Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A member of System Of A Down.

A member of the mythic dawn.

A descendant of Chaz.

A single mother.

the mad hatter

The tree hopper.

Someone who speaks in code


Bud Spencer.

A partisan squad leader.

The owner of the Taco Bell nearest to my house.

A peculiarly small samurai.

One of the generic female Team Rocket mooks.

A dancing bear named Sikorsky.

A great opera singer!

A fat man with a penchant for beekeeping.

A mad inventor

A sane hatter.

A zombie.

A wicked rapper.

Vaguey McVaguerson.

Wonky Baconstein.

a descendant of Sir Francis Bacon

The beast of a thousand bacon rinds.

A party animal.

Dirk, Duckborn!

Scrooge Mc Duck

Duckworth, the duckwalking limo driver.

Somebody with a mean moustache.

A Super Saiyan

A sentient toadstool.

A famous pornactor.

An even more famous philanthropist.

Carl Barks

Salazar Slytherin.

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