Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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My future wife.

A Lego artiste.

A Duplo forger.

The Playmobile tycoon.

A Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle cap collector.

Johnny Quest

Jimmy Neutron.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The Raisin King.

The Sugar Plum Fairy

A dancing nutcracker.

Tchaikovsky himself.

A Sith lord

A spliff-rolling Nord.



Norman Wisdom.

Norman Rockwell

Some sort of...mad genius person.

An Alpha Legion operative.

An anime protagonist.

An gingerbread soldier.

That guy from that one 80's movie.

A fairy

A ferry master.


Some sort of Akaviri gentleman.

Marter's clone.

The man without bones.

Joe Mama.

Jarl Elisif

Jarl Igmund.

The girl from those old beer ad's.

Mike and Jay from Red Letter Media.

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