Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A pro-Batman senator.

a master plumber

A Manchurian tent salesman.

Ron Howard

Ronald Ruck.

Bob Newhart.

My next-door neighbour.

a high school football coach.

A desire demon.

a proctologist

Willie Nelson.

The Lord of War.

High Lord Cheese McDuck Of The Royal Order Of The Doge First Class With Trombones Dave I Broke The TV.

Karl Mecklenberg

Karl Marx.

Sam Winchester.

Sam Warrick.

a disgruntled electrician.

He's a park ranger.

a no nonsense drill instructor

Billy (not really)

Queen Elizabeth


General Zod

Louis Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong

Arnold from Hey Arnold!

Dean Winchester

Billy Idol.

Harvey the Wonder Hamster

Dan the Man.

Ivan Drago

A Combine agent.

a triple agent

The inventor of sponge cake.

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