You have been transformed into your avatar.

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Call my name and i will come... and you WONT!

Yay! Orange Star Gunship goes "WhoosH! Ratat tat tat! KaBloooee!"

Im now Spider Jerusalem. And anyone whos read Transmetropolitan will know thats kick ass!

Hey, Can I have your Condiments, all of them



I'm a lightsaber dual wielding former Sith Lord turned Light Sider. What's not to like? ^_^

Wow. If I turned into my avatar, I would look at myself and just be like...

I'm trying to come up with a musical theme inspired by this windmill...going around and around and around!!!

I suppose I'd get dizzy really fast.

I'm gordon freeman :)

I'm nothing.

I'm the girl I dated in Persona 4? Specially her shadow, a personification of all of her repressed and perverted feelings. I feel dirty now.

So I'm agent 47 wearing an odst helmate about to have a firefight like at the end of butch cassady and the sundance kid

I have no objections... Cloud Strife has some sweet sword skills

I'm the fucking Batman. Your argument is irrelevant.

The Sinfest Devil in joker costume.... could be worse.

I'm off to see my bitches :D

I'm a Behelit with manly tears.

Having a power of being a rainbow sheep I therefore sell my wool for exchange of gold.

Aw, sweet, I'm Liquid (or Ocelot), one of the most badass people on the planet.

Do I get the 5 enormous PMCs, gargantuan underwater death fortress submarine and 4 awesomely hot chicks with crazy futuristic weaponry (who will do whatever I tell them) or do I just have to stick to my awesome fighting skills, huge pistol and incredibly devious and manipulative mind?

I turn into a stop sign?


I don't know how put that in any other way. -.-

=D i can't complain i'm a character of my own creation w00t

*dials number*

"Hello, West? Zampella? You still want that bonus?"

i always knew i'd become a magikarp some day... but on the plus side, one day i'll evolve and kill you all! :D

I'm nothing.

a far more likely result of falling into toxic waste im sure you'll agree ;D

i'm not a cross between winston churchill and hannah montana... things could be worse

Im fucking scared.

I turn into a...

Smiling Grenade?

Oh, you KNOW shits going down!!

I've turned into my avatar??


I'm the lord of dreams. My job ends when there is no one left alive to dream.


You have been transformed into you avatar fell into radioactive waste (I'm not creative.)

So, I've been transformed into a 17 year old japanese school girl lesbian in a catgirl suit sucking on my hot girlfriend's fingers?

Yeah, I could deal with that. ^^

Edit: Yeah, okay, so sakaki's not technically Kaorin's girlfriend. But if it was me, she would be. Sakaki-sempai is so hot. ^^

*struggles to find words* Mind if I ask what anime that is?

OT: A Big Daddy with a monkey face... HELL YEAH

Pikey Mikey:

Pty James:
All kneel before the hypnotoad!

All will kneel before Hypnotoad o.o

Must... kneel... for... Hypnotoad.........................................

So I'm a giant psychic Sea Serpent who can talk through radios and works with the monster equivalent to MIB? HELL YES!

I'm a bad 8-bit self-portrait? Could be worse, I guess.



OT: I'm a purple Enter Shikari Lion.
That is probably the best combination I could ever think of.

Soooo... Pros, amazing vocal talent, chance for Heaven and Hell to release a new album, Dio gets reincarnated kinda.
Cons, I'm now 70. I am not Dio, I could not write like he did... In fact, I'd probably try to begin anew, not continue with Dio's projects... It would still be really weird.

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