You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I bet I'd get a lot of candy.

I suspect I would die rather quickly as my head is being burned by a fire that is fueled with stupid.

I am now a professional troll spider-witch, and as of recent times I can freaking fly. Hell yeah.

Well, you might have all the luck, but im curious to see how you will deal with Eridan or Evil Gamzee.


So I'm a perverted lion plushie that gets trampeled every now and then.


So I am a anthromorphic wolf? ok.... -goes off to find a hot furry porn loving woman to make her dreams come true-





Becaussssssssse thissssss issss me......

(insert obligatory wtf boom joke)

OT: well it could be worse i guess

I appear to be a hot soviet chick... Couldnt have asked for more... ;)

I'm a techmarine, i get to drive tanks and shoot stuff for the Emperor...

I could do that for no reason...

(Plus, i have four mechanical arms and a cannon)

Either yay or noy depending who.

But then it will be nay later as a I can still be my retartded self later after my face reforms.

<---------- yous is all fucked now

hmm... Now that I am Hanyuu, first order of business.

I am apperently a sign or sticker of some sort pointing out the obvious. Could always be worse I suppose. At least I'm not a bucket of shit.

I'm the most decorated player in the history of English football.....and I'm rich!!!

Well then i guess i'm just one hell of a butler.

It seems like my drill will be piercing the heavens soon.
Who do you think i am?

I'm turned into one of my fictional villians I made for my DM days?

Awesome, not only am I filthy rich but also immortal :D

i would be a mascot? woop dee do i guess.

Looks like I am about to find the Valorous End. Can't imagine a better way to go.

I get turned into an annoying bug that can't be killed? =[

Yeay, I have two cute superfluffy ears.



Sweet......gues who's going to kill all of you from the shadows XD

me? Not to be rude but I think I've got the advantage.

oh c'mon Fisher would put 3 bullets in a xeno's head before it would even get the chance to drool on him =)

if its drooling on him then its above him, no one ever looks up until its too late, even Sam Fisher, why would he? He's the only guy who attacks from the celling Its not as if- oh wait Xeno bumrush.

Besides if it IS above him and he shoots it he's going to get bled on and die a horrible burning death. Even if he avoids that then there are still more, there are always more...

Wait, am I seriously sitting here typing out how Sam Fisher would be killed by a Xeno? Oh god I've turned into everything I despise! a fanboy.
-goes and cries in a corner-

At first I'd be shocked, then I'd take some pictures, then I'd go on a Mikuru beam rampage.

Awesome! I'm William Wallace now. Time to grab my Claymore and kill some Brits.



So long, meatbags! I'm gonna go parasailing with hookers and supermodels.

I have been transformed into a nuclear fallout shelter. While my inhabitants thing their security within my walls is a sure thing there is a very large chance that I have been rigged in order to carry out some form of social/pyschological test on them by some very twisted people.

I will give free rides for the ladies!

WHO THE FUCK SHOT ME!?? (and I was such a smiling happy guy too...)

Where are the twelve-year-old girl and donkey I wished for?

Starscream from the original series not the wuse that is in the new movies. If that happens we be kewl!


You've become extra super mega adorable! *scratches ears*

Become? But I thought I already was? :3

wait, so I would be sam and max? hilarity would insue.

Great, I'm an NPC scientist who walks in a set path with two or three lines. Unless, I'm a laser...that would be cool...I guess. xD



You've become extra super mega adorable! *scratches ears*

Become? But I thought I already was? :3

That's why I said extra! :)

I'm the most awesome hunter ever.

Suppose at least I'm animate.

Have you noticed, that despite the fact I appear to change direction 16 times in a complete spin, I only actually have 8 frames of animation? Did you also know each of these is a just a rescale of the first frame? Now, I know I could have rendered the image in 3D, created some basic geometry for it and get a really neat looking spinning effect that way, but that would take longer than a minute. I'm lazy. Go figure =)

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