You have been transformed into your avatar.

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Really wouldn't mind this transformation. "Denton, J.C. Denton. At your service."

Ohmigod, I'm stuck in a loop! O.o;

So i'm a a beautiful immortal witch with unlimited magical abilities... works for me!

Well, the only diference is the short hair and the mustache, I think I can live with that. and if I get a british accent aswell I know what I'm going to do for the next few years.... ohh yeah.

I've been turned into Nishi!?!? NO! PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME...MOTHER! MOTHER! HELP ME!.... *Dies*

*Buncha volumes later*

What? You brought ME back to life...?...Heh. *Insert sinister smirk*

Avatar Roku? Hell yeah. I fight a volcano...and die...crap


I knew I shouldn't have divided by zero.

Oh hell yes.

I'm going to troll the hell out of people at the beach.

I'll swim close to shore so everyone gets out of the water, then leave, then when people start to go back in, I'll swim back.

Gonna be so fun.

I'm a protected species bitch. What you gonna do about it?



bad for me as I had myself as a avatar , I guess I become twice as awesome :3

hehehe, I'm all sticky... and can dissolve things to some extent... and am innordinately numerous... nobody can kill all of me, nobody.

How exciting.


My God I'm annoying ¬¬


Mew mewmew mewmewmew mew....MEWMEW!!!

I'll tell you one thing, I'd be great at Halloween.

I do believe it is time I propose a query;

Who here is suffering from elevated levels of stress?

I'd do a dance, I think. :3

I've been turned into an awesome soul devouring ex-vampire wraith. Give me your souls!

/takes a look at avatar

+4 Charisma

I hit the jackpot!

Ok... I have tentacles??

Well, this is really useful.

Well now son, I think this is a mighty improvement. I mean so long as I don't do a heroic charge into my own prision complex, I'll be fine and dandy.

Roar, I'm a troll!

Light or Goku? Hopefully become Light and kill Goku rather than become Goku and be killed by the Deathnote.

Sorry you became the pen. Also damn it.

oh yeah!!!! tiny genius.

::juggles art supplies:: Awesome...I'm an acrobat AND an artist AND an awesome mind tripper.


Hell yeah. A demon butler. Now I am a master in all of the arts!

I'm Santa-Kun, a homeless, toothless and perverted variant of Father Christmas.

my avatar? well shit :/

You are all doomed... DOOMED!

also...what in the motherfucking hell Captcha... lambda(the symbol, I can't even write that with my keyboard) e)g eptinoth

EDIT: ok...thinking about it, maybe it was a y rotated 180, but still, WTF?

I am now a professional troll spider-witch, and as of recent times I can freaking fly. Hell yeah.

On the one hand, I'm now a guitar. Deadly.

On the other, I seem to be on fire. Deadly.

Um...I'm myself. Although, I am myself with a fancy hat/mask combo!

On the one hand, I can fly now.
On the other, I look extremely silly while doing that.

Also: I think that the best place for storing daggers is my mouth. That's not practical at all.

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