You have been transformed into your avatar.

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I could totally live with that, height and haircolor fit, and I'd kill to have that hair. (and it'd mean I'd finally have an armor for larp, that actually fits me)

Oh great. Now I'm a digitized Dr Doom...hmmmm.


My avatar means nothing. It was something that I made in MS Powerpoint by breaking some clipart. Now what?

Everyone knows Mustang is the biggest badass on FMA...

I've been turned into a talking anthropomorphic lizard wearing a Fedora. Hell to the yes.

Okay, so now I'm a Sim. Woohoo! No responsibility for my own actions! On the downside, I have quite a lot of chairs next to my fireplace...

Alright I'm Awesome Dawson and I don't mean to rule out the competition.

Cookie for whoever knows the reference.


I am now the desk Zombie, give me paaaapeeeeer woooorrrrkkk!

I am now covered in snow...just like a lot of Europeans and North Americans

I am now a bat thing with a halo that I don't know what it is because I drew it improv.

I am Anima? Sweet! :D

I get to use the attacks Pan and Oblivion on my enemies. ^^

Sweet Im Lt. Col. John Sheppard

I was forged in the mightiest of caverns, by the greatest of welders, using the finest and best blacksmithing technology.

I'm just chillin' eating some bread.

Lok tar!
For the Horde!

.....I miss my old one.

So im Kuzo the cat then becouse thats who my avi is I drew him with my fail skills xD

Fuck. I've turned in to a Fennec Fox.


But I am kinda cute and funny looking, so maybe it's not so bad.

Oh great! I am a Royal Griffin! WOOT
That my favorite mythical creature :)
Strong, fierce, majestic. What else?!


Eh? WHA?

Ancient Egypt is MINE!

I am Ancient Egypt?
Oh right, I'm a bloody Pyramid.

I turn into another innocent passerby of one of Justin Beibers Concerts

Guttural Engagement:
I turn into another innocent passerby of one of Justin Beibers Concerts

Shouldn't the blood be coming out of your ears then?

No, you just saw Higlander: Source.

holy fuck, i am a Jesus that can't die, is wielding whatever the fuck i feel like and create zombies at will.

I wouldn't be too displeased. Sure, everyone thinks I'm a dick, but I can blow their head off from 1500 yards away. Have we been transferred into the setting that they're from, or what?

-Waves ominously at poor resolution at the other avatars-

Hmm... so that would make me a skeleton demon with a Santa hat and two shoulder-mounted rocket launchers which fire an infinite supply of homing missiles?

I could live with that.

I am a fish whom wears a tophat?


Yay im norman osborne during the height of dark reign, awesome! i have to go beat up some avengers

I'm River Fucking Tam. I win this thread.

Actually I'd pay money to see a fight between River Tam and The Major. It would be an interesting match.

Awwwww hell.


Just... OH GOD.

Goddammit. I'm something I randomly drew...

At least I get to swing around a bigass sword.

I've become Richard, Master Warlock, Lord of Dance and tamer of bunnies. Hell yeah, i can't die and i kick ass.

I think you forgot Mistress of Lava or whatever.

OT: Sweet, I'm a badass cat with Swirly eyes from a Manga that like 4 people have read (Aside from me, one of them is a member of this forum).

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