You have been transformed into your avatar.

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An anthropomorphic wolf. Eh, could be interesting.

so im a poster....... can someone laminate me? i really dont want to get a purple moustache. and i know that some hoodlum will find a place to put a moustache on me somewhere. or a penis. either way would not be preferable


dang just a regular ol' sandworm :(

You can always dream man...or somebody pours water on you, and fuses themself with one of your children then becomes God Emperor.

OT: Well, I'd be me, but as a dragon with magic and a katana....and royal blood.
I'm very happy with that ^^

I'm a cat, doomed for eternity to jump across spinning helicopter blades. Fun...

It would probably be an improvement in my singing ability.

Pokeball go... You captured a wild bob1052

I get to be Pikachu. ^_^

bob1052 I chose you... Use sleep... Pokeball go... You captured a wild Marter.

Im a charizard bitches. AND I get a toasted marshmallow. My day can't get any better.

Erm... Well I chose you bob1052... I hope your singing ability is up to scratch... Otherwise I'm afraid to say that you are fucked...

Hmmm. Not a huge leap.

I am a character nobody likes.

Well, shit. I'm a furry.









I'm... really not sure how to feel about this.

I'm a mysterious figure lingering in the shadows with my top hat and cape. Nice.

I'm a red raccoon now.

This has made this furries life amazing.

I am john Carter of Mars! I have no pants! Fear my Frazetta-esque physique! And my lack of pants!

Why am I yelling?!

I'm lot's of different things from lots of different games,
I have plasmids, biotics, a devil-bringer, a double-barreled revolver, a molotov, an infinite launcher, an Eridian weapon, a Fat Man, a lasso, and a lancer :D

I'm a stick figure wearing a tie, sitting on the beach smoking a joint.

...Sounds good to me!

MOAR LIQUOR!!! I make Dog the bounty hunter look like a chump with my giant robot spaceship.

Daft Punk - Guy Manuel's Helmet. That said, if I was the helmet, I would be forever happy.

I turn into Gordon Freeman.

+1 Hazard suit
+1 Awesome beard
+100 Science
-100 Speech

I don't care about talking, I'm on a winner here :)

I am an infinity symbol with infinite infinity symbols going off into infinity. This is weird, awesome, confusing, and intriguing all at the same time.

I can't complain, Link is awesome! Now where is my magical boat/train I feel like adventuring.

So i'm being given an Ironman (comic) mask/helmet and nuclear weapons? Works for me!

I think I'll like being the vampire king of the sea.

English Retinue Longbowman.... Now I can go questing for the Holy Grail! Sweet!

Fuck, Pete's spandex is so tight...

The Emperor's finest, reporting for duty.

I've seen a lot of threads like this, and once again I'm a nigh immortal vampire/gunslinger/warlock who can turn his arm into a dog made of eyes...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! We don't need no education, We don't need no thought control.....

Yay I'm a hot Emo chick!!! Yay!!!

This is gonna get bloody.

Not much of a change if I'm being honest, I look about a year younger than I do at the moment.

I am now Dave Mustaine... with a mustache. FUCKK YYYYYYYYEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now awesome.

I'm a depressed robot with a planet sized brain.

I'm repeatedly shooting one guy,

Or I'm being shot repeatedly

Radioactive waste turns me into Big Boss?


*Noms Calorie Mate*

You have been transformed into you avatar fell into radioactive waste (I'm not creative.)

I've been turned into an evil toddler who no one will take seriously until I use force lightning on them.

I am an F-15 (or I guess an F-15 pilot.) Yay me... I have wanted to be a pilot since I first saw the movie The Last Starfighter when I was 12 or so.

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