You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I got turned into Pikachu.
DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!*electrocutes everyone on the thread*
*spontaneous explosion*

I am now my disembodied head in the form of my girlfriend's art.


Im mega man! All shall run away in fear from THE MEGA BUSTER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

wait im supposed to be a good guy. DAMN IT

eeerrmm... maybe I'll uncurl and scuttle away...




You've become extra super mega adorable! *scratches ears*

Become? But I thought I already was? :3

That's why I said extra! :)

Hehe. You're just too sweet, aren't you? :P

So I'm the head Tankman from Tankmen...

I think I could live with it.

EDIT: oh wait, I changed it to the logo for my local airsoft forum...yeah, I can live with that as well.

It would probably be an improvement in my singing ability.

Me too :D

Badass Pikachu, not bad.

time to piss of some penguins!

Time to put an end to this thread, as people seem to be enjoying it. WELL NO MORE!

*Sticks sign firmly into ground*

Pirate yoda, need I say more.

So nothing changes for me then?

SOLDIER 1st Class, Zack Fair. SWEET! Too bad I have to get shot up by a bunch of ShinRa infantry... Fun times until then, right?

Wonderful. I no longer exist.

I best stay away from the Italians...


I win this thread, because I am now the best thing ever.

Suppose at least I'm animate.

Have you noticed, that despite the fact I appear to change direction 16 times in a complete spin, I only actually have 8 frames of animation? Did you also know each of these is a just a rescale of the first frame? Now, I know I could have rendered the image in 3D, created some basic geometry for it and get a really neat looking spinning effect that way, but that would take longer than a minute. I'm lazy. Go figure =)

Now I can see it just looks like a retarded butterfly

( Full image here: )


- a kickass half-drow, greatsword-wielding entertainer with some competence in arcane magic...
- ...have a somewhat questionable moral code...
- in a dysfunctional relationship with someone approximately 20 times my age...
- ...have delusions of being the offspring of an evil god...
- ...suffer rare but spectacular psychotic episodes resulting in acts of tremendous violence against innocent bystanders...

Do note that this is after I was downscaled by my player to exclude "fantastic"/"unbelievable" elements, thus instead of actually being the offpring of an evil god it turned out I was simply just deluded into thinking it, which was a bummer. Before that I had something to blame some of my more unsocial behaviour on, but after I found I was just a plain ol' 100% mortal b*tch - and probably not very healthy in the noogin' - I was kind of peeved.


I am Vivi from FFIX.
Awesome! Time to ponder on the reason for existance while being able to pull off the pointy hat style. Excellent :D

Oh dear.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a hobbit to murder.

Pirate yoda, need I say more.

Yes. Something along the lines of: "Giving me all your treasure, ye be."

I´m The one winged Angel.
Nice :)

I'm a pissed-off mad scientist with pink hair, two pink tails and cat ears. Awesome.

Yes, I'm a Zombie and I am most definitely on your lawn.

I'm a catboy. Note to self: stay away from Japan.

I am a sackthing. Time to start conjuring up objects.

I am... not entirely sure what I am. Line art? Networking diagram? The visual alphabet of a long lost language?

I'm spherical. Ish.

I'm a flower... Time to seduce some of those sexy bees!

pretty girls give me flowers. also, I'm a naturespirit of some sort.

I will look a bit weird,but I'll be BURNINATING the peasants!!

Behoooold! Literally! I'm an awesome Beholder! :D

It's actually the Tardis flytrap.
I warp through time and eat the people foolish enough to enter.

..well, I'm batshit crazy. Time to put on the Huey Lewis, mah raincoat and murder a co-worker with an axe in my apartment..>_> "Hey Paul!" *WHACK*

All hail and fear mighty dreadnought!

How do I use the minigun again?

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