Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Its quite simple... Exactly as the title says. Who do you think the above escapist is in real life. Personality (not just saying that Saposkus is a 16 year old kid named Dougie)

Saposkus is a 16 year old kid named Dougie... who reads poetry to cats for a living.

Dango is a 16 year old guy who once tried living in the ocean but was pulled out by those pesky coastguards. Damn them!

Redlin5 is an old Cuban man who often goes to a cafe to tell young lads of his adventures at sea.

I think Dango is a person who enjoys anime, but not the goofy young girl focused ones. More like ones that feature magic or some slapstick.

Also, given the posting count, I'm guessing he/she is a major gamer.

1. Wrong, not a big fan of magic or slapstick anime, rather I'm a fan of romantic anime.
2. I've been playing video games since age 2...
3. It's "he".
Just trying to be helpful is all...

OT: Agent is a 40 year old weatherman who has seen better times...

I think they like anime. Also, they are a dingo.

They are a very serious person, as they seem to be taking this thread rather seriously... except for the dingo part.

Dango is an 89 year old WW2 Veteran.

Nouw likes making jokes related to his avatar... and my grandfather.

Dango likes to give out candy to old men in windowless black vans.

They must enjoy funny hats. Seriously, that hat there, funny stuff.

lol, hats

Eumersian is a person who is deeply disturbed by hats.

Dango is a dingo that is deeply disturbed by hats.

Eumersian is a man that is incredibly intrigued by alliterations.

Dango doesn't do drunk driving, dude.

Dango really likes to tango with mangoes.

Scde2 likes to crash in.

Mparadox is a ninja who has been haunting Scde2 since birth.

Dango is really a sp-

Dango is not a spy.

Nouw is good at not revealing the truth regarding matters of national security. Almost.

Link_to_Future is really a raccoon that has killed a family with a computer, invaded their house and achieved sentience.

Redlin's a pokemon lovin' Canadian that likes to have a superior post count!

Awesome Express is always on the go and finishes everything as fast as possible. For this he believes he is awesome.

Radioactive lemur is apparently also in real life a paranoid lemur, as he/she has no avatar to show us what they look like...

James likes to be involved in many activities and wants to be like Chuck Norris.

Awesome is a backwoods banjo player.

Eumersian is a piece of paper in real life.

Nouw is a clown soldier.

AwesomeExpress is a pilot of the Global Starbucks Delivery System. GSDS for short.

Nouw is a veteran of war, and recipient of the Medal of Honor for heroically charging into battle and pinning down an MG nest with a cream pie.

Teddy Roosevelt died in 1909. :P

melibojangles is a 40 something man who just happens to look damn sexy in makeup.

SkyeNeko is someone who knows how to spin a good story.

Redlin's a pokemon lovin' Canadian that likes to have a superior post count!

Damn straight!

OT: mParadox is the one who makes things go bump in the night. Be wary.

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