You have been transformed into your avatar.

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Now I am a spartan from the Halo universe.......AWESOME!

I'm, spiky... Not much else to say

So I've become Milfeulle Sakuraba.
Would anyone like some tea and cakes?

Time to finish my cigarette and totally NOT be a Spy.

I'll be seeing you...

life would be good. A gun for hire who can mimick (learn) any movement he can see.


Sweet, Garrus kicks ass!

You do understand you have to do weapon calibrations for the rest of your life?

I can live with that


OH SHI-*nonexistence*



Sweet, Garrus kicks ass!

You do understand you have to do weapon calibrations for the rest of your life?

I can live with that

No no no you should have said "Can it wait a minute? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

Oh and shit I'd be two people with the same name. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh well.

Sweet, I'm a giant with 3 different types of suits, one of which is more or less a second body, another is armor, and the third more or less a symbiote!


( least until the military try to capture me and I realize that no girl will ever be attracted to a real life work of fiction being that what makes fictional characters appealing is their being fiction and as soon as they're in the real world they're regarded as dumb and geeky...)

pfft whatever, just send to colossus class exoskeleton into orbit and have it overcharge and orbital strike everything... while the natural armor suit morphs into it's ball form... and the kinetic symbiotic suit lurks inside your body

*twitch* *twitch*

(I had a lot of free time to think of things in 7th grade)

EDIT: I can't wait for someone with a final fantasy character to say "CRAP I'M AN EMO WITH AN OVER-COMPENSATING WEAPON!"

...or for someone to be Richard from LFG

I'm either a tank, a zombie soldier, an album cover, or Eddie.

I'm hoping for Eddie.

I feel like commenting to people...


I am a sword.


Someone swing me, please...

I would if I had hands...
At least I'm a giant floating eyeball now.



Are... are you a power ranger?
**bad joke**

Mr. Doe:

...I think you won

so I get to become Mega Man, a robot with a plasma gun for an arm. Well I'm off. Time to live out things I've only dreamed of.

Go find your robot dog and robot bird

then go kill the master bots

and don't worry, the megabuster amputation only stings a little >:D


Can I kill myself instead?

NO! live your life as boring dull mindless floating text.

If I yell ZAKAR! will you shoot lightning at people for me?

Chuck Svenson:
My Avatar is the Monolith from 2001, So does that technically make me God?

Yes, Yes it does, as said the Starchild.

OT: My avatar... Braid... Hell Yeah! Time Manipulation

I just hope I know Fire III, or meteor.

I got turned into fanfiction >.<

Ah, crap. I should have gone with the Warp Spider

Awesome!!! Pick uh card, any card, chère. N'est pas, mon ami?

stand over there while you blow up.

I am a re-spawning, jacked up, terrifying, Ultralisk.
I am really ok with that =D

I'm me, only I have to wear armour, shield and sword all the time... it's going to make eating and toilet visits somewhat awkward!

Alright, I could use a banjo.

Visari, leader of Helghan army and i bring pride & purpose. Until that stupid Rico Decides to have his bitch fit. SO not cool !

Crap, how much time do I have before the Sith fleet razes Taris? I need to find a shuttle!

I'! In Cartoon form. Still wearin' my labcoat...

Although the whole 'not existing from the bust down' might be a bit of a drag after a while. I mean, drifting around as a disembodied head and shoulders?


Master Kuja:
So I get turned into a remarkably metrosexual, thong wearing individual?

I've already got the metrosexual bit down.

Yeah, I'm okay with it, Kuja's a badass who can lay waste to entire planets, who am I to complain?

I always thought Kuja was a tranny...

I'm ME!!! :D

I am now drunk Jesus..lets keep this party going! Water to wine bitches!

I'm a shadow of a vampire from the 1920s so yeah I am a cool vampire.

Well I guess I'm going to need a lot of drugs to do this right.Also I get a gun that gives you diarrhea hooray.

*looks over*


That is all.

magikarp............ right that's its I'm of to splash attack my way to lvl 20 bitches

TO A CAVE!!!!!

I'll be back and totally awesome

I turn into... me. Awesome, I can totally live with that, since-according to The Great Avatar Getaway, I can leap tall buildings in (almost) a single bound.

well, time to wander the world.

Wild Entei used Roar.

/meanders off.


I have turned into badassery in its purist form.

Doesn't matter though because judging by the incredible amount of replies this thread has generated, my comment will never be read.

*looks over*


That is all.

You've become extra super mega adorable! *scratches ears*

Alright now to kick some ass!

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