You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I'm Felix or Judgement? I would be extremely happy with either although prefer Felix because then I could summon Judgement (assuming I could find the djinni to do it).


I've turned into David Tennant......


*pulls out Sonic Screwdriver and Fez*

I hate to be a party pooper but Matt Smith wears the fez.

Aha! Thus you fell for my trap!
As a time traveler, I got the fez from my future ;)

All I have to say is...

BOOM!!! Headshot!

Aiie, I'm a logo of a 1980s game!

I guess I'm about to learn a new song in a flat key.

I just became everything that's opposite of what I am.

Dood! Gimme a beer, ya douchebeag!
*doodily doo, ding dong doodily doodily doo*

I am, the radscorpion!

Coo Coo, Cachoo!

Well, it's off to wait til next halloween until a bunch of mindless mercenaries come killing me for entertainment.

Must have energy...
We hear you...
Thoughts in chaos...
Must feed...
Oblivion awaits...
Adun, save me...!

Well, that's like a dream come true.


I get to be Amuro Freakin' Ray? Zeta Gundam era Amuro Ray? Heck yeah, I'll take my Gundam now, please.


Heh Heh... The stig.

OT: Whee, I'm off to save the world as pantsman.

Building a cocaine empire...from a suburban closet.

I'm now a 12 year old boy in a dress. With a hot demon butler who does whatever i say. ;D

I am also the head of a toy company, regularly take out baddies, and am the queen's bitch.

Well, obviously my only recourse would be to go troll some white haired losers and shitty vampires.

I'm Wrath? SWEET!

So, I'm a 4th dimensional omniscient alien who uses coffee to travel through different dimensions and I am the greatest guitar player ever to have lived. Sweet.

Great. I lose, like, 40 years of my life. And become incredibly recognizable as a dick. Sounds like fun.

My avatar?

Ohh, this can only be bad. :(



I'm River Fucking Tam. I win this thread.

Yup we be screwed.

Have no fear Boxxy is here. :3

Not really the avatar I want but its the only one I have now that will fit to the size restrictions.


River doesn't stand a chance...and neither does anyone else...

Super Saiyan Goku? YES! Awesome!

I'm in a GeeBee Z, which would totally rock if it weren't for the fact that I'm also apparently in a thunderstorm.

Hope that gas cap stays on*

*high five for anyone who gets that.

Well fuck.
This sucks.
How do I even.


I've... turned onto a tree green sign on fire...

Ohh joy. XD

Ha ha! Incurable lung cancer.

The world is my buffet

No, no, no..

I AM my avatar. Or rather, it is me.

HELL YEAH! Now i can read minds and control the wind! Ivan may not be the most durable or powerful adept but he gets to do some really cool stuff!

Fools! Thinking your avatars could defeat me! ME! The mistress of all evil!

Now you shall deal with me, Escapists, and all the powers of HELL!

*transforms into a freaking dragon*


And then I'd start singing and doing drugs; while being completely oblivious of a nosedive in quality.

Gearrex, the organic form of Metal Gear Rex. I can shoot acid out of my weird appendage, and yell a lot. I doubt any hunter would try to fuck with me. If I get to keep my brain and reasoning, I will be a superbeast indeed.


I've always wanted big hands.

Well then it just means I'm forever 3x better than everyone else. Period.

You're all fucked.


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