Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The mind behind the script of Pain And Gain.

Ivan the Terrible.

Andrei the moderate.

That guy who keeps correcting Blizzard about their own lore.

Boris the Soviet Love Boar.

The Pizza Pervert.

Boris the Soviet Love Hammer.

Huleeya, patron of Jobasha's bookshop.

Martin Mull

Tom Hanks.

Harvey the Wonder Hamster

People's Commissar for Shindigs.

Stevie Wonder

An ex-member of the New York Giants.

Natalie Portman

Brian Sewell.

Prime Minister of Barbados

Emperor of Holland.

The guy responsible for all those uninteresting Korean TV dramas on netflix.

A member of the Triumvirate.

Shirley the time travelling accountant

Commandant Sprinkles.

A barber, hence the username.

Hampton the Hamster.

Ancient Samurai Warrior, finalist on Ninja Warrior

Not European.

Not an NSA employee with advanced information of my origins

The Exterwinator.

A total dick.


Luke Skywalker

Not Possible.

Tim Possible.

Cyril E. Legible.

John Malkovich.

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