Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Tritagonist of the Jade Palace, I would know this since I got my butt handed to me on a bronze platter with gold trim on the edges to me.

They are an artist who gets harassed on a daily basis by people asking them to draw stuff.

The prime minister of switzerland

Garbage disposal robot #771.

This guy I don't know.

Mr. Sandman.

Redlin5 is actually James from Team Rocket but fatter and does not have a job at the moment. He lives in his mother's basement with his Victory Bell

chupacabrawolf is a sentient wolf who disguised himself as a dog and has been slowly infiltrating human society. No one would ever suspect "Nelson" of being an evil mastermind. He knows how to fetch, how to roll over and how to detonate nuclear missiles from within their silos.

In real life? Hmmmm.... Joe Biden?

In real life? Hmmmm.... Joe Biden?

But... That would make me...



Oh and you're an American girl who plays games. In theory anyway.

Its a great cover Mr. Biden, great cover.

Its a great cover Mr. Biden, great cover.

Well, you got me. I'm a Canadian but I'm living in America, playing the trumpet for my friend.

Oh my. So You're a Canadian pretending to be Joe Biden but is really a singing John Mccain?

Your lack of quoting leads me to be silent regarding your previous question.

Pffft. Quotes.

Pfft, pffts.

One word: Batman.

Wonder Woman in disguise.

He's the Starfox quote grand-champion.

He's the unmistakeable Borat.

The reincarnated George Patton.

Something tells me he collects Pokemon Battle coins from the 90's.

He's probably a member of the Church of Scientology. Probably.

He's a border guard in Mongolia.

A very persistent Mongolian.

A flying communist squirrel.

Someone who doesn't afraid of anything.

Also, an accountant. How dull.

A train conductor.

Ass kicking muffin.

Destroyer of pastries.

Defender of pastries.

Proprietor of a crystal shop in Dublin.

Janitor in a fancy hospital.

Apple assassin.

A bag of peanuts

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