Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Tom Sellick

A hot air balloon salesman.

Mr. Sandman.

Keeper of the Squid.

A professional squid wrangler

The owner of Knott's Berry Farm.

founder of the United Conga Association.

Brother of Beavis, bane of Butthead.

The king of Thailand.

A pork bun salesman.

Sergeant Al "The Towel" Powell.

Derek Jacobi.

Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Bolis Wohnson.

1/5 of Voltron.

Steve Blum.

Steve Byrne

Stevie Wonder.

The Wonder Man.

A Golden Girl.

an up and coming comedian.




Yes, that is a name I have just heard. It's not a real name, but it is a name!

Chow Yun-Fat

Mark Hamill.

Harrison Ford

Nathan Fillion.

why thank you!

Tom Sellick - Mr. Baseball!

Mr Miracles.

Mr. Magu

Bork Borkksson, famous Swedish puppet chef.

a masked wrestler


Hugh Laurie.

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