one of the few characters I would actually consider a ninja. Plus I'm a super genius and can kick some ass using shadows.

Despite losing my male parts...It probably wouldn't be too bad.

Oh god....I want to scratch my nose but holding....up.....ying yang symbol...

Ja, das ist Grunty.


Gordon Freeman says: ...

Always, I wanna be with you, make believe with you and live in harmony harmony, oh loooove~

First wish, second wish, last wish...

Press Z to chase your dreams...

Merry and Pippin are some pretty sexy characters...I wouldn't mind it one bit. ;D

I turned into Ron Weasley. At least I get Hermione as my girlfriend.


I transformed into a dark guardian that is the spirit of a potentially world-shattering weapon and I can potentially turn ito a giant fleshy ship that is outfitted with powerful lasers.

Well I'm alright with that. Escad is badass, if a bit self righteous.

So...I'm a galaxy now...sweet...I guess...

I guess I'll go kill some zerg then.

Instant K4rma:
Turned into my avatar?

Yeah, well... The Dude abides.

fuck yea, id like to be him or mine, kramer is the shit

I suppose being an ambiguously lesbian badass loli could be pretty awesome...

Cool, I get to kick ass and most likely get killed in some sort of epic fight.

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