Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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An apathetic samurai.

An apathetic ninja... Named ivan.

An apathetic, creepy looking clown.

A passionate Ivan the terrible history buff.

A serial killer who kills only people with multiple pets.

The person that breaks into your house at night and puts sleep in your eyes.

The person who stares at you when you go to buy a coffee.

Someone who only drinks tea.

The one that acts like they are blind to receive charity from strangers.

A vault hunter.

A vault dweller.

The Overseer.

The Chosen One.

A Deadman.

A hypocrite.

There's a sword in your throat...

Someone who obviously isn't a fan of Deadman Wonderland...

Someone who is. Any word on season 2?

Someone who enjoyed the first season... almost too much.

A German-hatin' insurgent.

An insurgent-hatin' German.

An insurgent-hatin'-German-hatin' Black Irishman.

A black, Scottish cyclops.

Heavy is spy! *flamethrowers* No, wait, it's just Sir Pootis.

One of Jerry Springer's bouncers.

Harold Godwinson.

Godwin Haroldson.


Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Colsaerts

An ghostly orb.

The ghost of Nero.


Gloria Hunniford

Cathrine Zita Jones.

A Japanese demon.

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